[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Pulled Banners That Are Great

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Pulled Banners That Are Great
Best Genshin Impact banners you could have pulled on

What are the best banners you could have rolled on?

Genshin Impact’s Gachabanners are one of the most addictive and also one of the most frustrating features in the game. However, the rewards are satisfying once you get them. You can test out your gambling addiction pulling on this banner, and take things into perspective.

Although global data is not available to public, the Chinese iOS market data are available. We can make fair presumptions through that available data and make a tier list of most pulled banners and why the community decided to pull for it. And that is exactly what we did.

10. Shenhe (release) and Xiao (rerun) banner

Shenhe (Release) banner along with Xinyan, Yunjin and Kujou Sara

Xiao (Release) banner along with Xinyan, Yunjin and Kujou Sara

At the 10th place, we have Shenhe and Xiao banner. Shenhe being a cracked Cryo support and Xiao being an overpowered DPS, the banner seemed already worth pulling. But, the featured four stars namely Yunjin, Ningguang and Chongyun whose constellations make them absolutely cracked, made it obvious that, if someone doesn’t pull on this banner, they would be missing a once in a lifetime chance.

Within China, it is said to claim USD 16.9 million and within Japan USD 19.4 million approximately. The banner ran from 01/01/2022 to 01/25/2022 and the global market monthly income stated that they earned USD 176.19 million (only through android) within the month of January. So, we can safely assume that they could have earned around USD 200+ million (via PlayStation platform, PC, Cloud and iOS) from Shenhe and Xiao banner itself.

9. Hu Tao (Rerun) banner

Hu Tao (Rerun) banner along with Diona, Sayu and Thoma

Hu Tao’s rerun banner featured Thoma, Sayu and Diona. Not the most impressive four-star characters to be honest with you. In that context, we can safely assume that, almost all of the weight went into Hu Tao herself. 

In the Chinese market, she recorded USD 25.2 million and in the Japanese market, she recorded USD 22.35 million. In the global market, she recorded USD 146.21 million through android platform. Combining the other platforms, we can safely assume that she could have brought around USD 200+ million to the company.

8. Albedo (Rerun) and Eula (Rerun) banner

Albedo (Rerun) banner along with Bennett, Noelle and Rosaria

Eula (Rerun) banner along with Bennett, Noelle and Rosaria

Albedo is one of the best Geo Sub DPS/Support characters and Eula is one of the best physical DPS characters in the game so far. The featured four stars were Rosaria, Bennett and Ningguang. This was actually the first double character banner run in the game and the players were confused at first, feeling more frustration than ever over the decision of whether to pull for Albedo or Eula. 

Rosaria is one of the best supports for Eula enabling Cryo resonance and increasing CRIT rate with her passives. Bennett is universally helpful to any character who wants healing and attack buffs. 

With a record of USD 17.02 million in the Chinese market, USD 15.1 million in the Japanese market and USD 200.35 million in the global Android market (11/24/2021-12/14/2021), we can expect that including other platforms like PC, PS and Cloud gaming, this banner brought in well over USD 250 million to the company.

7. Klee (Release) banner

Klee (Release) banner along with Sucrose, Xingqiu and Noelle

Klee’s first run was a huge success. She is actually one of the first few featured five star characters in the game and her introduction to the game was quite adorable. The featured four-star characters were Xingqiu, Noelle and Sucrose. Xingqiu is one of the best four stars up to this date and Sucrose was a great support character at the time. 

In her first run, Klee brought in USD 22.8 million within Chinese market, USD 18.9 million in the Japanese market and more than USD 200 million from the global android market. With other platforms included, she may have brought around USD 250 million to the company.

6. Ayato (release) and Venti (rerun) banner

Ayato (Release) banner along with Xinyan, Sayu and Yunjin

Venti (Rerun) banner along with Xinyan, Sayu and Yunjin

Ayato and Venti rerun was a huge success to Hoyoverse. Although the financial reports are yet to be out, analyzing the Chinese market for the banner, we can safely assume that, it was a huge success from their side. The four-star characters that featured the banner were Sucrose, Xiangling and Yunjin. All three of them are overpowered characters at C6 and it is safe to assume that one of the many reasons for the success of this banner was its featured 4 stars.

