[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Eula Builds

Genshin Impact Best Eula Builds
"Vengeance will be mine!"

The captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company, also a descendant of the infamous Lawrence Clan, Eula Lawrence is one of the highest burst-damage dealing characters in Genshin Impact. Some even consider her the best when it comes to defeating enemies with huge HP pools. Eula is a monster in the Spiral Abyss and this list’s main goal is to help her have her vengeance.

Eula was available in the featured character banner during patch 1.5, right after Zhongli’s banner. A lot of people pulled for her because of her alleged high burst damage, and she did not disappoint. She even exceeds some people’s expectations because free-to-play players are still able to deal massive damage.

If you want to fully utilize Eula’s potential, you should first settle what artifacts you should be using for her. Some people want to have the easy 50% Physical  Damage Bonus and want to go 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry and 2-piece Pale Flame. This is great since there’s no mechanic required to have the bonus and you’d be able to deliver a consistent amount of damage every time. This is what most Eula users with zero constellations use.

However, it’s still better to use a 4-piece Pale Flame on Eula since the artifact’s passive is tailored for Eula, especially when you are at constellation 2. The passive requires you to hit 2 opponents with your Elemental Skill with at least a 0.3-second interval to gain a 100% increase to the 25% Physical Damage bonus, as well as an additional 18% attack bonus. This is still possible to do even with zero constellation Eula because Pale Flame’s stacks last for 7 seconds and the cooldown after tapping Eula’s Elemental Skill is only 4 seconds, meaning you can still obtain and refresh stacks.

With the artifacts out of the way, let’s now discuss the weapons you should be using for Eula. This list will contain both free-to-play weapons and weapons that are obtainable through the gacha system.


5. Snow-tombed Starsilver

Eula obliterates the Primo Geovishap with Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

When it comes to free-to-play weapons, Snow-tombed Starsilver is one of the best options for Eula.    Not only is it obtainable by spending no resources, but it also boosts Eula’s overall damage output. 

What Snow-tombed Starsilver excels in:

Has a base attack that is higher than average.

  • Gives Physical Damage Bonus sub stat.
  • Weapon passive suits a Cryo element character.
  • Free-to-play, obtained by completing puzzles in-game.

Dragonspine was released in December of 2020 and it sure brought us, the players, a lot of content to enjoy. There were loads of Primogems, a whole new set of puzzles, and a lot of free wishes through the Frostbearing Tree. However, the biggest reward that players can get is a weapon obtainable by lighting up the seven ancient writing near the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine – the Snow-tombed Starsilver.

Snow-tombed Starsilver was first mainly used by Razor, then Eula came. Eula being a Cryo Claymore user is the ideal holder of this weapon since the weapon’s passive gives your normal and charged attacks to generate an icicle to fall on the enemy and deal 80% to 140% Physical Damage, based on refinement rank. If the enemy is affected by cryo when the icicle fell, the Physical Damage dealt would ramp up to 200% at refinement rank 1 and 360% at refinement rank 5. 

This weapon gives a 565 base attack stat and 34.5% Physical Damage Bonus sub stat. For a weapon obtainable without spending any in-game resources or currency, this weapon offers a high base attack among the 4-star Claymore weapons. This weapon is also the only 4-star claymore to offer Physical Damage Sub stat. If you have Eula and no other weapon for her yet, this may be your go-to weapon for her.

Build Details: 

  • This weapon gives Physical Damage Bonus for the sub-stats, meaning you won’t have much ease in farming for her artifacts.
  • It’s a good idea to use a circlet with Crit-rate main stat with a Crit-damage sub-stat.
  • For other artifact pieces, use Sands with Attack Percentage main-stat and a Goblet with Physical Damage Bonus.  Choosing artifact pieces with crit and attack stats is a good choice, just pray to the Archons that you’ll get good rolls.
  • Aim for at least 50% crit-rate and 150% crit-damage, the crit-damage is easier to achieve because of Eula’s ascension stat bonus.


4. Serpent Spine

Eula testing her damage in the Spiral Abyss and the Primo Geovishap using the Serpent Spine

Serpent Spine is a great option for low spenders who can afford to buy the paid battle pass. Having a weapon that gives you a crit rate for sub stat will help ease your experience when farming for artifacts.

What Serpent Spine Excels in:

  • Gives a Critical Rate sub-stat.
  • Increases attack by staying on the field.
  • Easily obtained through the paid battle pass.

Eula receives crit damage stat whenever she changes phases through ascension. Therefore, equipping her with something that helps her guarantee the release of her precious crit damage is something that you, as a Eula user should aim for. Using this weapon will also either increase your damage output (assuming you’re able to attain godly artifact rolls) or help you farm for artifacts easier (if you want decent stats and weren’t able to get godly rolls with your artifacts).

