[Top 15] Genshin Impact Best Foods You Need (And How to Get Them)

Cooking in Genshin requires no talent in a real-life kitchen.

Have you tried some of these recipes in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game set in the world of Teyvvat, where you play as one of the two travelers looking for their missing sibling. As you uncover the secrets of this vast open world, you might find yourself in a pinch, and a little boost from food can come a long way. This is how food can come in handy. 

Unlike in many survival games, food functions differently in Genshin. You don’t have a food bar that would deplete your health once it’s empty. Feeding your characters could improve certain statistics: HP, Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Sometimes, the effects can only last for a few minutes, but the impact can be more significant than you think. 

Now I know what you’re thinking; that sounds like cheating. But if you aren’t a hardcore whaler with powerful healers and shield users, using food can help you clutch the toughest situations. And even if you have these types of characters, some foods can be helpful in exploration (or if your co-op teammate is unreliable). 

So, fire up the stove and let’s find out how to create 15 of the best foods in Genshin Impact and how to find them.

15. Sweet Madame

A two-ingredient chicken dish that provides high-value healing

If there’s a go-to recovery dish for most players, it’s Sweet Madame. As one of the first available recipes at the start of the game, it’s become a reliable way to restore health for your characters.  

Unlike some of the higher quality food in the game, Sweet Madame won’t give you a lot of health back. Depending on the quality, a selected character might get around 20-24% of Max HP with an additional 900-1,500 HP. At best, you can cook one with Rosaria and possibly create Dinner of Judgment, where you can restore 30% of Max HP and an additional 1,750 HP if Rosaria cooks Dinner of Judgment.

But what makes Sweet Madame preferable is it’s easy to obtain ingredients. This dish only requires two ingredients, so you can create as many as you want if you know where to find them. Just be careful not to overfeed your characters. 

How to Obtain Sweet Madame: 

All players can get the recipe for Sweet Madame from the start of the game. 


  • Fowl (x2) - The most common way to obtain fowl is to attack the wild birds around Teyvat. But if Timmy’s pigeons are not enough, you can also get them by: 
    • Buying from Draff in Windrise
    • Claiming Mondstadt (Windrise) and Inazuma (Nazuchi Beach) Expedition Rewards at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild
    • Opening some chests 
    • Breaking destructible crates, barrels, and pots
  • Sweet Flowers (x2) - Except in Dragonspine, Sweet flowers are a common ingredient in all regions of this world. Aside from cooking Sweet Madame, their only other use it to craft Sugar. However, watch out for a dialogue icon as it might be a whopperflower disguised as a sweet flower waiting to attack. For a safer way to collect sweet flowers, get them from the following: 
    • Planting Sweet Flower Seeds in the fields of your Serenitea Pot and harvesting after two days and 22 hours. 
    • Claiming Mondstadt (Stormbearer Mountains) Expedition Rewards at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild.
    • Buying from Flora’s flower shop just by the entrance of Mondstadt. 

14. Rice Pudding

A high stamina restoring dish with a rare recipe.

As you explore the world of Teyvat, you’ll be relying heavily on your stamina to perform certain actions. Stamina is a limited resource used in running, climbing, gliding, and swimming. Players usually start with 100 base Stamina, but it can increase as you collect more Anemoculus and Geoculus and offer them to their respective statues. 

Still, even at 240 stamina, you can find yourself falling to your death, drowning, or failing to dodge the enemy if you ignore your stamina. If you find yourself almost out of stamina at the wrong time, having Rice Pudding in your inventory can make a lot of difference. 

With its 70-100 stamina restoration, Rice Pudding gives out one of the biggest stamina boosts in the game. The ingredients are also incredibly easy to find. 

The only downside is that the recipe for this dish is only obtainable during a limited event quest. Five Pickled Treasures would be a great alternative if you didn’t participate in the event. 

How to Obtain Rice Pudding

So far, the only way to get the recipe is to complete the second part of the Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course quest during the Moonlight Merriment Event.


