[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Mining Characters That Are Amazing

Remember when we fought against the Sea God?

How do you fight monsters? With weapons. How do you craft weapons? With metal. How do you find metal? Mining. That’s right. Everything reduces to mining in an open-world game if you want to craft your own weapons.

As always, each character excels in ways that others don’t. In this guide, we will show you the 5 most useful characters for mining and the perks they offer you. From Ningguang to Zhongli, none of them will disappoint you.

5. Ningguang

Overseeing Liyue from her Jade Chamber we have Ningguang. She’s the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixin, which is to say, the people who govern the region. Influence, looks, and a powerful Geo vision take her straight to this top 5.

What makes Ningguang different from other Geo characters is her passive ability. You probably knew there are passive abilities great for exploring, like Klee’s or Qiqi’s which display collectibles in the mini-map. Well, did you know Ningguang has one that displays ore veins?

With her ability, you will stop having to walk randomly waiting for ore to pop up and instead you will know exactly where to farm for your precious weapons.

What Makes Character Name Great for Mining

  • Although a catalyst user, her Geo attacks can destroy minerals.
  • Passive ability displays the location of nearby ore veins on the mini-map.

4. Noelle

Noelle being the maid of the Knights of Favonius may make you think she’s just a delicate rose. However, this particular rose has a lot of thorns. Starting from her Geo vision to her superhuman strength, Noelle isn’t one to be trifled with.

Her claymore basic attacks are strong enough to destroy any metal in three hits. Moreover, using a charged attack will continuously damage ores in a wide range, although this depends on stamina.

There’s another (not very efficient) mining option, which is to use her elemental burst and infuse Geo element in her basic attacks. This way, you will not need 3 hits and will be able to break metal with fewer hits (depending on the talent level, of course).

What Makes Character Name Great for Mining

  • With 3 hits she can destroy any ore veins.
  • Charged attack can be used as well and covers a bigger area.
  • Geo infusion with the elemental burst

3. Klee

As dangerous as she is little, Klee is affiliated with the Knights of Favonious, although she does not behave like one. What makes Klee different from other catalyst users is her Pyro vision. Take Mona o Sucrose as an example, even if you hit metals with their basic attacks, you won’t make a scratch.

Klee doesn’t have that problem. Both her elemental skill and charged attacks can destroy ore without a problem. Well, she’s basically using bombs, and ore is mined with dynamite so it makes sense.

What Makes Character Name Great for Mining

  • Elemental skill destroy minerals in a large area
  • Charged attack one-shots minerals.

2. Razor

In second place we find our favorite good boy, Razor. This boy was raised by wolves and has the strength of one. On par with any official knight of Mondstadt, he will crush both monsters and ore without difficulties. Both his Electro vision and his claymore make him good for mining.

His charged elemental skill creates a shockwave that can one-shot ore veins in an area. Moreover, if you didn’t finish the whole place with that, you can always use basic or charged attacks to finish the job, as claymore users have the most physical attack.

What Makes Character Name Great for Mining

  • Charged elemental skill one-shots minerals in a large area
  • With 3 hits she can destroy any ore veins.
  • Charged attack can be used as well and covers a bigger area.

1. Zhongli

Finally, we find the Geo Archon in the first place. Morax, although now known as Zhongli, was once also called the Groundbreaker for his proficiency with rocks and earth. As such, one can easily imagine how controlling rocks can be useful at mining.

With his charged elemental skill, Zhongli commands all ore to be destroyed, mining a huge area in seconds. Moreover, you can also use his elemental skill, which creates Geo pulsations, for the ore vein to destroy on its own in a bit.

What Makes Character Name Great for Mining

  • Elemental skill destroys ore in an area with some delay
  • Charged elemental skill one-shots ore in a huge area         


After Inazuma’s entrance into the world of Teyvat, many new minerals and craftable weapons are available for travelers. Accompanied by this increase on your weapon catalog comes the amount of ore needed for their crafting.

With the help from this guide, you will now be ready to go on a mining spree. Using the devastating power of a Geo Archon, the superhuman strength of the Favonius maid, or even the powerful bombs from an elf child; you can now ease your way through the mines of Teyvat.


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