Genshin Impact DPS Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst DPS Revealed]

The cunning detective of Inazuma, Shinkanoin Heizou. Is he thinking about what to investigate next? Where Kazuha is? What's for lunch? We'll never know.

Let’s face it: You played Genshin for the characters. Each one has its own unique appearance and playstyle. Since Combat is one of the games’ main highlights these characters can either deal loads of damage or boost your team’s overall performance—or maybe even both. 


So, in honor of good-ol’-fashioned brawls and battles, we’ll be ranking damage-dealing characters, more known as DPS: Damage-per-second specializing characters,) based on their capabilities. Let’s see which characters are the best to use in giving insane amounts of damage. 


S Tier

These characters are the best of the best. Top-tier attacks with heavy damage that can easily knock out enemies. You can never go wrong with using them- with or without the constellations and buffs, they’re easily the best pick for amazing, insane damage. 


  • Heizou (97/100)
  • Ganyu (99/100)
  • Xiao (98/100)
  • Ayaka (99/100)
  • Hutao (97/100)
  • Tighnari (97/100)
  • Itto (98/100)
  • Eula (97/100)


A Tier

With great impacts and fun attack flows, A-tier characters deal huge amounts of damage. However, their playstyle might be just a little lacking or confusing, they’d need a little oomph from the team or from their constellations to get that high-level damage.

  • Ayato (95/100)
  • Raiden Shogun (95/100)
  • Childe (95/100)
  • Klee (94/100)
  • Diluc (94/100)
  • Yoimiya (94/100)
  • Keqing (93/100)
  • Yanfei (93/100)


B Tier 

B-tier characters deal good bits of damage that get the job done. They’re very optimal for exploration and for starting the game, but they do need a lot of building and leveling up, as well as more buffs and constellations to progress their damage levels.

  • Kokomi (88/100)
  • Fischl (85/100)
  • Ningguang (89/100)
  • Beidou (89/100)
  • Kaeya (86/100)
  • Razor (85/100)


C Tier

Characters ranked in the C tier may need a lot of help in getting that high level of damage, they do have a good impact in their attacks but they lack in a lot of areas that the other tiers have to offer. They may also be considered better in other roles through their playstyle and abilities.

Noelle (80/100)

Xinyan (80/100)

Qiqi (80/100)

Aloy (79/100)




1. Heizou (S-tier, 97/100)

Shikanoin Heizou, Inazuma's greatest detective in the flesh. Nothing can escape from his grip, in the name of justice.

Known for his immense strength as an anemo melee catalyst user, Heizou’s attacks can indeed pack a punch. His strongest suits are his critical damage hits and attacks that scale off of ATK. His best weapons would include Skyward Atlas as his 5-star and Solar Pearl or Widsith as his 4-star.

What makes Heizou S-tier?

  • Charged elemental skill deals amazing one-shot damage that racks up to a hundred thousand and more due to the sudden increase in damage with its high multipliers.
  • His melee attack delivers strong hits that deal anemo damage, his charged attack allows him to deliver a powerful kick infused with anemo.
  • His burst is not just a vacuum that gathers enemies, when it hits opponents affected by other elements a Windmuster Iris appears and explodes, dealing elemental AoE damage.
  • His skill is his passives’ main focus as he gains one declension stack that powers up his elemental skill every time he performs a swirl reaction. His second passive boosts other party members’ Elemental mastery by 80 for ten seconds after using his skill.
  • Heizou is a four-star character and it may be easy to grab his constellations, but even at c0 he could already deal superb damage all on his own. 


2. Ganyu (S-tier, 99/100)

The sweet and hardworking Secretary of the Liyue Qixing, the Adeptus Ganyu. She's powerful and strong, may have to give her a little break from work every now and then.

One of the most known DPS characters in the game, Ganyu is a cryo bow user. Her abilities scale off of ATK percentage. Ganyu works best with the 5-star Amos Bow or Skyward Harp and the 4-Star Prototype crescent.

What makes Ganyu S-tier?

  • Her Normal attacks deal huge damage, when you charge her attack she deploys a Frostflake arrow that blooms into several more cryo-infused arrows upon impact.
  • Her skill allows her to taunt enemies and deal AoE cryo DMG, as it ends, it also deals additional AoE cryo dmg as it is destroyed.
  • Ganyu’s elemental burst lets her summon a Sacred Cryo Pearl that continuously showers a huge area with ice and strikes down opponents with Cryo dmg.
  • Her passives allow her Charged attack to boost her crit rate upon deploying a Frost flake arrow for the subsequent arrows and the resulting bloom by 20% for 5 seconds which increases its impact. Her second passive grants a 20% cryo dmg bonus to all party members present in her Burst’s AoE effect.
  • When used in the Spiral Abyss or in domains, Ganyu often doesn’t get affected by any cooldown debuffs, since she specializes in her charges attack.