  • Eggs (x3) - The world of Teyvat is filled with Bird Eggs in nests, usually located in hard-to-reach, elevated, and obscured. But you don’t need to struggle to climb trees and cliffsides to find eggs. You can simply obtain them through the following: 
    • Unlike most ingredients in this game, the only way to get rice is to buy from the General Goods shop of Liyue and Inazuma. 
    • Rice (x2)
    • Destroy a bush.
    • Buy from Draff in Windrise.
    • Claiming the Expedition Rewards for Mondstadt (Stormbearer Mountains) and Inazuma (Musoujin Gorge) at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Milk(x2) - Another ingredient commonly sold in the General Goods shops, Milk is available in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Kiyoko, located in Borou Village of Watatsumi Island, is selling them for a cheaper price, but she also has lesser stock than the other shops.  Aside from the shops, the only other way to obtain Milk is to receive them from the following NPCs after following a specific dialogue branch for the first time: 
    • Dongdong in Qingce Village will give you seven (7) milk when you click the dialogue, “Yes” then “Good luck, you can do it.” 
    • Yong’an near the dockyard in Liyue Harbor will give you five (5) milk after choosing “Are you alright?” then the dialogue option, “About the cats….” 
  • Sugar (x2) - If you already have many Sweet Flowers, all you need to do is go to the nearest stove and process Sweet Flowers to become Sugar. But if that isn’t enough for you, you can buy Sugar at these stores: 
    • Changsun’s stall in Liyue Harbor 
    • Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor
    • Good Hunter in Mondstadt 
    • Shimura in Inazuma City

13. Goulash 

A Goulash a day keeps the cold away 

Despite the lovely landscape of Dragonspine, many players can’t stand staying in this place for too long. That’s because of the blue bar that appears on top of the HP bar called Sheer Cold. This is an effect that occurs when staying in cold places like Dragonspine for too long. 

Once the gauge for Sheer cold is full, it will start depleting your character’s HP for as fast as 30 seconds. The only way to stop and reverse its effects is to warm up, which is kind of difficult to do in a place known for being in eternal winter. 

That said, you can slow down the accumulation of Sheer Cold by eating Goulash. It should prevent your characters from dying of frostbite. Of course, Goulash only slows down the effect. It won’t do anything with the Sheer Cold that you’ve already accumulated. For this, you’d have to find the nearest heat source or bring a Warming Bottle.

How to Obtain Goulash: 

After completing the Dragonspine quest, “Ah, Fresh Meat,” you’ll be rewarded with the recipe for Goulash. 


  • Chilled Meat (x2) - The only way to get Chilled Meat is from Snowboars and The Great Snowboar King of Dragonspine. Near the Snowboar King’s lair and the coastline of Dragonspine, Snowboars can be found encased in ice. Free them with the help of a Pyro character, then hit them for that Chilled Meat. The Great Snowboar lies await in its lair, only attacking after taking down all the Snowboars nearby. Taking on this miniboss is a tremendous undertaking, but it’s necessary to obtain this type of meat.
  • Carrot (x2)
    • Carrots grow in various locations across Teyvat, mainly Mondstadt, but you can obtain this ingredient in other ways.
    • Destroy breakable crates, barrels, and pots
    • Plant Carrot Seeds on the Jade Field in your Serenitea Pot and harvest after two days and 22 hours.
    • Buy from Chef Mao in Wanmin Restaurant 
    • Claiming the Expedition Rewards for Liyue (Guyun Stone Forest) at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Tomato (x2)- Find tomatoes by investigating certain spots while exploring. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a Tomato. If you want a more certain way to get a tomato, you can go to the following stores:
    • Mondstadt General Goods in Mondstadt
    • Second Life in Liyue
    • Tsukumomono in Inazuma
    • Kiyoko in Bourou Village

12. Minty Meat Rolls

The perfect dish to get rid of your Mint collection. 

Sometimes, having stamina replenishing dishes is not enough. When you consume one, these dishes would have a 300-second cooldown, which means you can’t spam-click them to keep getting more. 

Still, you don’t want to run out of stamina unless you want to suffer from fall damage or be unable to dodge attacks from enemies. The fall damage in the game can be pretty brutal, especially if you can’t react fast enough to use a Plunge attack to reduce or negate the damage.

That’s why if you’re gliding for long periods, make sure to consume Minty Meat Rolls to decrease Stamina depletion while gliding. It reduces stamina depletion caused by gliding by 15-25% for 900 seconds. 

Additionally, it can also lower the stamina depleted from sprinting so you can avoid attacks from enemies who can pierce through shields like Rifthounds for longer periods. 

Barbatos Ratatouille is a good alternative for Minty Meat Rolls, especially when you have Venti in your party to turn it into A Buoyant Breeze. It’s also a three-ingredient dish that would give the same effect, but one of its ingredients, Carrots, is a more limited resource, so some might prefer to use it for recovery dishes.   

How to Obtain Minty Meat Rolls: 

As soon as you reach Liyue, you can immediately purchase the recipe from Wanmin Restaurant for 5,000 Mora. 


