[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Xinyan Builds

Genshin Impact Best Xinyan Builds
Rock and Roll Xinyan

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Xinyan Builds

Xinyan is my ABSOLUTE favorite character in Genshin impact. From her backstory, to her personality, to her insane damage and crit rate - I can’t express enough how much I love her. I do realize that not a lot of people enjoy playing her, but I hope that with this build, I might even convert you into being a Xinyan fan. She’s a claymore user, dealing heavy Damage, which makes herr so much fun to play. On top of that, she’s got a shield which gets stronger the more people you hit with her guitar also dealing Pyro Damage. Her elemental burst is a giant ring of fire, which is just massively awesome.

I’m a Xinyan Main, which means I use her as my DPS, but what I see most often is her being used as a support character. Which means, we’re going to focus on that on our build, focusing on her DMG, crit rate, and also her shield. She’s also great to pair with electro characters, my preference being Keqing, causing superconduct - you can also use Razor if you’re so inclined.


So let’s talk about Artifacts. Xinyan creates a lot of damage, which means that’s what you want to focus on when you want to use your artifacts. I recommend using the two piece Gladiator’s Finale and the two piece Bloodstained Chivalry. The two piece Gladiator’s Finale increases her ATK by 18% and I find it’s super easy to get as well. Then there’s the Bloodstained Set which is gonna be a bit harder for you to find, but it increases her Physical DMG by 25%.

Bloodstained Chivalry Set

Circlet - Bloodstained Iron Mask

  • +DEF (7 - 58%) 
  • +ATK (6 - 46%) 
  • + Crit Rate (4 - 31%)
  • Crit DMG (8-62%) 
  • Healing Bonus (4 - 35%) 

Goblet - Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet 

  • DEF (7 - 58%)
  • ATK (6 - 46%)
  • Physical DMG bonus ( 7 - 58%)
  • Elemental DMG (6 - 46%) 

Gladiator’s Finale Set

  • Sands - Gladiator’s Longing
  • DEF (7 - 58%)
  • ATK (6 -46%)
  • Energy Recharge ( 7 - 51%) 

Plume - Gladiator’s Destiny

  • ATK (42 - 311) 

Flower - Variable

Now that we’ve got the Artifacts down, let’s talk about weapons. Of course, all five star weapons will be better than your four star weapons, but there are still some super cool four stars for those who don’t have much luck or don’t wish to spend too much on the gacha system.

5) Snow Tombed Starsilver

This is a great four star weapon for Xinyan if you don’t have any five star weapons. Its secondary stat is the Physical DMG, which is great if you’re using your Xinyan for your physical damage dealer, or if you’re using her as support. It’s a weapon that’s forged that means that it’s great for free to play. Of course, this sword is gonna be great in dragonspine and for using against enemies that are affected by hydro or cyro. Making use of it, along with her elemental damage, can also create Melt, which is a bonus.


  • More than 450 base ATK after lvl 70
  • +28 Physical DMG after lvl 70 
  • Hitting enemies with Normal /Charged attacks creates 60% chance of forming Everfrost Icicle dealing 80% AoE ATK DMG. 
  • Opponents affected by Cyro are dealt 200% ATK DMG. Can occur once ever 10s

Build Details 

  • Best used in Dragon spine
  • Focus on ATK on your artifacts with two piece bloodstained and two piece gladiator’s finale. 
  • Can be used as Support Xinyan

4) Prototype Archaic 

Prototype Archaic is what I use for Xinyan personally and my favorite four star weapon. Despite being a four star it has massive damage, and it makes your Xinyan feel almost like a five star character. Its passives are also heavy damage dealers because on hit, normal or charged attacks can deal an additional 240% DMG to opponents. I personally like this one when you use her as a DPS or sub DPS, because it’s just so damage heavy, and you kill enemies really fast with it. Honestly, Xinyan can be a beast with just this four star weapon in your arsenal.


