Genshin Impact Enabler Tier List [Genshin Impact's Best And Worst Enablers Revealed]

Albedo Kreideprinz painting in his natural habitat with his assistant Sucrose, sketching his famed 3-strokes portrait of the Knights' cavalry captain.

Like how ice cream needs its toppings, DPS characters need other characters in a party to support them. Healers, sub-DPS, shielders, and all other support roles are important in a team. There is one underrated role, however, that can make your DPS’ damage hit different–maximizing and pushing their strength double than usual. These are Enablers. Enablers help your DPS character by boosting their elemental damage and giving them amazing buffs.

This list will show you which Genshin Impact Enabler characters are the best pick for your team!



These enablers are indispensable and a muct pull, you need them on your team. They synergize well with any team and provide amazing buffs, additional AoE, and elemental damage boosts for the whole team. With or without their constellations, these enablers are a real game-changer.

  • Albedo (98/100)
  • Bennett (98/100)
  • Shenhe (97/100)
  • Mona (97/100)
  • Barbara (96/100)



Undeniably, these characters are powerful enablers. They deal amazing damage, provide good buffs and complete your team with incredible elemental support. These characters may need a certain constellation to provide these great boosts but it’s easy to get them–and once you do, it’ll be worth it, they’ll definitely be a great addition to the team.

  • Xiangling (95/100)
  • Xingqiu (94/100)
  • Kokomi (94/100)
  • Collei (93/100)
  • Diona (93/100)



With good damage comes good buffs, and these characters do provide great ones! Each of them allows several buffs and elemental reactions to allow your DPS to dominate the battlefield. They do, however, need constellations for these effects to grow stronger and for additional buffs. But need not worry! They could be worth the investment if you’re looking to use your constellation characters.

  • Fischl (89/100)
  • Kujou Sara (87/100)
  • Gorou (87/100)
  • Thoma (86/100)
  • Rosaria (86/100)



C-tier Enablers may be needing much more than the normal enabler, but once you get the hang of using them, they could give your team the boosts they need to finish off your opponents. These are usually enablers you can definitely use anytime, but they’re more optimal for early-game or starter teams unless you get another enabler that’ll suit your DPS much better. 

  • Geo Traveler (83/100)
  • Lisa (83/100)
  • Chongyun (82/100)
  • Xinyan (81/100)


The list:


1. Albedo (98/100, S-tier)

Albedo Kreideprinz, the famed Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt's Knights of Favonius, is mysterious and charming as he is talented.


Chief alchemist of the Knights of Favonious and renowned illustrator, Albedo has it all–even as an amazing support for your team. With the power of geo, he could easily be the pillar of your team’s foundation and lead them to victory.

Why is Albedo S-Tier?

  • He offers a wide area of off-field, AoE damage through his geo Elemental skill.
  • He’s able to maximize the Crystallize effect, pairing up with other characters can guarantee massive crystallize elemental reactions when his skill is active on the field.
  • Albedo can synergize with any character and any team, but most especially his fellow Geo characters. He could boost your Geo DPS characters with his skill, allowing even more elemental damage through a constant AoE that causes the Crystallize effect.
  • Want to think of a team for Albedo? He’s good with any element, but it’s proven that a team with pyro resonance works wonders for him, especially when enabling his crystallize effect and buffs, to buff any DPS’ ATK and his enabling.
  • Albedo doesn’t need any constellation to be a top-tier enabler, his skill can deliver amazing effects on its own. His constellations do deliver amazing buffs such as his Elemental Burst scaling from his DEF stat at c2 which can enable strong elemental Crystallize effects.


2. Bennett (98/100, S-tier)

Infamous for the bad luck that he brings in every journey, Bennett is a budding adventurer from Mondstadt doing his best to have amazing adventures and friends.


The clumsy but loveable adventurer is known across the Genshin community as one of the best support characters. But most importantly, Bennett allows your team to grow into the strongest party that could deal elemental damage that knows no limits. 

Why is Bennett S-Tier?

  • His synergy with the teams you build is perfect, he could easily boost everyone in your party through his elemental burst which sets off a field of pyro AoE DMG.
  • Bennett gives one of the most important and powerful infusions in the game, pyro infusions allow different elemental reactions such as vaporize, overcharged, melt, and burning. He could deliver these through his elemental skill and burst. 
  • He doesn’t just enable elemental reactions, Bennett is a jack-of-all-trades; the ultimate support character that can buff, heal, and infuse your party with this pyro elemental burst.
  • In enabling, you’ll definitely need Bennett’s burst and it doesn’t take much to charge. Try to give him a Sacrificial Sword or any sword with Energy recharge to help boost his energy to spam your burst.
  • Bennett’s ultimate skill allows him to not just apply puro infusion, but also boost your party’s ATK, based on his own ATK scaling. 


3. Shenhe (97/100, S-tier)

The enigmatic Shenhe from the mountains of Jueyun Karst, one of Liyue's finest exorcists and protege of the adeptus; Cloud Retainer.