  • Mint (x4)- Mint can be found in all regions, more commonly on grassy terrains. If you’re a player who gathers every item they encounter during explorations, you probably already have hundreds of this in your inventory.  But if you’ve already used them all for crafting, dyes, or other dishes, here are different methods of getting them: 
    • Buying from Chloris, who’s wandering around Windrise in Mondstadt. 
    • Planting Mint Seeds on Jade Field in your Serenitea Pot and harvesting after two days and 22 hours.
    • Breaking destructible crates, barrels, and pots
  • Raw Meat (x3) - Gathering meat won’t be a problem as you explore all around Teyvat. It’s an item dropped by wild beasts like boars, foxes, weasels, and squirrels. Your best bet to get as many as you need is to roam around and kill every wild beast you come across. Aside from hunting, you can obtain Raw Meat through the following: 
    • Breaking destructible crates, barrels, and pots
    • Buying from Draff in Windrise
    • Claiming Mondstadt (Windrise) and Inazuma (Musoujin Gorge) Expedition Rewards at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild
    • Processing Chilled Meat to Raw Meat 
    • Following a certain dialogue branch with Draff for the first time. Approach him at nighttime and choose the option “Who are you?” then “How’s the haul?” to get six (6) Raw Meat
  • Jueyun Chili (x1) - A local specialty of Liyue, Jueyun Chills can only be found exclusively in Minlin, Qingce Village, and Stone Gate. But don’t worry, you can also obtain them through the following: 
    • Buy from Wanmin Restaurant 
    • Plant Jueyun Chili Seeds in your Serenitea Pot and harvest after two days and 22 hours.
    • Following a certain dialogue branch with Manie to receive five (5) Jueyun Chilis for the first time. Choose the dialogue options “Jueyun Chili?” followed by“Is it very spicy?”

11. Moon Pie

A helpful dish for teams with shield users like Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Xinyan, and Thoma. 

Defense has always been a stat that people barely pay attention to unless it’s for characters whose talents scale with defense. However, it’s also an important attribute to consider as this determines the amount of damage that will be reduced from an incoming attack. A high defense lowers the chances of being one-shotted by the enemy. 

Moon Pie ensures this by adding 165-235 to your DEF for 300s. If you have a shield user in your party, this dish will increase their Shield Strength by 25-35% for the same amount of time. When you cook with Eula, any Moon Pie you make can turn to Stormcrest Pie, raising your defense by 282 and Shield Strength by 40%.

How to Obtain Moon Pie:

Increase your Reputation in Mondstadt to Level 7 by completing weekly bounties, weekly quests, world exploration, and world quests in the nation. 


  • Butter (x3) -  Butter can be obtained through two methods: buying and processing.
    • Process Milk to Butter
    • Buy from Good Hunter 
    • Buy from Verr Goldet at the Wangshu Inn
  • Flour (x2) - If you collect wheat in your explorations or bought plenty from any General Goods shop, you have an option to turn it into flour. Process your wheat for a minute, and you’ll turn one into flour.  Aside from creating flour, the only other use for wheat is to make bait. So, if you’re going to do a lot of cooking and not much fishing, use them all to flour.  If you don’t feel like waiting for it, you can also buy flour from the following 
    • Good Hunter 
    • Wanmin Restaurant
    • Shimura’s
  • Raw Meat (x4)
  • Bird Eggs (x4)

10. Vegetarian Abalone

For my vegan gamers out there. 

When enemies or the lag gets the best of you, having a recovery dish that can revive your character can prevent you from going back to the Statue of the Seven and starting all over again. 

Vegetarian Abalone can bring any fallen character back to life and 250-500 HP as a bonus. It gives enough HP that wouldn’t require you to consume too much healing food. Make this with Hu Tao, and she might create Ghostly March instead, restoring 15% of Max HP and an additional 500 HP to any fallen character. 

How to Obtain Vegetarian Abalone:

For 2,500 Mora, you can purchase the recipe for Vegetarian Abalone from Verr Goldet from Wangshu Inn.