  • +450 base attack after lvl 70
  • + 22% ATK after lvl 70
  • On hit, Normal or Charged ATK have 50% chance of additional 240% ATK DMG 
  • Can occur once every 15s

Build details

  • Can be used as DPS or sub DPS Xinyan. 
  • Focus on ATK on your artifacts, with two piece gladiator and two piece Bloodstained which will increase your ATK by 18% and Physical DMG by 25%
  • Pair with electo characters such as Keqing

3) Serpent Spine

Serpent Spine is a great four star weapon to use on Xinyan because it has a really high base attack, with its substat being crit rate, which is what Xinyan is best at. It really elevates her ability to do more damage in the field, and is acquired as a battle pass bounty. Its passive increases the Damage dealt, and it’s great for creating stacks, which means it’s going to be better, and the best part is that the stacks don’t reduce when you take her out of the field which means you can switch her out with other characters as well. The crit rate is what seals the deal for me, because it’s the most important stat for Xinyan, and this creates a great support build for her.


  • Base ATK - 414 after lvl 70
  • +22% crit rate after lvl 70
  • Every 4s Xinyan is on the field, she will deal 6% more DMG. 
  • Max 5 stacks, will not be reset when character leaves the field, but reduced when she takes DMG

Build Details

  • This build lets you swap out Xinyan for other characters, and is good for support XInayn
  • Use with two piece gladiator’s FInale and two piece bloodstained Chaivalry, focus on crit rate for your artifacts, with Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet and Bloodstaine Iron Mask

2 ) Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride is a solid weapon for Xinyan. Like all five star weapons, it has a heavy base attack and its secondary stat is the energy recharge, which is pretty cool, if you’re using a damage heavy character like Xinyan because you want her to be able to do damage after damage to your enemies without waiting too long. Its passive increases DMG, and using Elemental Burst, Normal or Charged ATK, creates a vacuum blade that increases ATK DMG to opponents. Its passive abilities also last a long time, it’s overall great for her. The high energy recharge is the highlight of this weapon and you’ll be able to defeat enemies faster, without having to wait or switch her out with other characters.


  • +530 Base ATK after lvl 70
  • Energy recharge 30% after Lvl 70
  • Increases DMG by 8%
  • Using Elemental Burst, Normal or Charged Attack on hit, creates vacuum blade that does 80% of ATK as DMG to enemies 
  • Lasts for 20s or 8 vacuum blades.

Build Details

  • Can be used for DPS Xinyan. Better to be used without swapping her out for other characters. 
  • Focus on elemental bursts for your artifacts. Use with two piece Gladiator’s and two piece Bloodstained.
  • High energy recharge means you will be able to use Xinyan on the field for a long time


1) The Unforged

The Unforged is the best five star sword for Xinyan as it has a massive base attack, as well as the secondary stat being the Attack bonus, which is great for a Xinyan support. The passives increase Xinyan’s shield by 20%, and hitting opponents increases ATK by 4% for 8s. When protected by a shield, the ATK is increased by 100%. Pair it up with gladiator, and bloodstained, and you have a truly unstoppable Xinyan that deals increasingly massive damage to opponents. Its shield bonus is also what makes her truly legendary, and amps her up from your regular four star to someone you can rely on in a fight.


  • Base ATK 480 after lvl 70
  • ATK + 40% after lvl 70 
  • Increases Shield Strength by 20%
  • Scoring hits on opponents increases ATK by 4% for 8s. 
  • Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. 
  • While protected by a shield, this ATK is increased by 100%.

Build Details 

  • This build will let you finish bosses quickly without having to run around a lot, because of its shield bonus
  • Can be used as Xinyan DPS or support
  • Use with two piece Bloodstained Chalvry and two piece Gladiator’s finale. Focus on ATK and ATK%

So, that’s basically all the need-to-knows for Xinyan - I highly suggest you try her out on your team, and level her up to see all the wonders she can do with a great build. Whether she’s in the spiral abyss or in any boss fight, watch her deal heavy damage,  and create shields for your other characters, and remember, If there’s fire in your soul, you gotta rock n’ roll!

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