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In the world of Genshin Impact, a select few individuals are granted the power to harness one of the seven elements and use them in battle. Among them is the Geo element, which can give the ability to resonate with the element. 

Unlike most elements, Geo has the unique attribute of causing defensive elemental reactions. It doesn’t cause damage after coming into contact with another element. Instead, it results in a Crystallize effect that creates a shield against enemies. As such, they don’t rely on builds that would boost their elemental mastery. 

Despite that, Geo characters remain powerful due to their bare attacks and skills. At most, they also serve as excellent support characters that can help your team leave the battle unscathed. 

If you’re considering one for your team, take a look at some of the best Geo Vision wielders with their unique abilities and strengths.

5. Ningguang

She’s ready to drop her Jade Chamber on any ancient god. 

Rarity: Four-star

Weapon: Catalyst

Bonus Stat: Geo Damage Bonus 

The owner of the Jade Chamber that floats above Liyue is known for her calculating and business-driven nature, ideal characteristics to thrive in the city of contracts. As the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang is responsible for upholding the laws laid down by the Geo Archon and ensuring it aligns with Liyue’s current societal needs. 

In battle, the Lady of the Jade Chamber can deal high amounts of damage to a single target. You can use her Normal Attacks to fire projectiles that deal Geo Damage and give one Star Jade upon impact. The Star Jades will be unleashed during Charged Attacks and cause extra damage. Her Normal and Charged attacks can also break enemy shields and pillars.

While her Normal and Charged Attacks will home in towards targets, it’s a bit of a hit-or-miss for both enemy and non-enemy targets. Ningguang’s projectile could miss if an enemy target is too far or moves away too quickly. It can also miss non-threatening targets like foxes when they’re below her firing height. 

But don’t let this bother you too much. Auto-aim still has its flaws that the game devs need to work out. Bow users often miss their targets with their Normal Attacks. Even character companions or familiars like Oz and Guoba also don’t have a good auto-aim. You can get used to estimating how to get Ningguang to land her attacks as you use her more. 

When her Elemental Skill is used, Ningguang will create a Jade Screen that deals AoE Geo Damage. This Geo Construct will block any projectile coming from opponents for 30 seconds if it’s not destroyed first. Once it hits a target, it will generate three elemental particles. But with her second constellation, the Jade Screen will not produce any particles if the skill is used consecutively.

The Jade Screen is also an excellent buff for other party members, especially for other Geo characters. At level 60, Ningguang will activate her passive talent, allowing any character a 12% Geo DMG Bonus for ten seconds after passing through the Jade Screen. Meanwhile, activating her fourth constellation will add a 10% Elemental Resistance to characters near the screen.  

With her Elemental Burst, Ningguang will be firing many homing projectiles with massive Geo DMG at opponents. She would usually launch six fire gems, but the Jade Screen can add six more when it’s nearby. 

With Ningguang’s abilities and role in the story, it’s kind of strange that she would only be a four-star character, but this just means we stand a chance of pulling her from any banner or getting her in certain events. 

What Makes Ningguang Great for Geo

  • High Geo Burst Damage
  • Provides shield that blocks projectiles
  • Can increase the whole party’s Geo DMG
  • Lower-cost DPS character
  • Can use long-range attacks 
  • Buffs other Geo characters

4. Noelle 

She’s literally called the maid of all maids

Rarity: Four-star 

Weapon: Claymore

Bonus Stat: Defense 

The polite and dutiful maid of Mondstadt may seem like the typical maid to most onlookers, but there’s more to Noelle than meets the eye. Like most young people in the city, she dreams of joining the Knights of Favonius and trains to pass the rigorous selection trials. While she’s yet to reach her dreams, she’s just as reliable to have as support on the battlefield. 

Aside from the powerful strikes of her claymore, Noelle’s Elemental Skill can provide a shield that also deals Geo Damage to nearby opponents when summoned. This shield can protect your DPS from damage or Noelle from interruption during her attacks. There’s also a certain chance to heal your characters if she hits opponents with her Normal and Charged attacks while the shield is up. 

