10 Reasons Why Genshin Impact Is Bad And How The Developers Can Improve it

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Genshin Impact is an amazing game for sure. It’s made with lots of care and has a huge amount of good points. However, as players, we want our games to be perfect and can’t help but find things they could improve. In this guide, we’ll talk about 10 things that players don’t like at all and how they should be changed.

10. No PvP

The first way to improve the game that occurred to me was the inability to fight with other players. Cooperative mode is a really fun mode in Genshin Impact, but the things you can do with your friends are not many. Introducing the possibility to fight with others, like in the rest of MMORPG, will fuel the competitive spirit in every player.

Solution: Add a new PvP arena or some events with PvP mode.

9. Can’t see main characters in open world

If you aren’t a new player, you’re probably done with all the legendary and archon quests. It’s only in these quests that we can see our favorite characters talking and moving. Maybe in some events as well, but that happens once every two months. Moreover, it just feels strange to know Lisa is never at her library and Xiangling is never at her restaurant, you know.

Solution: Create models and dialogues for these characters and make them patrol or stand in their workplaces.

8. Alternate sprint crashes with terrain

This. This is one of the things that get me angry when playing with Mona or Ayaka. They are both amazing characters with outstanding visual effects. One of their main abilities is their alternate sprints that let them run on water. However, outside of water you just get blocked all the time. Little stones, stairs, and even small terrain changes. Please debug that.

Solution: Modify and debug the alternate sprint of Mona and Ayaka.

7. Repetitive daily missions

Every player that wants primogems does their daily missions given by the Adventurers’ Guild. That doesn't mean they don’t become boring. The same monsters reappear in the same place and the same people need the same help. Moreover, they have little to no tension because of how easy they are for old players. 

Solution: Increase the number and difficulty of daily missions. Maybe have the main characters help.

6. Stagnant Standard Wish banner

Not one Genshin Impact player expected that the standard wish banner would be the same after almost two years. At the start, no one had characters nor weapons, but now pretty much everyone has all the good characters and weapons this banner can offer. After all this time, they should introduce at least some of the characters that had already had 3 rerun banners.

Solution: Introduce some of the older characters, like Venti or Klee, in the standard banner.

5. Only one region was included in two years

This is more of a temper tantrum than anything else, but still is something the developers should be aware of. Even if I know all the work that they put into every area I still don’t see the need to introduce half of the region at the same time. It’s not only a bit overwhelming, but it makes people ask themselves why they didn't release any of those areas in the last year.

Solution: Instead of updating the game with a huge new area, maybe introduce the region little by little so players don’t get bored.

4. Power difference between characters

Every top tier of characters that you find on the Internet is an example of this. Ganyu will always be the top DPS, even if Keqing has a DPS kit as well. Kazuha will always be the best support, even if Qiqi has a support kit as well. Each character’s battle kit is different and that’s okay, but sometimes the power percentages or the passive abilities make some of them get too powerful.

Solution: Rework the kit of some characters so that there isn’t that big of a gap.

3. Not enough f2p primogems

The top 3 reasons are, of course, gacha-related. This is because it is the mode that gives most headaches to f2p players. For these people, getting enough primogems to do a ten pull is difficult. Then imagine the standard 180 pulls. The only easy way of getting gems is by buying them with real money. Treasures give the players next to nothing so we can just save the ones from the daily missions.

Solution: Increase the primogems given in events, missions, and treasure chests.

2. Difficult to find good artifacts

Although a different type of gacha, it’s still one. After completing a domain you normally get two artifacts given by that specific domain. The set, type, main stat, and substats are all random. Imagine the probability to get the headwear of a needed set with the needed stats and the needed substats. Another headache is coming.

Solution: Increase the artifacts given each time. Create domains that give only one set.

1. Gacha % is too low

And finally, what bothers players the most. That 1% probability of getting a 5 star character. I know soft pity exists and normal pity exists as well. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Genshin Impact has one of the lowest rates for their gacha. Come on, Genshin, just a little more. 5%?

Solution: Increase the probability to get a 5-star even when not near pity rolls.


Although they are not notable changes that affect the whole gameplay, these are some ways developers can develop the quality of life of their gamers. Most of the reasons why these bad points exist is because the company wants lots of profit, so finding a middle ground between developers and players is the way to go.


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