  • Matsutake (x2) - You can find Matsutake in the grassy areas of the wilderness, especially under the trees of Mondstadt and Liyue. They’re also obtainable through the following: 
    • Destroying bushes and small trees
    • Buying from Verr Goldet 
    • Buying from Wanmin Restaurant 
    • Claiming Liyue (Dunyu Ruins and Guili Plains) Expedition Rewards at any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Snapdragon (x2) - These cooking ingredients appear nearby water sources in Mondstadt and Liyue. They’re mainly found on the river banks, but Snapdragons are more common in the following areas: 
    • Near the river running from Windrise to Falcon Coast
    • Around Cider Lake 
    • Between Bishui Plains and Wuhang Hill
    • Besides gathering, you can obtain Snapdragons by buying them from Chloris. They can also be planted on the Orderly Meadow in your Sereniteapot and harvested after two days and 22 hours. 

9. Mushroom Pizza 

If my math is correct, this dish should give you up to 4,740 HP in 30 seconds. 

Having the ability to heal is an essential quality, especially in the middle of a tough battle. Most players often have characters that can heal with their elemental skills or bursts. As such, they no longer have to worry about enemy damage too much as long as you raise those characters. 

However, their long cooldown can put you at a disadvantage if your health drops to an alarming number. That’s why you have to be prepared to have a health recovery dish ready to heal up your characters. Even consuming apples and sunsettias can go a long way in a tough situation. 

Still, it’s better to have one that gives larger boosts like Mushroom Pizza. This three-star dish can bring 26-30% Max HP and regenerate 450-790 Max HP in five-second intervals for 30 seconds after consumption. 

If you have Jean in your party, make sure she cooks this dish. Not only can she double the amount of every food that she makes, but she can also make her special dish, Invigorating Pizza. This can restore up to 34% of your max HP and regenerate 980 HP every five seconds for the next 30 seconds of eating it.  

How to Obtain Mushroom Pizza:

Hidden in one of the Precious Chests at Stormterror’s Lair, the recipe for Mushroom Pizza can be obtained once it’s opened. The chest can be found just north of the tower or just above the letter o in terror on the map. 

Alternatively, players can also be given the Mushroom Pizza as part of the story quest, “Grus Nivis Chapter: Act I - The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit.” 

After the quest, Mushroom Pizza will be available in Kiminami Restaurant and its other version Special Mushroom Pizza, which is only exclusive in the restaurant. Unfortunately, Kiminami Restaurant only has two of each item on stock every day. 


  • Mushroom (x4) - Mushrooms can grow almost anywhere throughout Teyvat, but they are most common in Mondstadt and certain areas in Liyue, including Bishui Plain and Qiongji Estuary. They can also be obtained through the following: 
    • Buying from Wanmin Restaurant 
    • Planting Mushroom Spore on the Jade Field in your Sereniteapot and harvested after two days and 22 hours.
    • Following a certain dialogue branch with Zhonglin for the first time. Start with “Who are you?” then “Tell me about your business” and “Is there something special about mushrooms from Sumeru?” You should receive six Mushrooms from him afterward. 
  • Cabbage (x2) - When exploring, Cabbage can be found from destructible crates, barrels, and pots or in Investigation points in all nations. The other two methods are through an enemy drop or buying. 
    • If you have enough Mora, they can be bought from the General Goods shops in all three nations.
    • You can find and defeat the Unusual Hilichurl, which can drop one to three Cabbages after defeat. 
  • Cheese (x1) - Cheese is a cooking ingredient mainly crafted from three (3) Milk. Aside from processing, you can find them in the following shops: 
    • Good Hunter
    • Changshun
  • Flour (x3)

8. Sticky Honey Roast

Eating before climbing reduces the chances of falling to your death. 

Fall damage doesn’t just happen from losing stamina while gliding. If you’re not paying attention while climbing on a tall structure or a mountain, you might find yourself falling to your death once you get high enough. 

Before you can even climb, eat a Sticky Honey Roast to decrease stamina depletion by 15-25% for 900 seconds. It also lessens the same amount of stamina you consume while sprinting simultaneously. 

Omelette Rice and Zhongyuan Chop Suey also have the same effect, but Sticky Honey Roast is better because it requires fewer ingredients. 

How to Get Sticky Honey Roast:

After reaching Adventure Rank 34, you will be given the recipe for Sticky Honey Roast during the story quest, “Master’s Day Off.” You can also obtain the recipe by completing The Dawn Winery variant of the daily commission, “Food Delivery.” 


  • Raw Meat (x3 )
  • Carrot (x2)
  • Sugar (x2) 

7. Golden Shrimp Balls

The Golden Shrimp Balls prove that health is wealth. 

Golden Shrimp Balls is another excellent recovery food item to have in your inventory. After reviving a character, it can also restore 900-1,500 HP.