3. Xiao (S-tier, 98/100)

General Alatus, also known as the Adeptus Xiao, the Conqueror of Demons. His weakness? A bit of almond tofu from the traveler.

Xiao is one of the most popular characters in the game, both lore-wise and gameplay-wise. He is an anemo polearm user whose abilities scale off of atk percentage. His best polearm weapons would be the Primordial Jade Spear, Skyward Spear, and Staff of Homa for his 5-star, while you can get the Blackcliff pole at the stardust shop or even Prototype Starglitter for his 4-star. With a c0 Xiao, a good 4-star polearm, and a good artifact, he could easily hit thousands of damage with his elemental burst. It gets even better when infused with other elements, his swirl effect goes out of control and could rack up high numbers of damage.

What makes Xiao S-tier?

  • He is a very light character that could easily jump high enough to deal plunging attacks, one of his specialties. His elemental skill allows him to attack mid-air and help him plunge down.
  • His elemental abilities are one of the strongest anemo skills in the game, rather than relying on swirl effects, he can deal massive amounts of raw elemental damage all on his own.
  • With his elemental burst, you can deal more than 20k damage with each plunge due to his burst boosting all of his attacks. It deals Powerful and consistent AoE damage throughout its duration.
  • His first passive allows his burst to boost his DMG by 5% for every 3 seconds up to a maximum of 25%. His other passive increases the damage made by his elemental skill with its subsequent use by 15% and can be stacked 3 times every 7 seconds.
  • He doesn’t need constellations to be overpowered, if you do choose to get one his c1 would be the best option as it helps regenerate energy through his skill.


4. Ayaka (S-tier, 99/100)

The graceful princess of the Kamisato clan, Kamisato Ayaka surely turns heads as she graces the streets of Inazuma. She, however, does seem to only have eyes for our traveler.

Kamisato Ayaka is a Cryo sword user from Inazuma who deals great cryo damage. Her stats focus more on her critical damage which gives her a strong advantage. Her best weapons include the 5-star Mistsplitter Reforged, the 4-star Amenoma Kageuchi, and the Black Sword

What makes Ayaka S-tier?

  • Ayaka’s Constellations prove to be bonuses rather than necessary for her powerful combat flow. You can easily give her a good build and maxed level and talents for the best combat experience.
  • She is a consistent cryo whose attacks are fast-paced, aside from her abilities you can use her sprint to infuse enemies with cryo and apply cryo damage to your weapon as well for five seconds.
  • Ayaka’s skill summons a small circular area of ice that can launch enemies up in the air with a 10-second cooldown for a consistent cryo application.
  • Ayaka’s elemental burst creates a flurry that deals slashing cryo damage to any opponent that comes in contact with the snowstorm. Once the burst ends, it explodes and deals massive AOE Cryo damage.
  • Ayaka’s two passives boost her normal and charged attack for 30 seconds after using her skill as well as her cryo damage bonus once she uses her sprinting ability.


5. Hu Tao (S-tier, 97/100)

Hutao is the ambitious director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, she gives amazing promos for her goods--even if they're mostly... not fit for such promos. A buy one take one Coffin deal is one of her famed promotions.

Hu Tao is easily one of the most powerful Polearm characters in Genshin along with Xiao. She scales off of HP despite being known for her skills that consume her health. The Staff of Homa or Primordial Winged Jade Spear 5-star polearms and the 4-star Dragon’s Bane and Prototype Starglitter polearms works best with her.

What makes Hu Tao S-tier?

  • Hu Tao’s playstyle is known for consuming her HP to boost her damage. Even without constellations, her kit still works well in dealing with high damage without losing any buffs.
  • Hu Tao’s ATK scales off her HP, and with this, her skill consumes a portion of her HP and enters a state called “Paramita Papilio” which increases her ATK based on her maximum HP. 
  • Once Paramita Papilio is activated it converts her normal attacks to pyro and gives her increased resistance to interruptions. When dealing charged attacks she emits a Blood Blossom that affects enemies by inflicting them with pyro damage every 4 seconds.
  • Her Burst strikes enemies with a large amount of Pyro AoE and regenerates a percentage of her HP as well, when her HP before delivering this skill is below or equal to 50% it increases both the HP she regenerates and her DMG
  • In addition to her burst effects, One of Hu Tao’s passives allows her Pyro damage to increase by 33% when her HP is below or equal to 50%. Her other passive allows Paramita Papilio to boost the entire party’s CRIT rate by 12% for 8 seconds, making Hu Tao an optimal DPS to bring in Co-op games.


