Genshin Impact How To Investigate The Strange Ice

If you don't know how to investigate the strange ice in Dragonspine, we'll help you!

Why is it important to know how to investigate the Strange Ice?

One of the World Quests, "In the Mountains," requires players to investigate the strange ice in Genshin Impact.

Located near the Dragonspine point of interest in Teyvat, you’ll need to talk to Iris inside the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp to begin this quest. If you don’t discover how to investigate the strange ice, you won’t be able to clear the quest.

How to investigate the Strange Ice in Genshin Impact?

  • First, you need the Scarlet Quartz buff in Dragonspine. You’ll have to follow the quest markers and head towards the strange ice. 
  • Once you’ve reached the location, you have to attack the strange ice with the Scarlet Quartz buff still active.
  • Destroying these blocking ice structures will allow you to investigate the strange ice. Investigating the strange ice will unlock the Frostbearing Tree.

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