How Does Genshin Impact Work? (Here's 10 Things You Should Know About Gameplay)

The archons prepared a surprise for theTraveller!

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games nowadays. Both PC and phone gamers have heard about this game and maybe got curious about it. Then, this guide will be helpful. Here we’ll talk about the game and its main features, explaining what type of game it is and what you can do. Spoiler: Genshin Impact is really fun!

10. What is Genshin Impact?

To sum it up, Genshin is an open-world MMORPG that gives you lots of freedom. You may explore the huge open map, Teyvat, with up to 7 regions. You may also battle enemy camps or world bosses in real time. And don’t forget about the missions! From basic to legendary, including the main story.

9. What is the story of the game?

You and your time arrived at this world long ago, but a strange goddess separated the both of you and put you into sleep. After hundreds of years your future travel guide, Paimon, finds you and promises to help you find that goddess and, of course, your lost twin. Thus, you may travel the seven regions, discovering clues about your sibling and the lost past.

8. What characters can you play with?

First of all, you can use the Traveller, or the main character. However, you can have tons of characters and create teams of 4 that help each other in battle. There are two types of characters: 4-star and 5-star. Although many people think the 5-star are better, they are all amazing. Both in battle abilities and in personality and looks.

7. What abilities can they use?

There are seven gods in Teyvat, and they give their powers to some chosen ones. These powers are based on the elements they control: Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Geo, Anemo, Cryo, and Dendro. Using these powers your characters can use four types of abilities: normal attacks, elemental skill, elemental burst, and passive abilities.

6. What weapons can they use?

For each of these characters, you can give a type of weapon: sword, claymore, bow, polearm, or catalyst. Every character can only equip one of these weapons. Moreover, there are tons to choose from, classified from 2-star weapons to 5-star weapons. All of them increase your ATK stat, but their passives are all different.

5. How do you get characters and weapons?

How do you get these characters? Some may be given in the story, while some may be only obtainable by wishing in gacha banners. How do you get these weapons? Treasures can spit low-grade weapons, but the higher ones are only available in gacha banners. There are two types of banners

4. What enemies can you fight?

Each update includes new enemies, even if there isn’t any new area. You have enemy camps with hilichurls and Abyss mages, or Fatui soldiers and witches. There’re also elemental beings like slimes and whopperflowers. Some of these beings are so powerful they are called world bosses like hypostasis. And don’t forget boss domains with legendary beasts and powerful enemies.

3. How does multiplayer work?

Genshin Impact is different from other MMORPGs in that you have a world of your own and won’t find other players randomly getting your missions and enemies. You may only allow your friends to come to visit your world and let them farm. Or you can also go to random people’s worlds to ask for help completing domains. Your choice.

2. Is there PvP?

No, there isn’t. Although you can play in multiplayer mode, you can’t battle your companions. It’s not included in the game yet, so the players normally fight using their Spiral Abyss scores. How many floors did you beat? How many seconds did it take you? That stuff. Let’s hope developers include PvP soon.

1. What’s the end-game like?

Finally, an important question that makes players stay in the game or quit after a while. There are tons of things to do after completing what’s included in the main story. Teyvat is a huge region vastly populated by treasure. Your characters and weapons need materials to ascend or level up. Moreover, there’re many secondary missions to complete, and each update includes a new character and their backstory mission. 


As a Genshin Impact player and lover, I hope to share how amazing this game is so that it gets more players. This guide may increase your curiosity about the game. If it does, go to its official webpage and download the installer. It's free!


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