 If you’re low on healing food, Golden Shrimp Balls will help you reduce the amount your characters need and last longer in battle. This also ensures that your characters won’t be overfed and last longer. Just keep in mind that recovery dishes like this have a 120-second cooldown. 

How to Get Golden Shrimp Balls:

Once you’ve reached Reputation Level 1 in Liyue, you can receive the recipe for this dish as a reward. 


  • Shrimp Meat (x5) - Shrimp meat is available in these four shops: 
    • Second Life, the General Goods shop in Liyue 
    • Uncle Sun at the dockyard fish market of Liyue Harbor from 06:00-19:00
    • Tsukumomono Groceries, the General Goods shop in Inazuma 
    • Obata at the docks of Ritou, Inazuma
  • Potato (x4) - If drops from breakable crates, barrels, and pots or Investigation points aren’t enough, consider buying Potatoes in the following shops: 
    • Mondstadt General Goods, the General Goods shop in Mondstadt
    • Second Life
    • Tsukumomono Groceries
    • Changsun’s stall 
    • Kiyoko 
  • Flour (x3)

6. Golden Crab 

Chasing those crabs doesn't seem like a waste now thanks to this recipe.

As a four-star defense dish, Golden Crab is among the best for increasing the defense of your party members. It can raise your defense by 242-308. For characters with the ability to heal, consuming Golden Crab would increase their healing effects by 6-10% for 300 seconds. 

How to Get Golden Crab:

The recipe for Golden Crab is given during “To Mondstadt,” the second part of Mona’s story quest, “Astrolabos Chapter, Act I: Beyond This World’s Stars.” It’s also a reward for the world quest, “Pressing Deadlines.” 

You can cook Golden Crab for five Bird Egg, five Flour, four Crab, and two Salt. But, if you’re richer than Tartaglia, you don’t even need to cook. Xinyue Kiosk stocks up on two Golden Shrimp Balls every day, which you can buy for 5,700 Mora each.  


  • Crab (x4)- Different species of wild crabs can be found on the beaches and shallow waters of Teyvat, mostly in Inazuma due to its archipelago topography. Players need to catch the crab to use one as an ingredient. But despite having different species, you’ll always obtain the default Crab item. If you’re not fast enough to catch crabs, buy them from the following shops: 
    • Wanmin Restaurant
    • Uncle Sun’s stall 
    • Shimura’s 
    • Obata 
    • Additionally, the NPC Ulfr, who’s standing by the shores of Cider Lake in Mondstadt, will give you five Crabs after following a certain dialogue branch for the first time. After interacting with him, respond with “You’re building a boat?” then choose, “Good luck to you.” 
  • Salt (x2)- Salt can only be bought from any General Goods store. 
  • Bird Egg (x5)
  • Flour (x5)

5. Sakura Shrimp Crackers

It may be difficult to gather Sakura Blooms, but your HP scaling characters will appreciate it. 

This is a defense-boosting dish that will increase the whole party’s base HP by 20-25%. 

With Sakura Shrimp Crackers affecting health, you may wonder how this became a defense-boosting dish. The whole premise is that having a higher HP would allow you to survive longer. It also serves as a buff for characters scaling on HP. 

How to Get Sakura Shrimp Crackers:

The recipe for Sakura Shrimp Crackers is available in Shimura’s for 4,500 Mora. 


  • Sakura Bloom (x3)- Sakura Blooms appear as floating petals in the wilderness of Narukami Island, especially around the Grand Narukami Shrine and Mt.Yougou. They become harvestable when attacked with Electro, though walking past them while affected by Electro or carrying an Electrogana is also effective. 
  • Shrimp Meat (x3)
  • Potato (x3)

4. Mondstadt Hash Brown

One of the best healing food you’ll find in the game

Among the health recovery dishes in Genshin Impact, Mondstadt Hash Brown is perhaps one of the best ones.

This can restore 30-34% of Max HP and give an additional 600-1,900 HP. Cook this with Razor, and it can turn into Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, increasing the restored HP to 40% and extra HP to 2,350. If your character is on the brink of death, giving them two of these would instantly bring them back to full recovery

As a bonus, it also needs fewer ingredients to make and uses up less hunger than many three-star foods like Sweet Madame or Matutsake Meat Rolls. 

How to Get Mondstadt Hash Brown:

Once you’ve reached Adventure Rank 15, you can obtain the Mondstadt Hash Brown recipe as a reward after completing the Temple of the Wolf domain. 