Noelle can also provide protection even if she’s not on the field. Add the reliable maid to your party once she reaches level 20, and you can benefit from her passive talent that automatically creates a shield for your active character once their HP falls below 30%. 

When her boost is activated, Noelle will strike enemies around her within a large AoE with Geo DMG. With her blade imbued with Geo DMG, spam your Normal ATK to keep applying Geo DMG to your enemies until the end of the duration. These attacks scale from DEF and are added to her flat ATK, so keeping her ATK and DEF balanced is key to making her powerful. 

What Makes Noelle Great for Geo

  • Naturally High Def 
  • Can provide a shield 
  • Elemental skill can heal the party

3. Albedo

Is this an Albedo imposter? Kinda sus. 

Rarity: Five-star 

Weapon: Sword

Bonus Stat: Geo Damage Bonus 

In the cold region of Dragonspine, the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius, Albedo, can be found conducting research and experiments about things that would pique his interest. He might seem mysterious and closed off, but he never hesitates to lend a helping hand. 

Albedo is an excellent character to have as a DPS. However, he excels more at supporting the team from off-field, swapping in as his skills become available before changing to another character. 

With his elemental skill, Solar Isotoma, Albedo can do a lot of AoE Geo Damage. When opponents within the Solar Isotoma take damage, it will generate Transient Blossom that creates the AoE Geo Damage. Transient Blossoms can also generate 1.2 Energy for Albedo once you’ve activated the first constellation. 

After reaching level 20, Albedo’s elemental skill can deal 25% more damage to opponents with below 50% HP. Solar Isotoma also doubles as an elevator that can lift characters to a certain height. Once you reach the top, you can deal plunge attacks, especially once you’ve activated his fourth constellation. With Descent of Divinity, all party members’ Plunge Attack Damage would increase by 30%. 

Casting Albedo’s elemental burst will deal AoE explosions scaling from his defense. If it’s cast while the Solar Isotoma is still on the field, his ult will also generate seven Fatal Blossoms that will track one enemy within its radius and explode while dealing an additional AoE Geo DMG. 

The Fatal Blossoms are guaranteed to hit seven enemies, but they will be randomly generated for less than seven opponents. This may or may not hit enemies, so make sure to gather all of them in one spot to maximize the damage. 

Both his skill and burst will trigger crystalized reactions, creating shields for all of your characters. If his sixth constellation is already activated, having a crystalized shield can even help increase the damage of his elemental skill by 17%.

What Makes Albedo Great for Geo

  • Short elemental skill cooldown
  • Low-cost elemental burst 
  • Provides consistent elemental mastery to the team
  • Can elevate characters for plunge attacks.

2. Zhongli

In terms of Mora, he has no Mora. 

Rarity: Five-Star 

Weapon: Polearm

Bonus Stat: Geo Damage Bonus

As immortal beings, the archons of the seven nations are always expected to be stronger than other playable characters in the game. It’s safe to say that the vessel of the Geo Archon, Zhongli, delivered. 

Since his release, Zhongli already went through two reruns, which caused excitement, especially those who weren’t fortunate enough from his previous banners. He’s a greatly desired character for being a fantastic shielder that can keep the team alive longer. 

Zhongli’s shield comes from his elemental skill. Holding his elemental skill will produce a shield with DMG Absorptions scaling off his Max HP. The shield can protect active characters from Elemental and Physical DMG and decrease any nearby opponent’s Elemental and Physical Resistance by 20%. 

However, this skills’ main feature is to create a Stone Steele, a Geo construct that can be climbed on and used to block attacks. The Stone Steele also deals AoE Geo DMG when summoned and will resonate with other nearby Geo constructs to deal additional Geo DMG to surrounding opponents. 

He makes a great teammate for other Geo characters with constructs such as Ningguang’s Jade Shield, Albedo’s Solar Isotoma, Itto’s Ushi, and the Geo Traveler’s Starfell Sword and Wakes of Earth. Forming a team with any of these characters will ensure you deal damage passively. 

