[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Damage Dealers That Are Powerful!

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If you need a good damage dealer in your team, this is your place! We'll tell you the best ones!

In Genshin Impact, you can have lots of playstyles for different characters even if all of them use the same weapon.

Damage Dealers characters are one of the most popular ones since they’re a must in your team and you’ll have one at any time because everyone likes to see high numbers when defeating enemies. These characters are perfect for that!  Let's start!


Mona spends her time looking at the stars in Mondstat while she tries to avoid her masters after unwittingly reading the latter’s diary. She’s a Hydro Catalyst character used as a DPS or as a support, whatever you want.

If her looks didn’t convince you to reroll for her, don’t worry, we will convince you.

What Makes Mona Great for Damage:

  • Her Elemental Skill periodically deals AoE Hydro DMG, making it easier to deal Elemental Reactions such as Frozen or Vaporize.
  • Mona’s Elemental Burst deals AoE Hydro DMG and increases all party members’ DMG for a while. This is really useful when you have other Elemental Bursts ready since they will do more DMG.
  • She has a special way to sprint: Mona cloaks herself within the water’s flow. This can be useful to apply Wet status to nearby opponents, but it’s really difficult to explore Teyvat with her since you can’t go through some paths with her.


Jean, our beloved Acting Grand Master of the Knives of Favonius, is always busy protecting Mondstat and looking that beautiful. She’s an Anemo Sword character that can work as a healer and as a DPS, but I personally use her as the first choice.

She’s really good as a healer and as a DPS, so it’s really understandable if you want to reroll for her. However, not everything is amazing about her since perfect characters don’t exist (except Zhongli, of course).

What Makes Jean Great for Damage:

  • Jean, with her basic attacks, has a 50% chance to regenerate HP equal to 15% of her DMG for all party members.
  • Her Elemental Skill releases a miniature storm launching opponents in the direction she aims at. This deals Anemo DMG.
  • Her Elemental Burst periodically deals  AoE Anemo DMG and heals all party members at the same time. 
  • Even if she’s supposed to be a healer I just consider her Elemental Burst as her only healer ability since she doesn’t regenerate HP with all her attacks. Jean’s kit isn’t full healer or full DPS, which can make her incomplete. 


Naganohara Ryuunosuke’s daughter and the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks, Yoimiya is beloved by everyone in Inazuma. With her fireworks and her outgoing personality, she’s here to make all of us fall in love with her.

She’s the only Pyro Bow character besides Amber and her kit can be described as something new but kind of boring, since her skills don't have anything special. 

Also, to have more utility and make more DMG she needs to do Elemental Reactions with Hydro or Cryo support, so she can’t show all her potential on her own.

What Makes Yoimiya Great for Damage:

  • Her charged attack generates 3 Kindling Arrows at level 2 that will home in on nearby opponents.
  • Her Elemental Skill converted her basic attacks to Blazing Arrows, increasing her DMG and dealing Pyro DMG.
  • Her Elemental Burst deals AoE Pyro DMG, marks one opponent and if you hit them with any other character it will trigger an explosion, dealing more AoE Pyro DMG.


Xiao is an Adeptus, whose original name is Alatus, and the only known remaining member of the five Yakshas dispatched by Morax (or Zhongli). He resides in Wangshu Inn and loves food.

He’s an Anemo Polearm character and his role is DPS. Xiao is also one of the best Genshin Impact’s DPS, alongside Hu Tao, Ayaka, or Ganyu.

What Makes Xiao Great for Damage:

  • Xiao lunges forward with his Elemental Skill and deals Anemo DMG to opponents in his path. It can be used in mid-air.
  • His Elemental Burst increases his jumping ability, his attack AoE and DMG, and converts attack DMG into Anemo DMG.
  • Xiao’s mysterious aura and his desire to protect people from demons make him a great male character. He can be too emo sometimes, but that’s a part of his charms.

6.Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, located in Liyue Harbor. At first glance, Hu Tao appears to be a quirky and cheerful girl. She enjoys pranking people and despises sitting around and doing nothing, as she wishes to live her life to the fullest.

Her eccentric and off-the-wall personality often leaves people with a negative impression of her, especially Qiqi, who states that she has a "punchable face" and should be stored in the fridge. In contrast, Xiao enjoys her sense of humor, finding it irritating but interesting.

What Makes Hu Tao Great for Damage:

  • She’s one of the best DPS in the game since she deals a lot of DMG with her Normal Attacks, even if she needs a little help from her Skill. 
  • When she uses her Elemental Skill, she deals Pyro DMG with her Normal Attacks, so she’ll deal even more DMG.
  • If you use characters as Xingqiu or Yenlan in your team that increase Hu Tao’s DMG, she’ll deal more. Vaporize is one of the best Elemental Reactions for Pyro characters.

