[Guide] Genshin Impact Best Ways To Get Primogems 3.3 (Top 10 Ways)

Don't let anybody stop you from getting your pulls!

Primogems are arguably the most important resource in Genshin Impact. This is used to summon new characters and weapons, which essentially keeps the game exciting for the player. 

This guide will prove that you don’t have to empty your wallet just to get your favorite character. Read along to find out the best ways to farm primogems. There's a step-by-step guide for each, so you don’t miss out on any important details.


10. Achievements

Some are fairly simple while others seem virtually impossible.

Just like most modern games, Genshin Impact rewards players who achieve incredible feats or conquer new major parts of the story. What sets this game apart is that some achievements are just absurd.

You can get primogems by getting struck by lightning, being killed by a wild boar, or finishing the really long Enkanomiya quest, where the game actually calls you out to get out more.

You can find all the normal achievements listed down when you open its tab through the Paimon menu. Aside from this, we have what we call hidden achievements, which can only be seen or acquired right after the feat.

Rewards from these achievements can range from 5 primogems to 20 primogems. Try picking up a few while you progress through the game to get some extra wishes in.

How It Works

  • Open your Paimon menu.
  • Click on the achievements tab.
  • Pick out any achievement that you think you can accomplish immediately.
  • Keep note of other achievements that you can pick up along your journey.
  • Claim your rewards from the same menu for every success.


9. Complete Adventurer's Handbook

Knowledge is the key to success.

Every adventurer must always be equipped with the trusty Adventurer’s Handbook. This small feature will guide you step-by-step on how to grow and master the land of Teyvat. 

This is a great tool for beginners. You will get to experience a lot of the mechanics, and you get a reasonable reward for accomplishing each level.

Don’t skipthis guide. Anything you learn from the handbook will definitely be useful up until late-game. It’s also not that difficult to accomplish, really; you’ll essentially be doing the same tasks indicated anyway, so might as well pick up the rewards early on for a good boost in resources.

Aside from primogems, you can also get talent books, mora, and weapon ores as rewards.

How It Works

  • Open your Paimon menu.
  • Click on the Adventurer’s Handbook tab.
  • Pick out any task that you think is doable and get it done.
  • Upgrade your handbook everytime you finish a level to claim even more rewards.


8. AR Rank Rewards

A rare sight to see Katheryne outside of her booth.

One thing that stands out about any account is the adventure rank, or AR. It’s the first thing that other players would look at and is a good indication of how long you’ve been playing and how strong you are currently. 

Grinding to get this level increased is not just for bragging rights, it also comes with some hefty rewards. Every level up you achieve can get you rewards from Katheryne at the Adventurers Guild. This can get you mora, experience, books, Traveler constellations, and of course, primogems.

Leveling up is something that you can achieve naturally as you progress through the game. Archon quests and world quests provide the biggest boost to your level, but daily commissions are also not to be discounted. The current level cap is AR 60.

How It Works

  • Gather enough experience to raise your adventure rank.
  • Claim your rewards fro Katheryne every chance you can get.
  • Complete any ascension challenges that she may issue to continue your growth.


7. Hunt and Offer Collectibles

It's hard work but the payoff is well worth it.

There are a lot of things to discover in the open-world. The most valuable of them all is arguably the different oculi that the region has to offer. These are scattered fragments of power that can be offered to their respective statues. In return, you get a good sum of primogems , along with other bonus rewards.

Aside from that, you can also collect sigils whenever you open a chest or accomplish a task. This can then also be offered to sacred trees in order to receive rewards. 

Getting 100% completion on these collectibles is not an easy feat. Most players usean interactive map to mark out all the areas that they need to go to. It’s generally a good idea to pin down on your map any oculi you might’ve picked up in order to keep note. One bonus reward for getting oculi is that this is the only way to permanently raise your stamina bar.

How It Works

  • Pick up collectibles that you see on your travels.
  • Alternatively, you can use interactive maps to immediately see all the locations of oculi. You can get them in one go if you wish.
  • Go to their respective statues and offer your oculi for some juicy rewards.


6. Open Chests

The question is, who leaves all of these lying around?

Who doesn’t like opening big, shiny chests? These bounties are scattered all around Teyvat and come in different variations. Rewards may seem minimal at first, but you come along with a lot of chests while running around the world, and your resources will have doubled before you know it.

Speaking of chests, did you know that you can open the Shrines of Depths? Check your inventory if you have a key, and head on over to any shrine on your map. You’ll see that you have the option to open it and gain access to the sweet treasure inside.

Going for chests can be a tedious task. There are all sorts of puzzles and challenges that hide these goodies, so always be ready to be tested.

Also, be wary of chests that are placed near water or cliffs. Once opened, the rewards pop out, and they do follow the laws of gravity, so pick them up as soon as you can.

How It Works

  • Accomplish any puzzle, challenge, or clear any camp that you see on your travels.
  • If you encounter any puzzles that you aren’t able to clear just yet, make sure to mark it down on your map for later.
  • Luxurious chests are the best among all chest types, but common chests are so abundant that you can gather lots of primogems in a single run despite the lesser rewards.


5. Wait for the Server Maintenance Compensation

Take a break every now and then, it's good for you.

Yep, you read that right; primogems can be obtained just by waiting. The game launches new updates every 6 weeks, and this has been consistent since the release date. The developers give out primogems for the time that they are conducting the server maintenance.

Usually, you can receive 600 primogems per patch, which can only grow if they manage to extend the maintenance time. It’s a good amount for doing absolutely nothing, and is a good way to increase your budget for that new character coming.

