[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Quests for XP (Latest Patch)

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If you need XP and don't know how to get it anymore, we'll help you with that!

In this game, there are 2 types of XP: Adventure Rank Experience and the experience you use to level up characters. Today we are going to talk about the AR Experience since you can get the other one so easily through ley lines, missions, opening chests…

Leveling up AR is important in this game because it unlocks you new Archont missions, new regions, events and so much more.

So here you have a Top 10 Best Quests to get that XP and their guides! Let's start!

10. Battle of Revenge (Inazuma)


To get this quest, you have to complete the daily commission "An Art To Be Honed". Once you’ve obtained the Battle of Revenge quest, you have to talk with Asakura and defeat some Kairagis which Asakura tells you.

Why is “Battle of Revenge” great?

These are some of the rewards that you can obtain through this quest:

  • 250 XP
  • Mora
  • Primogems x10
  • Fine Enhancement Ore

9. Lost in the Snow (Dragonspine)

In this Quest, Joel, a kid near Dragonspine’s entrance, asks you to find his father in the mountain. We have to find 3 notes that his father left him and inform Joel once we are done.

As a plus, this quest unlocks an area where we can feed foxes for 3 days and we would complete an achievement.

Why is “Lost in the Snow” great?

Basically, these are the rewards and why we suggest you do this quest:

  • 300 XP
  • Hero’s Wit x2
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x30,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x4
  • Adventure’s Pocket Watch

8. Antigonus (Inazuma)

To get this quest you have to go to Enkanomiya and talk to the pectres southwest of Dainichi Mikoshi. Then, you have to talk to another Spectre next to Oogura and head southwest of Serpent’s Heart and locate Antei. Collect everything you need and return to Antei to complete the quest.

Why is “Antigonus” great?

Enkanomiya is a very beautiful place and this quest gives you the chance to explore every place. Also, it gives you really good rewards:

  • 300 XP
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x30,000

7. And this Treasure goes to… (Liyue)

A scholar is missing and our mission is to find him. We have to travel to Lingju Pass and find a camp full of Treasure Hoarders. Once they are defeated you can open the chest with the key to save the scholar.

This quest is easy to do and it gives us a lot of AR Experience and a few amazing Primogems.

Why is “And this treasure goes to…” great?

These are some of the rewards that this quest gives away! Honestly, they’re amazing:

  • 300 XP
  • Mora x10,000
  • Primogems x40
  • Hero’s Wit x2

6. The Heart of Watatsumi (Inazuma)

To start this quest you have to talk to Tsuyuki in Mouun Shrine, on Watatsumi Island. She’s going to tell us a kind of riddle and this will unlock 4 quests: Eye of Watatsumi, Fang of Watatsumi, Fin of Watatsumi, and Tail of Watatsumi.

Once we are done with these 4 quests we’ll have a final one: Heart of Watatsumi. We can unlock “The Same Moonlight” Achievement with this quest and a beautiful area perfect for some photos with friends!

Why is “The Heart of Watatsumi” great?

The rewards this quest gives are very good if you lack primogems and XP!

  • 350 XP
  • Primogems x40
  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Mora x30,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6

5. A Particularly Particular Author (Inazuma)

To unlock the quest, you will need to talk to Katheryne at the Inazuma Adventurer's guild and finish the quest "Seirai Stormchasers". Then, you have to talk with Sumida and go to Ritou to talk to Kama. Once you’re at Tsurumi Island, follow the mission mark to meet Ruu and he’ll guide you through this quest.

Why is “A Particularly Particular Author” great?

It dissipates Tsurumi’s mist and gives you these rewards:

  • 500 XP
  • Primogems x50
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mora x50,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x4

4. A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken (Inazuma)


To unlock the quest, you must first talk to Smily Yanxiao at Wangshuu Inn. Once you’re there, talk to Smiley Yanxiao, give him an Egg Bird and Spandragon, and cut the meal. Then, add water to the pot and bring the stove up to temperature, and you’re finished!

Why is “A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken” great?

These are some of the rewards that you can get through this quest!

  • Mora x20,000
  • 100 XP
  • Chicken Tofu Pudding Recipe

3. Trails in Tianqiu (Liyue)

If we interact with the Ancient Tablet in Tianqiu Valley we unlock this quest. In this one, we have to enter the three buildings around this Ancient Tablet and solve the puzzles and challenges.

At the end of this quest, we can open 3 chests and feel the power of primogems and XP in our hands!

Why is “Trials in Tianqiu” great?

These are some of the rewards this quest gives you when you’ve completed it!

  • 450 XP
  • Mora x30,000
  • Primogems x60
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8
  • Adventure’s Experience x4 (characters XP)

2. The Great Mountain Survey I & II (Dragonspine)

This is a quest with 2 parts so that’s why we put it together in the Top 2. To unlock this quest you have to talk to Esther in the North of Wyrmrest Valley, near the teleport.

In the first part, she’s going to ask you to find 4 beacons and, once you report to her, to place them in 4 locations.

In the second part, you have to place one last beacon (you have to clear “In the Mountains” first, the quest that Iris gives you near the entrance of Dragonspine) and report it to Esther and Cyrus, the man that is always in front of the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstat. 

Yes, it’s a tedious quest because Dragonspine is no one’s favorite place, but it gives you a lot of XP at the end so…

Why is “The Great Mountains Survey I & II” great?

These are the rewards that each quest gives you when you’ve completed both of them:

Rewards Survey I:

  • 300 XP
  • Hero’s Wit x2
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x20,000

Rewards Survey II:

  • 300 XP
  • Hero’s Wit x2
  • Primogems x40
  • Mora x30,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x3

1. Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual (Inazuma)

And we are finally at Top 1! This quest is the longest one by far, but it’s worth it for all the things that it gives you.

To start this quest, once you have escaped from Ritou, follow the path and talk with the girl that stands in the Shrine. Say hi and be nice because you are going to have a long trip with her.

At this point, you are going to have 4 quests: A Strange Story in Konda, Sacrificial Offering, Cleansing Defilement, and Yougou Cleansing. You have to complete all of them to complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest.

All of the quests have puzzles and some enemies to defeat, but it’s nothing too difficult to do. Even if it’s a long quest it’s so funny to do and it shows you really pretty and amazing places in Inazuma.

Why is “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual” great?

It’s a necessary quest if you want to keep exploring Inazuma without any problem, but it also gives you a lot of XP, primogems, Mora… It gives you everything you need!

  • 1850 XP
  • Primogems x220
  • Mora x130,000
  • Hero’s Wit x16
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x14
  • Mask of Memories x1

These are just 10 quests to get XP, but you have to keep in mind that you can get it through weekly bosses, Archon quests, Legendary quests, domains, daily missions, etc. 

And as we said before, you should get all the XP possible because it helps you to level up and it unlocks new places around Teyvat.

To be a good adventurer you need Adventure Range!

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