The mysterious Shenhe is one of the newer characters in Liyue’s roster, but her skills in enabling through her cryo abilities are never to be underestimated! Aside from being a potential DPS, Shenhe could boost your team well and deal amazing damage.

Why is Shenhe S-Tier?

  • Her Elemental skill has an effect called Icy Quill which boosts Cryo DMG bonus.
  • With her elemental skill and burst, she could apply cryo infusions for the team for a duration of time.
  • Her Elemental burst also provides Cryo and Physical Resistance shred which allows Cryo and physical attacks to knock down enemies and shred their defense, which is helpful to cryo characters like Eula and Kaeya who can deliver both physical and Cryo attacks.
  • Shenhe’s seal when pressed once boosts the party’s elemental Burst and Skill damage, and when held, boosts the party’s normal attack. This skill could easily boost your characters’ elemental abilities to create more reactions.
  • She doesn’t need constellations to boost your team well, she can already buff cryo characters properly through her passives! If you wish to push her effects to the maximum power possible, you can get her C2 which boosts Crit DMG by 15%, and her c6 which grants her skills and their effects unlimited stacks


4. Mona (97/100, S-tier)

Mona Megistus, she who reads the stars and knows of everyone's future, currently residing in Mondstadt and finding ways to not be broke.


Mona Megistus is known as the Grand astrologist who uses hydromancy in divination. With her talents, she could easily use the hydro element to her and the team’s advantage as one of the best hydro enablers in the game.

Why is Mona S-Tier?

  • Mona’s damage relies on elemental reactions, making her optimal for any team that needs hydro application. Her skill set is based on using elemental attacks as a catalyst user.
  • Her sprint can cast an illusion similar to her skill when prolonged, it applies hydro to enemies when it explodes upon the end of her sprint. This causes the Wet elemental reaction which can lead to enabling other hydro-related reactions such as freeze, vaporize, electro-charged, and bloom.
  • Her elemental skills take little time to charge, allowing continuous application of hydro to boost and enable any elemental reaction with each continuous use.
  • Her burst gives amazing AoE elemental damage which affects everyone in the field with hydro. Her burst also has an effect called Omen that boosts the damage an opponent takes when affected by Omen once characters hit them with any attack.
  • Her first constellation is perfect for her enabling, she could prolong and buff the effect of any hydro-related elemental reaction by 15% once she casts her burst skill.


5. Barbara (96/100, S-tier)

The gentle and loveable deaconess of the Favonius Church, Barbara is beloved by all and heals from hearing her lovely voice. Truly Mondstadt's Idol.


The loveable idol of Mondstadt, Barbara can heal anyone with her song and warm personality. Beyond her healing skills, she’s one of the best supports in the game and enables hydro-related reactions quickly and easily.

Why is Barbara S-Tier?

  • Barbara is completely free! Anyone can have Barbara once you complete the first Archon quest in Mondstadt, she could easily serve as a starter hydro enabler.
  • Her skill allows a consistent application of hydro for a long period of time, she could summon a ring of hydro melodies that could inflict the wet status on your enemies once they approach which can be helpful for elemental attacks.
  • Of course, Barbara’s skill allows for both enabling and healing, you can switch to your DPS character and infuse their skills with hydro while also maintaining their health.
  • Stamina consumption is reduced by 12% for any of your active characters when using Barbara’s skill. This may be useful for enabling catalyst characters as they can lose stamina really quickly.
  • Barbara’s all good on her own, but if you want to maximize her enabling ability, try going for her c2! It’s a good bonus to shorten her elemental skill’s cooldown and boost your active character’s Hydro DMG by 15%.


6. Xiangling (95/100, A-tier)

Xiangling and her loveable companion Guoba, the famed duo from Wanmin Restaurant, are always on the lookout for great ingredients. Be careful not to give her any slime condensate as an ingredient.


The famous chef of Liyue’s renowned Wanmin Restaurant is known as one of the best supports in the game. Xiangling isn’t just a powerhouse in the kitchen, but she could prove to be one of the best members of your party when it comes to applying elemental reactions.

Why is Xiangling A-Tier?

  • Xiangling gives pyro infusions through her skill and burst, but her most consistent source of pyro infusions would be her strong elemental burst.
  • Her elemental burst summons a moving ring of fire that rotates around her, allowing strong pyro infusions and high AoE DMG, effective for inflicting mobs with pyro and allowing any pyro-related elemental reaction.
  • Xiangling’s C1 constellation allows her and any Pyro character in the party to have increased damage when her skill hits any opponent on the field by reducing their Pyro resistance.
  • Her C4 and C6 constellations allow her burst skill to have longer durations and to increase her party’s Pyro DMG bonus by 15%, perfect for boosting any pyro DPS.
  • Xiangling is also a free-to-get character!! You can easily get her through the spiral Abyss once you've cleared floor 3-3.


7. Xingqiu (94/100, A-tier)

Xingqiu of the Feiyun Commerce, always has his nose stuck in a book or teasing his beloved best friend and known exorcist Chongyun. Someone save the poor fellow.