There’s really not much to dwell on with this tip. As they say, patience really is a virtue. While waiting for servers to go back up, make sure to maximize the free time you have so you can play undisturbed once the new patch is up.

How It Works

  • Stay updated by following all the social media accounts of Genshin Impact. 
  • Know when they’re launching the server maintenance to best prepare yourself.
  • If you happen to be free when the maintenance ends, update your client immediately to claim your free primogems.


4. Do Quests

One of these days, Paimon really should learn how to help in combat.

Probably the most obvious entry in our list. Quests provide structure and purpose to the game, along with goals and challenges. Accomplishing quests can lead to great rewards, depending on their length and difficulty.

The game has a ton of quests for you to do, especially with 4 regions now available to us. Some quests are absurdly long and connected to other quests in a way. Also remember that some areas can only be unlocked by finishing certain requirements, and having new areas means more chests and farmable resources. 

Always look out for blue exclamation points on your map. This signifies that a person is in need and that a quest is in order. 

There are also story quests and hangouts unlocked with keys that can be done for primogems. Story quests are for 5-star characters and usually complement the latest patch. Hangouts are for 4-star characters, these are more conversational and have multiple endings.

How It Works

  • Prioritize doing the archon quests first as this is crucial to your progress, and the rewards are bountiful.
  • Once you reach a level cap, you can then move on to doing world quests.
  • In the free time that you have, you can do story quests or hangouts to kill time and make some extra primogems on the side.


3. Spiral Abyss

Salute to all the players who clear 36 stars every reset.

The most challenging way to get primogemsis also one of the most productive and fruitful of all the options. The Spiral Abyss is a series of combat trials that push you and your characters to the limit. 

There are a total of 12 floors with 3 chambers each. Floors 1 to 8 are a bit on the easier side and only need to be done once. Floors 9 to 12 are the real game changers, as they not only pose a high difficulty level, but change twice a month. These floors can be accomplished every time they reset, so you can be sure that their rewards will be waiting,

You can start doing the Spiral Abyss once you get a comfortable enough team. Initial floors can even reward you with a free Xiangling and Collei once you finish their respective floors.

For the more difficult floors, always keep an eye on what buffs are available during the current cycle. Often, the buff matches the current running event wish character. Don’t forget to scout the enemy types you’ll be facing per chamber so you can prepare the elements and playstyle needed to finish as soon as possible.

How It Works

  • Make sure to be ready for intense combat. Have at least one solid DPS character that can carry your team through the early stages of the abyss.
  • It is recommended to have crowd control units with you to make your fights more convenient.
  • When you reach floors 9 to 12. You must have at least two separate teams prepared in order to accomplish the challenges within the given time.
  • Don’t feel bad if you can’t get 36 stars immediately, as this truly is a challenge, even for veteran players.
  • Get as many stars as you can every reset and work your way up as you upgrade even your support characters.


2. Daily Commissions

Giant ice swords are sure to keep bad spirits away.

If there’s anything you have to do every day in this game, it’s to spend your resin and complete your daily commissions. Your daily commissions are an easy way to get primogems daily. Trust me when I say that you’ll hate yourself for missing out for just one day, especially when you're short on wishes.

These commissions come in different forms, especially in the different regions. Aside from combat, other tasks may require you to deliver goods, glide around areas, and randomly jump on mushrooms. You can choose to do ones from a specific region, or have them come completely randomly from all four.

It’s recommended to do commissions from the region that you’ve explored the least. This way, you can even pick up a few chests while doing your tasks. 

Keep an eye out for chained daily commissions. These are tasks that are interconnected, depending on the choices you’ve made. For example, giving the wrong instructions on how to use fertilizer can lead you to a following commission where you’ll be sorting out the consequences of your actions.

How It Works

  • Raise your level to the point where you can finally do daily commissions, the earlier the better as every day counts.
  • Initially, you’ll only be able to do commissions in Mondstadt, but you can do the ones in the other regions once you unlock them. Either way, they generally give out the same rewards.
  • Do these commissions everyday, even if you do feel lazy from time to time. You’ll be thankful in the long run as those 60 primogems a day really add up.


1. Events

Some scenes in the game just leave you breathless.

The absolute best way to earn primogems is by doing the events. Genshin Impact never runs out of these time-limited specialties, and the rewards they give are some of the best.

What makes these so great is that it can be accomplished by all players, from early to late game. Events usually provide wacky or fun activities to be done, sometimes even with friends. For the more combat focused events, the game makes sure to rent out characters so that even newer Travelers have a chance of beating the trials.

This is something that connects the Genshin Impact community together. No matter at what point you are in the game, you’ll always have to do the current event and experience whatever is in store.  

The game isn’t cheap with its event rewards either. Aside from the usual rewards, the game sometimes gives out free weapons, characters, and skins, depending on the occasion. 

How It Works

  • Events are completely special, and how you approach them every patch will differ as they come with different challenges or trials. 
  • You can take a break from all the archon and world quests , and focus on the event quests as these are time-limited.
  • When it comes to the actual trials, you can either do them as they are available, or do all of them in one go, as the game has a habit of time-gating their availability.
  • Usually these challenges require you to simply complete them in order to get your primogems. Don’t pressure yourself too much to get the highest score possible as these just mostly give out extra mora, experience books, or enhancement ores.
  • Bonus tip: Once you get your fill of primogems, look out for any free weapon that comes with the event as they also come out with free refinements and a boost to enhancement during the event period.

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