6. Tighnari (S-tier, 98/100)

Humorous, blunt, and intelligent, many use these words to describe Tighnari as one of the skilled Forest Rangers of the Avidiya Forest. Just be careful when picking up mushrooms, he might give you a serious nagging.

Despite being fairly new, Tighnari is one of the new and amazing DPS in the game. He’s a Dendro bow user scaling heavily on Elemental mastery for his damage. His best weapons include the 5-star Hunter’s Path and a choice between the Viridescent Hunt from the Battle Pass weapons, Prototype Crescent, and the Stringless bow.

What makes Tighnari S-tier?

  • His kit brings a different style of combat as it focuses more on elemental mastery rather than his attack and other damage aspects, however, this only increases his dendro-infused damage and the reactions he could pull in.
  • Much like Ganyu, his charged attacks hit with additional homing Clusterbloom arrows that generate after hitting an enemy during his level 2 charge. 
  • His skill allows the user to not only deal dendro elemental damage but allows less time to generate his charged shots, it also generates a dendro field that can taunt and gather opponents.
  • His Elemental burst has two waves, wherein he fires Tanglevine shafts that can track down opponents and hit them with Dendro twice.
  • His first passive increases his elemental mastery by 50 for four seconds once he fires a Wreath Arrow, while his second passive increases his Charged attack and Elemental burst by a maximum of 60% based on his Elemental Mastery points.


7. Itto (S-tier, 98/100)

Arataki "Numero Uno" Itto in the flesh, the greatest oni and the leader of the Arataki gang. He laughs in the face of danger, but not in front of beans.

Arataki Itto is considered one of the best geo characters in the game. With his claymore weapon and his scaling off of ATK and DEF, he could charge in easily as the best Geo DPS. Itto’s best weapons would be The Redhorned Stonethresher, as well as the 4-star Serpent Spine and Whiteblind

What makes Itto S-tier?

  • His normal attacks are strong as a claymore, but his charged attacks stack up and allow him to emit upward slashes and deal one last powerful slash at the end of the attack combo– the best part is, it does not consume stamina and allows Itto to carry up to 5 stacks.
  • His burst, wherein his claymore weapon transforms into a geo club he uses to hit enemies, deals a massive impact upon enemies and multiple buffs that scale off of his defense, as this is a heavy attack he could deliver.
  • His skill throws a bull–Ushi– that taunts enemies and deals high geo damage upon impact.
  • Itto gains Crit Rate upon being ascended which helps him frequently deal huge amounts of Critical hits one after another. 
  • His Passives buffs his Elemental burst, giving him a maximum of 30% ATK SPD, Increased resistance to interruption, and a buff of 35% increased burst damage based on his DEF.


8. Eula (97/100)

Eula Lawrence is the mighty captain of the Rennaisance group in the Knights of Favonius, she yearns for vengeance but everyone who knows her also knows that she's quite the cute and sweet character.

Eula is a cryo claymore character from Mondstadt that garnered attention for her amazing high damage that scales off of Energy recharge. Her best weapons include The Song of Broken Pines and Wolf’s Gravestone and the 4-star weapons: The Snow-tombed Starsilver and Akuoumaru.

What makes Eula S-tier?

  • Eula’s elemental skill reduces an opponent’s physical and cryo resistance.
  • She is one of the best Physical DMG DPS in the game.
  • Her skill deals AoE cryo DMG and with each hit, Eula gains a stack of Grimheart that increases Eula’s resistance to interruption as well as her DEF. This can be stacked twice. Grimheart also reduces her opponents’ Physical and Cryo RES.
  • Her Burst deals great Cryo damage and creates a Lightfall Sword for 7s, this gives Eula increased resistance to interruption. Once it explodes it deals Physical damage to nearby enemies that bases its dmg on the number of energy stacks it is charged with for every hit with the Lightfall sword present.
  • Her two passives give her a stack of Grimheart and a Shattered Lightfall sword that deals 50% of the Physical damage dealt by a normal Lightfall sword.


9. Ayato (95/100)

Ayato's the strong leader of the Yashiro Commission. Valiant and strategic, he's a man no one would want to mess with. He does have a knack for terrorizing poor Thoma with weird food, and maybe he'd say a few things whenever you take him out for treasure hunting.

Kamisato Ayato, Ayaka’s older brother, is one of the most sought-after DPS in the game since his release. His abilities scaled off of attack and his weapons would include Haran Geppaku Futsu and Mistsplitter Reforges as his 5 stars as well as The Black Sword and Amenoma Kageuchi for his 4-star Weapons.