  • Pinecone (2) - Pinecone is a cooking ingredient that can only be found in the wilderness, widespread in Mondstadt. Collect them from the base of the trees or in critter hideouts. 
  • Jam (x1)
    • Buy up to ten Jam in Good Hunter.
    • Process Jam from three Sunsettia, two Berry, and one Sugar 
  • Potato (x1)


3. Jade Parcels

An exquisite dish that improves stats that you wish your artifacts do instead. 

In raising characters, boosting the attack, Critical Damage, and Critical Rate is always the primary goal. This three ensures that you do a lot of damage, ideal for defeating bosses and progress with the story and quests. 

However, increasing them can get tricky. It requires ascending characters, upgrading weapons and talents, and farming artifacts. All of which can take months of gameplay and an eternity of headaches. 

So, if you find yourself short on Attack and Crit Rate, get yourself some Jade Parcels for an increase of attack by 224-320 and Crit rate by 6-8% for 300 seconds. 

How to Get Jade Parcels:

In the middle of the sixth and final part of the story quest, “Trulla Chapter: Act I - Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip,” Cooking Showdown, Xiangling will be giving you the recipe for Jade Parcels. 


  • Lotus Head (x3)- A cooking ingredient exclusive to Liyue, Lotus Heads grow in pools of water. You can find a lot near Luhua Pool, Huaguang Stone Forest, and Stone Gate. Other methods of obtaining the Lotus Head includes the following: 
    • Planting Lotus Seeds on the Orderly Meadow in your Sereniteapot and harvested after two days and 22 hours.
    • Buying from Wanmin Restaurant
    • Buying from Bubu Pharmacy
  • Ham (x1) - To create Ham, you need to process two Raw Meat and one Salt. The only other way to buy them from the following: 
    • Good Hunter
    • Wanmin Restaurant 
    • Jueyun Chili (x2) 
    • Cabbage (x2)

2. Tianshu Meat 

This dish invented by one of Liyue Qixing’s Tianshu will buff your Normal and Charged attacks. 

Another Attack Boosting dish, Tianshu Meat gives out an additional 25-45% of Physical Damage and 6-10% Crit Rate to all your party members for 300 seconds. 

Physical damage refers to attacks dealt by Sword, Claymore, Pole Arm, and uncharged attacks from Bows. Although, elemental bursts from Eula and Xinyan can also do Physical Damage.

How to Get Golden Tianshu Meat:

The recipe for Tianshu Meat is another recipe that can be obtained by raising your reputation level in Liyue to level 7. It can be purchased at Liuli Pavillion in Liyue Harbor. But if you’d rather not spend your money on this expensive dish, you will need four Raw Meat, two Sugar, one Qingxin, and one Matsutake. 


  • Qingxin (x1) - Stack up on stamina and get ready to do a lot of climbing when looking for Qingxin. This white flower grows on the mountaintops and peaks of Liyue, most notably in Minlin and Wuwang Hill. Additionally, you can obtain Qingxin through the following: 
    • Planting Qingxin Seed on Luxuriant Glebe in your Sereniteapot and harvested after two days and 22 hours.
    • Buying from Bubu Pharmacy
    • Talking to Qinglian and following a certain branch of dialogue for the first time to receive three Qingxin. Choose the option “You look well to me…” then “The two of you work very hard.” 
  • Raw Meat (x4)
  • Sugar (x2)
  • Matsutake (x1)


1. Adeptus’ Temptation

The sole item in the game with a five-star is a reference to the real-life dish, Buddha’s temptation, which earned the title of the most expensive soup in 2015. This is probably why it’s a 5-star item. 

The only five-star dish in the game and ultimate attack-boosting food item, Adeptus Temptation, can provide your party members an additional 260-372 Attack and 8-12% Crit Rate for 300 seconds. Defeat the most formidable enemies with this dish mix of land and sea. 

How to Get Adeptus’ Temptation:

The recipe for Adeptus’ Temptation can be found in a chest above Qingyun Peak’s floating island. However, you can also receive it as a reward from the Nine Pillars of Peace quest. 


  • Ham (x4)
  • Crab(x3) 
  • Shrimp Meat (x3)
  • Matsutake (x3)

The food in Genshin Impact has always been famous for being eye-catching and appealing enough that players are sharing recipes to try them in real life. But more than that, it can also be an essential part of your strategy, especially if you’re starting to learn to raise your characters or if you’re a casual who’s not in it to become the most powerful player in the game. 

Try out these dishes and more in the game and see what works for you. Just make sure not to overfeed your characters.

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