5.Kaedehara Kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha is a wandering samurai of the once-famed Kaedehara Clan and a temporary crewmember of The Crux. He’s a really good friend to Beidou and he usually travels on her ship to visit Liyue.

He’s an Anemo Sword character whose main role is support, but some people use him as a DPS, can you believe it? They’re insane. 

What Makes Kaedehara Kazuha Great For Damage:

  • Kazuha’s Elemental Skill deals AoE Anemo DMG and lifts him into the air.
  • If you’re in the air after you use his Elemental Skill and use a plunging attack, you’ll deal Anemo DMG again.
  • Kazuha’s Elemental Burst summons Autumn Whirlwind and deals a lot of AoE Anemo DMG. If it comes into contact with other elements (except Geo), it’ll deal additional elemental DMG of that type.


Ganyu is our favorite half-adepti, the one that serves as emissary and secretary of the Liyue Qixin (Seven Stars of Liyue).

Even if her father was human and her mother was an adepti, Ganyu isn’t an adepti or human, she’s something more special than that. Like Xiao once said, “Ganyu is Ganyu”. And he couldn’t be more right.

What Makes Ganyu Great for Damage:

  • Her charged attacks deal Cryo DMG, but at level 2 she fires off a Frostflake Arrow that blooms after hitting an enemy, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.
  • Her DMG escalates really well, turning her into one of the best DPS of the game even if she’s a Bow carrier. I mean, she can one-shot Timmy’s birds, that’s pretty impressive.
  • Ganyu’s Elemental Skill leaves an Ice Lotus behind dealing AoE Cryo DMG. When she uses it, she dashes backward.
  • Her Elemental Burst summons a Sacred Cryo Pearl that will continuously rain down shards of ice dealing AoE Cryo DMG. 
  • She can be a really good DPS, but her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst turn her into an amazing support too. These abilities deal AoE Cryo DMG simplifying the use of Elemental Reactions with other characters, like Frozen or Melt.

3.Kamisato Ayaka

She is the oldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan and the younger sister of Kamisato Ayato. Being beautiful, elegant, and graceful, the common folk have nothing to bad-mouth Ayaka about.

Because of her social status as the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission and as the Shirasagi Himegimi, Ayaka is seen as a model of perfection.

What Makes Kamisato Ayaka Great for Damage:

  • Ayaka deals a lot of DMG with her Normal Attacks, but she has something special: when she stops running, she deals Cryo DMG with her Normal Attacks!
  • She also deals a lot of DMG with her Elemental Skill and Burst, but most of her DMG is from her Normal Attacks.
  • If you use characters as Xingqiu or Yenlan in your team that increase Ayaka’s DMG, she’ll deal more. Frozen is one of the best Elemental Reactions for Pyro characters.


Our best shield character couldn’t be other than Zhongli, the Geo Archon, and the consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. He works alongside Hu Tao, two characters that charmed our hearts since the first time. Do you think it is destiny?

Zhongli is a Polearm user and, in my opinion, he’s so broken as a shielder and as a Burst character. Why? Well…

What Makes Zhongli Great for Damage:

  • When you hold, Zhongli's Elemental Skill creates a shield that absorbs DMG based on Zhongli’s Mx HP. It deals AoE Geo DMG too.
  • His Elemental Skill can create a Stone Stele that causes AoE Geo DMG too.
  • When enemies are affected by his Elemental Burst, if you hold his Elemental Skill they will explode. Also, his Elemental Burst deals a lot of AoE DMG based on Zhongli’s HP, so you can easily do 300k DMG to an enemy.

1.Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is the vessel of Beelzebul, the current Electro Archong of Inazuma, and meditates inside the Plane of Euthymia while letting her puppet control the daily affairs of the nation. Yes, we know, Hoyoverse really gave her best with this lore.

This puppet follows a set of directives programmed into her. The Shogun is cold and stern in personality while Ei, her true identity, is kind and joyful.

What Makes Raiden Shogun Great for Damage:

  • Raiden Shogun deals a really good DMG with her Normal Attacks even if they don’t deal Electro DMG if you don’t use your Elemental Burst first. When you use her Skill, her DMG increases a lot.
  • Even if you build her as a support, she’ll deal a lot of DMG with her Normal Attacks. If you cast her Burst, her Normal Attacks will deal Electro DMG for a short time period, but it’s enough to defeat everyone.
  • If you use characters such as Yelan or Xingqiu in your team, you’ll deal more DMG when you use her Burst, since you’ll apply Elemental Reactions.

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