Genshin Impact Best Support Tier List (1.6)

Genshin Impact Best Support

Every character in Genshin Impact is very powerful and useful on its own. However, some characters perform better when used for a certain Role. In this guide, we will rank the best Characters that perform well in the Support Role. Support characters are characters that can provide supplemental effects to your team. They can give offensive buffs which boost the overall damage of your team, or they can aid defensively by providing shields and healings.


Here are the ranks we used:

  • OP = characters that are broken (in a positive way) in the current version
  • S = top-performing Support characters
  • A = good Support characters that can provide utility and healing to the team
  • B = pretty decent as a Support, but they can be outperformed by others for this role
  • C = can be used as a Support but is probably better for other roles




Zhongli's shield is indestructible and gives Resistance Reduction to surrounding enemies. Zhongli is efficient at triggering Crystallize Reactions - giving additional shields for his allies. His Elemental Burst also petrifies enemies in a large area. He can also create Stone Steele that can be used for exploration or blocking projectile attacks.
Venti is a good CC character. His Elemental Burst can group multiple enemies for a long duration. If equipped with Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set, Venti can decrease the Resistance of enemies to the Swirled Element. Venti's Elemental Skill is also useful for exploration.




Bennett can create an Inspirational Field using his Elemental Burst. Inside the field, allies will be healed if their HP is below 70%. If their HP is above 70% they will gain Attack Bonus instead. If Bennett's 1st Constellation is unlocked, the HP requirement for the Attack Bonus will be negated.
Diona can provide all the supporting tools to her team. She can shield her allies repeatedly with her Elemental Skill. Her Elemental Burst creates a field that heals allies and damages enemies inside the AOE. At full Constellations, Diona can also provide Elemental Mastery buff to her allies.
Jean is a reliable Healer. Her Elemental Burst can instantly heal her allies upon activation. Her Elemental Burst also leaves a field that provides healing over time. She can also heal her allies by performing Normal Attacks.
Sucrose has a good CC potential. Almost all of her abilities have Crowd Controlling effects on the enemies. Sucrose can also provide constant Elemental Mastery Buff for her allies. 
Kazuha can boost the Elemental Damage of his allies by triggering Swirl Reactions with his Elemental Skill. If his 2nd Constellation is unlocked, the field created by his Elemental Burst provides Elemental Mastery Bonus to allies inside it. Kazuha can also serve as an Energy "battery" for his allies.
Mona is very good at applying Crowd Control effects to enemies. Mona's Elemental Burst also applies a debuff to affected enemies. Attacks performed on the debuffed enemies will be boosted.

Albedo is very good at triggering repeated Crystallize Reactions. His Elemental Burst can give Elemental Mastery Bonus to his allies whenever he uses it. Albedo's Solar Isotoma can also elevate allies stepping on it - making it a great tool for exploration.




Qiqi can provide continuous healing for herself and her allies if her Elemental Skill is active. Qiqi's Elemental Burst marks enemies with Fortune-Preserving Talisman. Allies will be healed if they hit an enemy with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman.
Barabara can provide constant healing with her Elemental Skill. She can also heal her allies by performing Normal Attacks or Charge Attacks when her Elemental Skill is in effect. Her Elemental Burst gives instant healing to allies upon activation.
Xingqiu's Elemental Skill creates Rainswords that will revolve around the active character. Each Rainsword provides Damage Reduction and heals the character when they disappear.
Tartaglia has a Passive Talent that increases the level of the Normal Attack of his allies.




Chongyun's Elemental Skill imbues Cryo Element to the weapons of his allies inside the field. Allies that use Claymore, Sword, or Polearm will have an increased Attack Speed if they are in the field created by Chongyun.

Noelle can give shields to her allies by using her Elemental Skill. She can also heal her allies by performing Normal Attacks while under the effect of her Elemental Skill.

Rosaria's Elemental Burst can give a Crit Rate Bonus to her allies. At full Constellation, Rosaria's Burst decreases the Physical Resistance of enemies.
Xinyan can create shields using her Elemental Skill. Allies shielded by Xinyan's Elemental Skill will have their Physical Damage increased.




Ningguang can create a Jade Screen using her Elemental Skill. The Jade Screen provides protection by blocking enemy projectile attacks. She can also trigger Crystallize Reactions and can give Geo Damage Buff.
Lisa can debuff enemies to lower their defenses.
Traveler (Geo)
Geo traveler can trigger Crystallize Reactions which provide additional shields for his/ her allies. His/ her Elemental Skill also creates a Geo Construct that can be useful for reaching high areas.
Traveler (Anemo)
When equipped with Viridescent Venerer Set, Anemo traveler can give Elemental Resistance Debuff to enemies by triggering Swirl Reactions.
Amber's Baron Bunny can provide crowd control by taunting enemies. If her 6th Constellation is unlocked, Amber's Elemental Burst will give Movement Speed and Attack Increase to the party.


We hope that this list helps you in choosing the best Support characters for your team. If you have comments or suggestions, please leave them below. We will be glad to know your insights.

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