With his Elemental Burst, Zhongli will bring a meteor to its opponents and deal massive Geo DMG within its AoE while applying Petrification for a few seconds. It has a low energy cost, and Stone Steele can generate more energy the more resonance hits the enemy, meaning you can use this skill frequently. 

His burst also gets better as you activate more constellations, not just because of its maximum upgrade. At Zhongli’s second constellation, the meteor would also generate a shield for all characters in the field, including other players in Co-Op Mode. Keep pulling until his fourth constellation, and his burst AoE will increase by 20%, and the Petrification status by two seconds. 

As of Version 2.5, Zhongli remains the best shielder in the game. With him around, you can guarantee that you’ll leave the battlefield unscathed. But remember that his shield still has its limitations. 

Even with the shield up, Cryo enemies can still freeze you. Like any shield, Zhongli’s shield can’t protect you against corrosion, so keep that in mind when you face up against any Rifthounds.

What Makes Zhongli Great for Geo

  • Low-cost Burst
  • Large AoE Geo Damage 
  • Provides the best shield in the game
  • Can petrify enemies 
  • Can help with exploration puzzles

1. Arataki Itto 

The Oni with the many self-proclaimed titles always aims to be number one. 

Rarity: Five-star

Weapon: Claymore

Bonus Stat: Crit Rate

Even before his release, the delinquent leader of the Arataki Gang in Inazuma, Arataki Itto, has caught the eye of many players for his feisty character and interesting personality. Itto is a descendant of an Oni who causes trouble for his pranks and hijinks in Inazuma. Interestingly, he’s the only playable character so far who had his vision taken away during the Vision Hunt Decree. 

After the battle with the Shogun, Itto got his vision back, which is fortunate because he is a character you would want on your team. Itto is such a great character because he already has a huge base Crit Rate as it can be upgraded upon character ascension. Crit Rate is already a difficult stat to get solely from artifacts, so having a higher base already makes things easier. 

Itto also has the advantage of being fast with his attacks. Claymore users have a bad rep of being slow, but who can blame them? Those weapons are hefty and difficult to lift. However, Itto can swing his weapon faster than most characters. 

After unlocking his first passive talent at level 20, each slash would increase the Attack Speed of the following by 10%, stacking it up to 30%. Using his Normal Attacks can also give him up to five stacks of Superlative Strength, which allows him to perform strong Charged Attacks that consume no stamina. When the final stack is consumed, Itto will deliver a more powerful attack. 

His elemental skill will allow him to throw Ushi, a young akaushi bull and the auxiliary member of the Arataki Gang. Ushi can’t attack. It simply taunts enemies and would flee once its HP reaches 0, or its duration ends. 

You can hurl it in a random direction to draw in surrounding opponents. Another option would be adjusting the angle to your target to deal Geo DMG upon impact. If Ushi hits an opponent, Itto can also gain a stack of Superlative Superstrength. Then, it will grant another stack every two seconds after taking damage. The young bull will grant one last stack after leaving the battlefield.

When his Elemental Burst is activated, all of his attacks will be converted to Geo DMG while adding one stack of Superlative Superstrength on his first and third strikes if it hits. His burst will also increase Itto’s Normal Attack Speed and increase his attacks based on his defense. However, his Elemental and Physical Resistance will also reduce by 20%, leaving him more vulnerable to attacks. 

After activating his second constellation, his burst’s cooldown would be reduced by 1.5 seconds while also giving Itto six energy for every Geo member in the team aside from himself. He can gain up to 18 energy if all of your party members are from the Geo element. 

What Makes Itto Great for Geo:

  • Incredibly Fast Claymore User
  • High Base Crit Rate
  • Elemental Skill taunts opponents to draw their attacks 
  • Can perform charged attacks without consuming stamina. 

Most players see Geo as a defensive element that mainly serves as support to the other damage-dealing characters of the game. However, since the Version 2.3 update, we’ve been meeting new characters that wield Geo vision, which has changed many players’ perspectives on the element. 

It has even become a common strategy to build teams with multiple Geo characters or a mainly Mono Geo team, unique to only this element. So the next time you open the game, why don’t you try including these characters to spice up your gameplay. 

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