[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Wanderer Builds

The official splash art for Wanderer

1) Main DPS

Wanderer with his best-in-slot artifact set
Scaramouche is a character that fans have waited for since his introduction to Genshin in version 1.1. Of course, the playable version of Scaramouche is much different than fans thought he would be.

Wanderer has completely spiced up what characters in Genshin can be capable of. With his unique skill that allows him to fly through the air while fighting enemies. The Wanderer’s skill also increases the amount of damage he deals. All in all, he is a fantastic Anemo main DPS who can deal a ton of damage with his burst.

Though there are a few issues to consider when building Wanderer and creating a team comp with him as a main DPS, it’s almost mandatory to have a shielder on a team alongside Wanderer because his skill can be stopped by enemy attacks. Wanderer also has low base HP and attack.

Use This Build If:

  • You want an Anemo main DPS
  • On-field damage dealer
  • A team with a shielder and good supports
  • Fighting against pyro, hydro, cryo, or dendro enemies

Build Details:

  • Artifacts: Desert Pavilion Chronicles (4-piece)
  • Stats/Substats: attack%, crit rate/damage, energy recharge, anemo damage
  • Weapon: Tullaytullah’s Remembrance
  • Talent level priority ranked: normal attack, skill, burst
  • Potential team comp: Wanderer, Faruzan, Bennett, Layla


2) Hypercarry Build

Hypercarry Scaramouche stats

Due to how much time Wanderer needs to spend on-field to deal damage, this makes him an amazing character to build as a hypercarrier. This sort of build has the focus on one character that will be dealing most of the damage, and the three other characters are only supports who will increase the damage that the main DPS deals.

Playing with a hypercarry is always fun; it’s satisfying to see how high you can get the character’s damage, especially when you crit. This build for Wanderer is also a bit more relaxed, since you won’t need to worry much about getting an anemo damage bonus. The main focus is getting a high crit rate, crit damage, and attack. For a hypercarry team, it’s also a good idea to have well-built and high-level supports to boost damage even more.

Use this build if:

  • You enjoy extremely high damage dealt by one character
  • You have three well-built supports
  • Elemental reactions aren’t your top priority
  • Fighting pyro, hydro, cryo, or dendro enemies

Build Details:

  • Artifacts: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (2-piece), Emblem of Severed Fate (2-piece), Gladiator’s Finale (2-piece)
  • Stats/Substats: attack%, crit rate, crit damage
  • Weapon:  Tullaytallah’s Remembrance, Skyward Atlas, Solar Pearl
  • Talent level priority ranked: skill, normal, burst
  • Potential team comp: Wanderer, Faruzan, Xiangling, Thoma


3) Healer Build

The Prototype Amber healing weapon

Not all players know that any catalyst character can be used as a healer if they use the Prototype Amber weapon. This weapon makes characters heal a percentage of all the team's health when they use their burst.

Making a character a healer requires a bit of patience and a lot of artifact farming to find exactly what you want. Since the higher the character’s health, the more they will heal. It’s fun to see how much you can heal with a character that isn’t exactly meant to be a healer, which can be a lot of fun.

Use this build if:

  • You want to make your own healer
  • You have the time to farm artifacts
  • You want Wanderer on your team with another DPS
  • Fighting dendro, pyro, cryo, hydro, or geo enemies

Build Details:

  • Artifacts: Desert Pavilion Chronicles (2-piece), Vourukasha’s Glow (2-piece), Tenacity of the Milelith (2-piece)
  • Stats/Substats: HP%, energy recharge
  • Weapon: Prototype Amber
  • Potential team comp: Childe, Nahida, Xiangling, Wanderer

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