This weapon will also increase Eula’s attack by 6% to 10%, based on the refinement rank, for every 4 seconds she spent on the field, this effect stacks up to 5 times. Meaning, you’ll be able to get a total of 30% attack boost at refinement rank 1, and at refinement rank 5, you’ll get a total of 50% attack boost. The only thing that stops most people from using this weapon is that your defense also gets decreased by 3% at refinement rank 1, and 2% at refinement rank 5. The defense decrease has the same stack limit and time as the attack increase.

Getting hit by an opponent will also make you lose 1 stack, but as they say, “They can’t hit you if you kill them first”. Jokes aside, this effect can easily be fixed by having a good shield generating character. The ideal unit is Zhongli, if you don’t have him, Diona might also be able to do the job since Cryo resonance gives you more crit rate. Another option for a shield user is Xinyan since she boosts the physical damage of those protected by her shield. 

Beidou may also be an option if you have her 1st constellation because her shield is generated by her Elemental Burst and she is an Electro character, which means they can proc superconduct which decreases the physical resistance of enemies. Lastly, Noelle is a great option if you want to play defensively since she’s free and her shield is stronger than the above-mentioned characters (except Zhongli’s, of course).

Build Details:

  • Considering the fact that this weapon gives 27.6% crit-rate, it’s a good idea to go for a Circlet with crit-damage main-stat. Of course, having crit-rate sub-stats is also a must.
  • You’d probably want to have crit-stats and attack stats for artifacts sub-stats. Other main-stats for artifact pieces that you’d want are Attack Percentage and Physical Damage Bonus for Sands and Goblet respectively.
  • For consistent damage, try to aim for 1:2 crit-stats, 1:3 is also good. Take note that crit-rate must be above 50% to deal crit-damage most of the time - which will be pretty easy due to this weapon’s sub-stat.


3. Skyward Pride

Eula dealing huge damage to the Primo Geovishap with Skyward Pride

A 5-star weapon available in the standard banner which you might’ve also gotten from pulling a featured 5-star weapon, Skyward Pride is one of the 5-star claymores that would be great for Eula.

What Skyward Pride Excels in:

Has a high base attack.

  • Gives Energy Recharge which Eula needs.
  • Using Elemental Burst activates vacuum blades that scale of Physical Damage.
  • Enhances overall damage.

It’s no secret that Eula has problems with her Energy Recharge since her Elemental Burst costs 80 energy. This can easily be fixed by using a battery character (someone who generates energy for you) such as Diona or giving her an Energy Recharge boost. Well, you can also do both, and Skyward Pride will help you build a Eula that deals a little less burst damage but has high uptime on her Elemental Burst.

Skyward Pride gives Eula a 608 base attack and 36.8% energy recharge at level 90. The weapon’s passive has two effects. The first one is the 8% to 16% attack boost on all sources, based on the refinement rank of the weapon. The second one allows you to deal more physical damage by using her Elemental Burst through vacuum blades which deal 80% at refinement rank 1, and 160% at refinement rank 2. The second passive has a duration of 20 seconds, or until the character using the weapon attacked and hit an enemy 8 times.

I am using this weapon since I have no other good weapons on her, and I can say that despite having a slightly hard time farming for artifacts (since my artifacts don’t give much crit rate), she still does a lot of damage, and can do it more often and consistently.

Build Details:

  • Similar to Snow-Tombed Starsilver, you won’t have an easy time farming for Eula’s artifacts with this weapon. However, the Energy Recharge sub-stat and high base-attack is what you really want from this weapon.
  • For artifacts, the usual Attack Percentage main-stat for Sands and Physical Damage Bonus main-stat for Goblet are recommended. You’d also want to have as many crit-sub-stats as possible.
  • For her Circlet, you’d have to choose between a Crit-damage or a Crit-rate main-stat with the sub-stat of the other. The easiest option here is to go with Crit-rate due to Eula’s ascension passive stat bonus. 


2. The Unforged/Wolf’s Gravestone

The Unforged and Wolf’s Gravestone are two often compared claymores since they have the same base attack, which is 608, as well as a sub stat that gives 49.6% attack sub stat. This section of the list hopes to help you decide what to use on Eula (assuming you have both of them), or convince you to use one of these and pull for them.

Eula using The Unforged to defeat the Primo Geovishap

The above above didn’t show the builds that the player runs on Eula, but it is confirmed that he is using The Unforged. Now that we’ve seen how much damage The Unforged can deal, let’s discuss the great things about it.

What The Unforged Excels in:

  • Gives a High Base attack. 
  • Enhances attack through sub stat.
  • Increases attack on-hit.
  • Increases shield strength and increase attack further when protected by a shield.

If you want to use Eula for the abyss (and we know you do), it’s a great idea to have at least one shield generator on her party. The greatest options here are either Zhongli or Diona, for more consistent crits due to cryo resonance, or for defense shred to enemies provided by Zhongli’s shield. This weapon increases shield strength for the user, it also increases Eula’s attack by 4% per stack at refinement rank 1, and 8% per stack at refinement rank 5.