What makes Ayato A-tier?

  • Rather than providing hydro for pyro characters to apply vaporize, he is able to trigger vaporize himself with the help of pyro supports like Bennett or Xiangling.
  • His normal attack stack up a maximum of 4 “Postures” which is an effect made by his 2nd and 4th hit. Charge attacks can consume these postures and turn them into Ichimonji slashes that increase in size and damage and are converted to Hydro damage.
  • His elemental skill allows him to speedily dash sideward and consistently apply Hydro while casting a shell of himself, it also builds up 2 posture.
  • His elemental burst reduces his opponents’ hydro resist and deals immense Hydro damage, adding on to that it also resets your skill’s cooldown, allowing consistent Hydro damage.
  •  His first passive allows him to receive less damage, resistance to interruption, and additional crit damage while having 1, 2, and 3 Posture respectively. These effects even stay right after Posture is consumed.


10. Raiden Shogun (95/100)

The embodiment of Thunder and the majestic archon of Inazuma, the Raiden Shogun. Fearsome as she may, she has a gentle side that only a few can see.

The Almighty Raiden Shogun boasts one of the best electro damage counts in the game, The archon uses polearm weapons and scales her skills off of Atk and gives the team amazing Energy recharge as well. Her best weapons include the Engulfing lightning and Skyward Spear as well as The Catch for her 4-star weapon.

What makes The Raiden Shogun A-tier?

  • Raiden has high energy recharge that allows her and other members to gain energy for their burst skills fast.
  • She boosts the entire team’s Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Her skill deals Electro DMG to opponents and grants an Eye of Stormy Judgement to all party members, this buffs their Burst Damage and deals AoE Electro DMG every 0. second.
  • Her Elemental Burst allows her attacks to be infused with electro and recharges energy for the whole party once every 1 second. The damage of the Burst itself will depend on her Chakra Desiderata’s Resolve stacks which generate when other party members use their burst, its maximum stack is up to 60.
  • Her first passive allows Chakra Desiderata to gain 2 resolve stacks for every elemental particle that other party members gain every 3 seconds. Her other passive bases on her Energy recharge in granting her 0.6% greater Energy restoration from her skill and 0.4% Electro DMG Bonus.


11. Childe (95/100)

The 11th Harbinger is everywhere, he seems to be present in every nation you go to. Childe's also known as quite the family man, contrary to his thirst for bloodshed.

The 11th Harbinger Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is one of the best hydro DPS in the game, He is a bow user but his skill allows him to deal melee hydro damage. His best weapons include the Skyward Harp and Polar Star as his 5-stars and Rust, The Stringless, and The Viridescent Hunt as his 4-stars.

What makes Childe A-tier?

  • Tartaglia is perfect for attacking mobs or multiple opponents on the field.
  • His elemental skill grants him melee attacks that can consistently deliver Hydro damage.
  • As he ascends, his Hydro DMG Bonus increases. This allows him more damage using his skills.
  • His attacks inflict opponents with Riptide, wherein they suffer from AoE hydro dmg every time Childe hits them. It can occur once every 0.7 seconds.
  • His burst can be performed during his melee or normal stance and deals massive Hydro damage to all surrounding enemies. 


 12. Diluc (94/100)

Diluc, of Mondstadt, is revered for his famous winery that dominates Mondstadt's wine industry. But the man behind the drinks isn't really fond of them, he'd definitely prefer some nice grape juice.

One of the earliest 5 stars in the game, Diluc has persevered to be one of the best DPS in the standard roster of characters. His abilities scale off of ATK and give great pyro damage. He does well with Wolf’s Gravestone for his 5-star, and Prototype Archaic, Blackcliff Slasher, and Serpent Spine for his 4-star weapons.

What makes Diluc A-tier?

  • He’s good for beginners and an easy-to-obtain pyro DPS through any banner.
  • His elemental skill can be combined with his normal attacks, he can constantly apply pyro in his attacks with every hit of his skill.
  • He scales off of Crit rate, giving him an extra critical boost in dealing high hits of damage.
  • After using his burst, his weapon gains pyro infusion that may be used raw or with other elemental reactions, it also knocks back enemies and deals High pyro damage.
  • His first passive decreases his charged attack’s stamina cost by 50% for 3 seconds while the other boosts his Pyro damage bonus and prolongs his burst’s pyro effect by 4 seconds.


13. Klee (94/100)

Be careful when adventuring with Klee, she is known for setting off huge explosions that not even Mondstadt's mountainous landscapes are safe from her bombs.

