[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Shield Characters Who Are Amazing

Genshin Impact Best Shield Characters
Xinyan's has made her appearence in the story thanks to the current event

Before fighting any boss, be sure to be properly shielded

Shields in Genshin Impact are a reliable way to maintain your party alive and to easily manage your food in order to heal you against tanky enemies or really hard bosses like Azhada. You can create shields through elemental reactions with the Geo element or thanks to characters whose abilities can create one.

With that said, let’s take a look at the [Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Shield Characters Who Are Amazing.

5. Xinyan

Liyue's popular rockstar

Truth to be told, Xinyan is a character that’s just “there”. You don’t hear people often say that they play her, yet her ability kit is interesting. Her elemental skill provides you with a shield that will have varying damage absorption depending on how many enemies you hit with the ability.

Xinyan Full Details

What Makes Xinyan Great for Shield

  • Shield scales off her defense which makes her easy to build.
  • Her elemental skill decreases enemies DEF. This is great for teams where you have a physical damage main DPS.


4. Beidou

One of the most used 4-star characters for the Abyss

The captain of The Crux crew, Beidou, has an ability kit that revolves around shields. Her skills allow her to counter damage and complement well with other supports or carries in order to do elemental reactions. Because of this, Beidou is one of the most used electro characters for the Abyss.

Beidou Full Details

What makes Beidou Great for Shield

  • Her elemental skill allows her to shield herself and attack afterward countering the attack received.
  • Her ultimate creates an electro shield that remains after you swap characters, it also attacks multiple enemies, having excellent crowd control thanks to the elemental reactions.


3. Noelle

The maiden aspiring to be a knight

Favonius Knight's maiden, Noelle, has an elemental skill that creates a resistant shield that will protect you in your early adventure ranks since you can get her when starting the game.

Noelle Full Details

Why Noelle is great for shield

  • Easy to build thanks to her shield strength scaling off defense.
  • There’s a chance of healing when Noelle attacks while being protected by the shield.


2. Diona

Her shield is one of the best

Diona’s ability kit is more related to healing, still, her elemental skill creates a Cryo shield that resists a lot of damage. The great thing about Diona in general is that all of her skills scale off her HP, both the strength of her shield and the healing of her ultimate.

Diona Full Details

Why Diona is great for shield

  • Easy to build since all of her ability kit scales off her max HP.
  • Diona’s shield has 250% Cryo damage absorption.


1. Zhongli

The supreme shield

I believe this is no surprise to anyone. Zhongli has the best shield in the game so far. Having him in your team pretty much means it will be hard for you to die, and although there’s a new mechanic called “corrosion” that will make you lose health whether you have a shield or not, Zhongli will protect you from most attacks with no trouble.

Zhongli Full Details


Why Zhongli is Great for Shield

  • When using his elemental skill, the Geo energy around you will explode doing AoE damage.
  • Shield strength scales based on his max HP. This makes him easy regarding his builds, plus the set of “Tenacity of The Millelith” suits him perfectly.
  • His shield has 150% against all elemental damage and physical damage.

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