This effect can stack up to 5 times and has a duration of 8 seconds. Being protected by a shield will double these numbers. Meaning if you’re not protected by a shield, you’d get a total of 20% or 40% attack boost based on refinement rank. However, if you are protected by a shield, you’d get between 40% to 80% attack damage, also depending on the refinement rank.

Build Details:

  • Like Skyward Pride and Snow-Tombed Starsilver, farming for artifacts with this weapon will be quite hard, but the Attack stats that this weapon will provide you will help you a lot.
  • For artifacts, the usual Attack Percentage main-stat for Sands and Physical Damage Bonus main-stat for Goblet are recommended. You’d also want to have as many crit-sub-stats as possible.
  • For her Circlet, you’d have to choose between a Crit-damage or a Crit-rate main-stat with the sub-stat of the other. The easiest option here is to go with Crit-rate due to Eula’s ascension passive stat bonus. 


Eula puts the Primo Geovishap in its grave using the Wolf's Gravestone

While The Unforged is played a little bit defensively to do more offense, this weapon gives you a huge boost in offense through attack stats.

What Wolf’s Gravestone Excels in:

  • Has a high base attack.
  • Gives attack sub stat.
  • The passive also grants attack stats.
  • Attacking low-health enemies increases attack further, applies to the whole party.

As mentioned earlier, Wolf’s Gravestone and The Unforged give you the same base stats and sub-stats. The only difference lies within their passive. This weapon automatically gives you another 20% attack at refinement rank 1 and 40% attack stat at refinement rank 5. The passive will give Eula, as well as all the characters in the party, another 40% attack boost at refinement 1 and 80% at refinement 5. The condition to proc this passive is that you have to hit an enemy with less than 30% health.

This passive might be hard to proc on Eula (since she almost kills every enemy with a few strikes). A workaround for this problem is getting an enemy low first until you have activated the passive and now focus on the ”leader” enemy. This weapon’s passive may also be used against enemies with massive HP pools. Examples of the mentioned massive enemies are Azhdaha and  Primo Geovishap. Both The Unforged and Wolf’s Gravestone have their pros and cons. It is now at your disposal which weapon suits your playstyle.

Build Details: 

  • Weapons with Attack Percentage sub-stats are generally good for all characters but lack the crit-stats that most DPS need. Nevertheless, Wolf’s Gravestone will give Eula a huge attack stat boost.
  • For artifacts, the usual Attack Percentage main-stat for Sands and Physical Damage Bonus main-stat for Goblet are recommended. You’d also want to have as many crit-sub-stats as possible.
  • For her Circlet, the easiest option is to go with Crit-rate main-stat due to Eula’s ascension passive stat bonus. 


1. Song of Broken Pines

Eula breaks the game with Song of Broken Pines

Song of Broken Pines is tailored to be used by Eula and is her best-in-slot weapon. This weapon together with Eula’s signature artifact set – the 4-piece Pale Flame will create a Eula that is capable of dealing monstrous damage to enemies.

What Song of Broken Pines Excels in:

  • Has the highest base attack among all claymores.
  • Has a Physical Damage Bonus sub-stat.
  • Passive increases attack.
  • Increases Attack Speed and attack when a certain requirement is met.

First and foremost, this weapon has the highest base attack among every weapon in this list, as well as every weapon in-game, which comes at 741. This weapon also gives Eula a 20.7% physical damage bonus. The passive is quite long if you read it in-game since it has a lot of effects. First, it gives the user a 16% to 32% (based on refinement rank) attack automatically just by equipping it. You’ll receive a “Sigil of Whisper” whenever your attacks hit an enemy and possessing 4 of them consumes them. 

Once the Sigils are consumed, the user receives 12% to 24% attack speed, at refinement rank 1 and refinement rank 5 respectively. This attack speed boost is helpful for Eula since her Elemental Burst’s damage scales off of how many stacks you can obtain through attacking. Other than the attack speed boost, the user also receives 20% attack at refinement rank 1 and 40% attack at refinement rank 5. Being able to receive all these buffs and reaching maximum stacks of her Elemental Burst will create a Spiral Abyss destroyer, Eula.

Build Details:

  • As mentioned before, having a weapon that gives no crit-stats will make artifact farming hard, but this weapon’s base attack compensates that loss.
  • For artifacts, the usual Attack Percentage main-stat for Sands and Physical Damage Bonus main-stat for Goblet are recommended. You’d also want to have as many crit-sub-stats as possible.
  • For her Circlet, the easiest option is to go with Crit-rate main-stat due to Eula’s ascension passive stat bonus. Achieving 1:2 or 1:3 crit-stat ratio is an amazing feat and will turn your Eula into an Abyss Destroyer.


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