The affluent and honorable Xingqiu is one of the best hydro infusions in the game. He could provide additional damage and elemental infusions for the team with the help of the ever-versatile hydro element.

Why is Xingqiu A-Tier?

  • Xingqiu can consistently apply hydro through his elemental skill and burst.
  • His elemental skill can generate energy particles that may allow your elemental burst to charge quickly while also infusing your enemies with hydro and dealing damage.
  • His elemental burst is his main selling point, it allows your character to rain down hydro swords that can consistently apply hydro to your opponents and allow powerful elemental reactions with hydro.
  • His elemental skill also reduces the damage you take when coming in contact with an enemy while also affecting them with hydro.
  • He’ll definitely need constellations to boost his enabling abilities though, he could function well up to c2 which reduces opponents’ hydro resistance and allow your hydro DPS to attack properly as well as receive prolonged hydro damage with his burst’s increased duration


8. Kokomi (94/100, A-tier)

Sangonomiya Kokomi is ever so graceful and majestic. She's a wise and kind leader that may need more sleep. Do remember to read to her when you can.


The bright and strategic leader of Watatsumi Island is widely known for her powerful hydro applications. Kokomi can easily heal and shower the battlefield with constant elemental reactions.

Why is Kokomi A-Tier?

  • Her elemental skill provides excellent AoE Hydro DMG, allowing a long period of elemental applications.
  • While applying her skill–which is useful for enabling–she could heal you instantly. Since a lot of DPS characters are considered squishy like Klee and Yanfei, healing while enabling hydro reactions may help with boosting their damage.
  • Kokomi synergizes best with electro and cryo teams wherein she could act as an enabler for Taser comps or Perma-freeze comps. With her skill, she could inflict hydro infusions while your electro and cryo characters work their skills.
  • In the present game, Kokomi is very sought after for her ability to also inflict Bloom, a powerful dendro elemental reaction that can also be used to explore Inazuma. Her skills could inflict powerful bloom effects.
  • Although Kokomi could perform well as a DPS, her ability as support is excellent as well, as a catalyst she could consistently apply Hydro damage, especially with her charged attack which is great when it comes to using her in co-op. While in co-op, you can use her skills and basic attacks to give the team some hydro reactions.


9. Collei (93/100, A-tier)

Collei traveling the forests of Sumeru, doing her very best as a trainee forest ranger. Tighnari is sure to be proud of her, as well as Amber.


She’s a newbie hailing from the lush greenery of Sumer, Collei is a cute and friendly forest ranger that patrols the vicinities. With her dendro abilities, she’s not to be underestimated when it comes to inflicting amazing reactions.

Why is Collei A-Tier?

  • Her elemental skill and burst hold the power of dendro which by far is one of the best elemental reaction buffers in the game. Dendro could conjure up the Burgeon, Bloom, Hyperbloom, Catalyze, and Burning effect.
  • Her elemental skill can already enable Quicken and spread on its own. The Boomerang she casts is flung across the field once and enables dendro, then it flies back and enables the quicken effect by dealing another wave of dendro reaction.
  • Her off-field elemental burst can deal great AoE dendro damage which allows other elemental reactions to come through. While the field is on, you can switch or let other characters attack with their skills.
  • She could easily support Tighnari, especially when equipping a full Deepwood Memories artifact set which gives them both dendro DMG bonus and allows powerful applications of Spread and other dendro effects.
  • C4 Collei buffs Elemental mastery for the entire party by 60 for 12 seconds, apart from giving off-field elemental reactions. Elemental mastery gives the party the power to deal huge elemental reactions.


10. Diona (93/100, A-tier)

Be careful when ordering a drink from Diona, she's sure to get mad when you drink way too much. Remember the quota: four glasses may be enough for the day.


The young bartender of the cat’s tail has quite the skill–not just in making drinks but also in giving cryo infusions. If you’re looking for an enabler that works best in Co-op and provides more supporting abilities, I believe Diona is the perfect fit for the job!

Why is Diona S-Tier?

  • Diona is primarily used for her skill and burst which give great cryo support and reactions. Meaning that she is used primarily for her cryo abilities that can assist and infuse your DPS’ attack once casted.
  • Her skill can both provide cryo application and a shield for your character. Once casted, it shoots multiple arrows at the enemy and upon impact, also generates a shield for your character.
  • The shield made by her skill also allows a 250% Cryo Absorption that infuses your character with cryo and allows for better cryo applications with each hit.
  • Her elements burst constantly applies cryo, especially since it’s easy to charge up. It creates an AoE cryo field which allows for cryo-related reactions.
  • She could heal, enable, and provide shields consistently with her elemental skills and burst.


And there you have it! Genshin Impact’s best enablers. These characters truly show that they have what it takes to boost your team and give you a next-level combat experience. Not only do they hit enemies with their elemental skills, but they also prove to be more than just that–they can do anything.



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