[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Characters Against Electro

Spoiler Alert: It's not Electro Characters

The most annoying enemies are Electro variants, so find out who you can use to deal with them. 

Elements are a huge aspect of Genshin Impact. In the game, seven elements exist known as Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, Anemo, Geo, and Dendro. Each of them represents Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Geo, and Nature or Wood, respectively, and a domain in the vast world of Teyvat.

Certain people in this world can use one of these elements in battle due to Visions, which are external apparatuses that allow them to wield a particular element. However, elemental abilities are not just seen in the playable characters but also in the opponents.

As such, Elements are also vital in battle due to Elemental Reactions. If you want to deal devastating damage to your foes, your best shot would be combining two elements by using a character to apply an element and swapping to another to trigger a reaction.

However, this is a different story altogether if the opponent already harnesses the power of one of the seven elements. All of the attacks against these types of enemies will produce a reaction based on the element it possesses.

For Electro enemies, the elements that can create an offensive reaction with them are Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, and Anemo. Depending on the combination, this will result in Overload, Superconduct, Electro-charged, and Swirl. Combining Electro with Geo will simply create a defensive reaction known as Crystalize, which will generate a shield.

Here are some of the characters you should use against enemies capable of generating Electro Shields or constructs.

5. Xiangling

The knockback from an Overcharge reaction during Xiangling’s burst can be annoying when battling multiple Electro slimes

Summoning Guoba with Xiangling’s Elemental Skill is enough to proc Overcharge. However, her Elemental Burst is much better when getting wide and consistent Elemental Reactions, as all of her hits will guarantee Overcharge with nearby Electro enemies.

However, you need to remember that Overcharge will cause an explosion and knockback enemies. If they aren’t killed within one shot, you’ll need to chase them around.

What makes Xiangling Great Against Electro

  • Causes Overload
  • Wide and Consistent Pyro Attacks

See Xiangling in Action:

4. Klee

Klee can hit enemies from a distance, so you don’t have to worry about knockback

If you enjoy explosions as much as Klee, you’ll enjoy using her attacks against Electro opponents. Klee is already a very powerful Pyro character with a high damage ceiling, which allows her to dish out tons of damage. But what makes her a character you’d want when fighting an Electro opponent is her ability to proc Pyro continuously.

All of Klee’s attacks are imbued with Pyro, which makes it easier to create Overcharged damage. This Elemental Reaction can cause an AoE explosion that also deals Pyro DMG. Her Burst, in particular, will proc Pyro one after another.

What makes Klee Great Against Electro:

  • Causes Overload
  • All Attacks apply Pyro for consistent Elemental Reactions

See Klee in Action: 

3. Shenhe

Add another Cryo character to Shenhe’s team for a better Electro Resistance

Even as one of the newest characters, Shenhe is considered a great Cryo Damage Dealer. Depending on how you use her Elemental Skill, she can either deal Cryo DMG to opponents along her path or deal AoE Cryo DMG. It will also grant party members the Icy Quill effect, which will increase any Cryo Damage Dealing attacks based on Shenhe’s ATK.

When her Elemental Burst is activated, she will unleash a Talisman Spirit that deals AoE Cryo DMG. This will make her an asset against Electro enemies. Not only will the Cryo DMG from her burst create a Supercharge reaction, but you’ll also take advantage of her Talisman Spirit’s ability to lower your opponent’s Cryo and Physical Res.

However, Shenhe needs to be in a team of Physical DMG or Cryo characters to truly shine. You can use this to your advantage, as having two Cryo characters in the group will result in the Elemental Resonance, Shattering Ice. This lessens the time affected by Electro by 40%. Shattering Ice also increases the CRIT Rate by 15% against Frozen enemies or affected by Cryo.

What makes Shenhe Great Against Electro:

  • Causes Superconduct
  • Further Lowers the Cryo and Physical Res of Opponents
  • Works best with other Cryo characters, creating the Elemental Resonance, Shattering Ice.

See Shenhe in Action: 

2. Ayaka

Ayaka is best for fighting multiple Cryo enemies and Electro shields

As a Cryo user, Ayaka’s Elemental skill and burst will be effective in taking down Electro enemies. Using her elemental abilities against Electro will result in Supercharge, which will reduce their physical damage resistance.

Her Elemental skill can also further power her attack damage. So, you can maximize Ayaka’s damage when you combine her already high percentage Normal attack, boost from the skill, and the enemies lower Physical Damage Resistance from the Supercharge caused by her skill hitting

Additionally, Ayaka can summon a powerful wave of Icy Wind with her Elemental Burst. This can deal multiple bouts of Cryo damage to enemies on its path. If you have a Hydro user in your team, you can combine their skill with Ayaka’s burst to continuously inflict Freeze on them. This will also be effective in destroying Electro shields as this won’t phase through them, taking down those shields in one attack.  

What makes Ayaka Great Against Electro:

  • Causes Superconduct
  • Can easily take down Electro Shields
  • Elemental burst for multiple enemies

See Ayaka in Action: 

1. Ganyu

Ganyu is always the solution

Like most Cryo characters, Ganyu can also cause Supercharge with attacks imbued with Cryo, like her Charge Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. However, Ganyu is one of the few characters that can deal tons of damage without using her Elemental Skill and Burst. Not only do her Charge attacks deal powerful Cryo AoE attacks, but also increase its CRIT Rate from the second shot.

Ganyu will also be useful for a mob of Electro enemies, like Electro slimes. Her Elemental Skill will summon a frozen flower that would attract opponents and deal powerful AoE Cryo DMG, affecting more enemies with Supercharge. Ganyu’s Elemental Burst has an even wider reach and can inflict a more consistent Cryo damage.  

What makes Ganyu Great Against Electro:

  • Can cause Supercharge with just Charged Attacks
  • Elemental Skill and Burst are suitable for multiple enemies

See Ganyu in Action: 


Hydro and Anemo characters wouldn’t be advisable against most Electro enemies. While their attacks can lead to Electro-charge and Swirl reactions, these will only spread and double Electro DMG. Most Electro opponents are immune to Electro, so doubling Electro DMG will not be effective.

When battling Electro enemies, always go for a Pyro or Cryo character, as these are the most effective in taking them down. While some would say that Pyro characters will perform better, I find fighting Electro enemies with Cryo characters easier. However, as with any character, it all comes down to your build.

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