According to the Chinese iOS market, USD 22.76 million was recorded by the end of the banner period. Although we do not have data on Japanese and Global markets, it is safe to assume with the trends in the community that, the company may have earned at least more than USD 280 million (assumption with the trend) from this banner itself.

5. Ayaka (rerun) banner

Ayaka (Rerun) banner along with Sayu, Razor and Rosaria

Ayaka’s rerun, which is still ongoing, has broken records for the most rapid income for a banner in Genshin Impact so far. She is still going up in the banner and this article might need a rearrangement in a few short days.

Ayaka’s banner features Rosaria, Razor and Sayu. However, we can safely assume that most of the weight has gone towards Ayaka as she is one of the best DPS characters in the game so far.

Only a week into Ayaka’s rerun banner, the numbers have reached 13.2 million and counting in the Chinese iOS market alone. She could be at the top any soon.

4. Zhongli and Ganyu rerun banner

Zhongli (Rerun) banner with Yanfei, Xingqiu and Beidou

Ganyu (Rerun) banner with Yanfei, Xingqiu and Beidou

Two of the most overpowered characters in the game had their rerun along with featured four-star characters like Xingqiu, Beidou and Yanfei. 

As expected, the numbers skyrocketed and nobody was surprised because almost everyone who wanted to get Meta characters pulled in either or both of those banners. Within China, the market was USD 26.7 million. Sadly, we do not have information on the Japanese and global markets as it happened very recently (in January 2022) but we can project the revenue and say they may have earned well over USD 300 million from this banner.

3. Venti (Release) banner

Venti (Release) banenr with Xiangling, Fischl and Barbara

The first featured 5-star character banner was the Venti banner and as expected, the revenue went up dramatically. The featured 4-star characters were Xiangling, Fischl and Barbara. 

At the time, there were only a very limited amount of characters and all those four stars shined bright. Therefore, players decided to spend some money on the banner and within China, the market recorded USD 30.6 million and in Japan, 13.7 million was recorded. The android global market accounts for more than USD 190 million. Including the other platforms, we can safely project an amount of over USD 300 million on this banner.

2. Raiden Shogun (Release) banner

Raiden Shogun (Release) banner along with Xiangling, Sucrose and Kujou Sara

Raiden Shogun’s banner held the record of being the most sold banner in Genshin history until her rerun banner alongside Kokomi bested it. 

Raiden Shogun’s banner released with Kujou Sara, Xiangling and Sucrose. Kujou Sara and Xiangling participates in one of the most overpowered team comps with Raiden Shogun. Therefore, the banner itself was an entire team for Meta players. So, they went all in.

In China itself, the market recorded a whopping USD 33 million and in Japan, the record was USD 19 million. The android global market itself recorded USD 180.4 million. This banner was the most pulled banner in history of Genshin Impact until Raiden and Kokomi rerun broke its record recently. We can safely assume that, including other platforms, this banner brought more than USD 400 million to this company.

1. Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi rerun banner

Raiden Shogun (Rerun) banner along with Bennett, Xinyan and Kujou Sara

Sangonomiya Kokomi (Rerun) banner along with Bennett, Xinyan and Kujou Sara

This here is the most pulled banner in Genshin Impact to this day. However, it has a close competitor; the Ayaka rerun that is going hot nowadays. However, talking about numbers, Shogun and Kokomi banner has set records of earning over half a billion dollars to Hoyoverse. 

Within China itself, it brought in USD 33.56 million. Although other market details are not available, the r/GenshinImpact users were claiming that, Hoyoverse earned more than 500 million dollars from this banner. It is quite probable given that, Raiden herself set the record previously as well.

The featured 4-stars were, Kujou Sara, Bennett and Xinyan. Except for Xinyan, other two characters are good support units for Raiden Shogun. Not only is that but, Sangonomiya Kokomi is the best healer in the game so far. So, nobody dared to miss this chance.

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