The loveable Klee is one of the most known 5 Star characters in the game, She is a pyro, bomb-throwing catalyst that scales off of ATK. Her best weapons include The Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds and Skyward Atlas for 5 stars, as well as the Widsith and the limited Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon for 4-star.

What makes Klee A-tier?

  • Klee is easy to team up with other elemental characters and it helps boost her overall elemental damage.
  • Her charged attack is powerful and deals explosions filled with pyro damage.
  • Her Elemental skill produces a lot of energy with multiple charges
  • Some of her normal attacks produce a Floating flower that can release an explosive spark, the spark is a stamina replacement for charged attacks.
  • Her burst can hit enemies in any position regardless of height and distance.


14. Yoimiya (93/100)

The queen of summer herself knows how to have fun, even in the face of danger. Yoimiya is truly a delight to have in festivals and in adventures.

Yoimiya is a pyro bow user that hails from Inazuma. The energetic fireworks store owner deals amazing damage that scales off of ATK. Her best weapon would be the Thundering Pulse. Amos Bow, or Skyward Harp as 5-stars or Rust, Hamayumi, and/or The Stringless for 4-star weapons.

What makes Yoimiya A-tier?

  • Yoimiya’s playstyle focuses more on her basic attacks and skills, you can pick to be a pyro archer DPS or a physical/normal attack DPS.
  • Her charged attack delivers a pyro-infused aimed shot with increased DMG and 3 more pyro-infused arrows–known as Kindling Arrows—which can hit other enemies.
  • Her skill infuses her arrows with Pyro, allowing her to attack any opponent on the field with increased pyro damage.
  • Yoimiya’s burst launches an Aurous Blaze on an enemy that allows any other character on the field to deal AoE Pyro DMG on the opponent. This is optimal for Co-op Play.
  • Her first passive allows Yoimiya’s skill to increase her normal attack’s Pyro DMG bonus by 2% with every hit, it can have a maximum of 10 stacks for 3 seconds.


15. Keqing (92/100)

Keqing is a woman of her work, one of the young members of the Liyue Qixing. The tianquan strives to protect and help Liyue progress as a great Nation.

As one of the standard banner characters, Keqing is a superb electro-sword DPS that’s easy to use and perfect for starter players. Her skills scale off of ATKand her weapons include Aquila Favonia or Mistsplitter Reforged as her 5-star and Lion’s Roar, Prototype Rancour, or the Flute as her 4-star weapons.

What makes Keqing A-tier?

  • Keqing’s CRIT DMG increases at every ascension level.
  • Her charged attack is very fast and is buffed by high multipliers.
  • Her Elemental skill has a low cooldown, it casts an electro Lightning Stilleto which deals Electro DMG. Once performing her skill, Keqing then teleports to the Stilleto’s position and slashes enemies with Electro DMG.
  • Keqing’s burst allows her to deal multiple strikes of Electro to enemies on the field and delivers one final blow with huge AoE Electro damage.
  • Her first passive allows her skill to imbue her normal and charged attacks with electro while her second passive boosts her CRIT Rate and Energy Recharge by 15% that lasts for 8 seconds.


16. Yanfei (92/100)

Yanfei is known as Liyue's top Lawyer, she's quite scrutinous and particular when working, always helping the citizens in settling disputes-of course, as long as they're not of the civil kind.

Yanfei is a powerful 4-star pyro catalyst that scales off of ATKfor her abilities. Her pyro attacks could reach even high-positioned enemies and deal heavy pyro damage. Her best weapons include the Skyward Atlas as her 5-star, and the Widsith, Sacrificial Fragments, and the Limited Dodoco Tales as her 4-star weapons.

What makes Yanfei A-tier?

  • Yanfei’s charged and normal attacks both deliver pyro damage. Her charged attack deals heavy DMG output while her normal attacks are long-ranged and can lock on enemies.
  • Her skills and burst have short cooldowns and can deal massive AoE damage.
  • Her normal attacks give her a maximum of 3 Scarlet seals which decreases her stamina consumption during her charged attack.
  • Her elemental skill delivers massive pyro DMG and gives her the maximum number of scarlet seals.
  • Her elemental burst not only inflicts AoE pyro DMG, but also increases her charged attack’s SMG and grants her the maximum amount of Scarlet Seals.


And there you have it, the best Damage dealers in Genshin so far, ranked and rated. As time passes, more new characters will enter the game and give us new and amazing gameplay in addition to this awesome roster. Still, you can build any character in any way you like as long as you’re enjoying the game and this list will help you decide on which champion DPS will give you the best experience on Genshin Impact.



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