[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Waifu

Genshin Impact Best Waifu
If you love Genshin Impact's women, this is your place.

Let’s be honest, everyone starts playing Genshin Impact because we think the story is cool but we keep playing it because of the husbandos and waifus.

I mean, the story is pretty cool and the gameplay is amazing, but the characters are the best part of the game.

Everyone has their own opinion, but today we decided to do a Top 5 Best Waifus based on our taste. So, let’s start!

5. Mona

Let’s start this Top with Mona, our favorite astrologist. She’s a Hydro Catalyst and lives in Mondstat, but we don’t really care about her life, right?

Her hat and her ponytails are the most characteristic things about herself, but her clothes are so amazing that we can’t stop looking at her. I mean, look at her!

Even if she’s poor and doesn’t have a job, she has charmed us anyway:

  • The mix of Hydro effects and astrological effects make her look visually amazing.
  • Her tsundere personality is something that never fails.
  • Mona’s voice sounds cute in any language.

4. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is one of the most recent characters in Genshin Impact, but that didn’t stop her to become one of the supreme waifus of the game.

As you should know, she’s the electro Archon and a Polearm character, but if you don’t really care, trust me, her weapon is one of the reasons she’s in this top:

  • Even if she looks like she could kill you, she’s actually a cinnamon roll that wants to protect you at all cost.
  • Her Elemental Burst looks really amazing. Don’t lie, you saw where that sword comes from.
  • Her mature voice mixed with her cute expressions make the best combination.

3. Ayaka

Being a member of the Kamisato Clan, one of the most powerful ones in Inazuma, is not an easy job, but Ayaka does it really well and she manages to do it while she looks this cute.

I don’t know who decided to make her a Cryo character because she melts our hearts with her amazing personality all the time.

  • Ayaka’s timid personality makes you want to protect her even if you know she’s a better fighter than you.
  • Her dress inspired on an armor gives her something charismatic to be recognized for and a “Japanese” look that everyone likes.
  • Even if she’s timid and her voice sounds cute she tries to sound secure of herself and that she could kick your ass. We love girls like that.

2. Ganyu

I’m sure Ganyu is on everyone's top of waifus since it’s impossible to not think she’s cute because of her looks and her personality.

You might think she’s fragile but, in fact, she’s a really strong woman that didn’t have an easy life being half-adepti and half-human.

As we said with Ayaka, we don’t know why she’s a Cryo character because she always sets our hearts on fire.

  • Ganyu’s design is just perfect, from her horns to her outfit. It’s simply perfect.
  • Her sleepy interactions make her the perfect waifu to take care of.
  • As Xiao said, “Ganyu is Ganyu” and that means that she’s special and there’s no one like her.

1. Yae Miko

She’s not a playable character yet, but her short appearance in the game was enough to fall in love with her. All we know about her is that she oversees Grand Narukami Shrine, she’s the owner of the Yae Publishing House, she’s the closest friend Raiden Shogun has and she’s a kitsune!

  • Since Yae is a kitsune, she has a fox form (which is so cute if you search it) and her fluffy ears never disappear. A woman with fox ears? Yes, please.
  • Her mysterious and unpredictable personality makes you want to know more about her story.
  • Cute voices are always cool, but Yae’s mature voice wins all of them. Just facts.

As we said before, everyone has their own opinion and we just made a top based on our own. We just tried to let you know why we love these characters, but to truly love them and know them you have to meet them in the game.

If you didn’t think about one of these characters as a possible waifu, think about it and meet them in Genshin Impact, I’m sure you will love it!


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