[Top 5] DCUO Best Healer Powers That Are Excellent (2022 Edition)

Sorcerer uses a move to heal nearby teammates
A hero's role is not solely to fight but also to HEAL what's been broken

Long Live the Healer Support Role!

Hello there!  This is Oracle here.  We are hoping to create a Justice League Medical Unit that can both heal civilians following a disaster and our Leaguers after a dangerous mission.  We are accepting new applicants who want to be a part of this new team.  If you have one of the following powers, please consider applying.  Oracle out.

When we decide our powers, there is a secondary role (other than DPS) that we can adopt to serve as another purpose on our teams.  My personal favorite is the Healer role.  I have always loved the idea of being in a support role.  In team-based battles, I do not need to be on the frontlines because staying back to heal your team is important too.

For those of you who are considering going for a Healer role, do not worry because I am going to help you see some of the various benefits to jump on the Healing wagon.  Be your team’s medic with one of these amazing power options.


5. Sorcery

A Sorceress flying in midair with her magical pet FuryAsk your teammates to say the magic word before you heal them.

For those interested in our newly formed healing unit, please consider talking with magical members Zatanna and Raven.  These two experts at the mystical arts are not only amazing attackers, but they are also amazing at backup, healing their teammates to keep enduring through hard battles.

Sorcerers in the DC Universe are some of the most powerful heroes to walk the face of the Earth.  Zatanna, Raven, and John Constantine are powerhouses that should not be taken lightly.  Your sorcery heroes are decent healers with some great options to heal themselves and others.

Your master of magic will be able to summon one of three various helpers, but the best option for a healer will be either a Fury or Watcher.  While they may decrease your passive power regeneration, they also have a plethora of benefits.  The Watcher can heal you while you focus on healing others whereas the Fury can be your protector to fight against those who get too close.

The mystical Circle of Protection creates a beautiful glowing pattern on that ground that gradually regenerates health for your allies standing within.  A good protective attack with a low power cost is Soul Bolt.  While in the Healer role, it may decrease damage, but it does heal nearby allies.

What Sorcery Excels In

  • Ability to Summon a Pet
  • Large AOE Healing move - Circle of Protection

Best Sorcery Powers

  • Summon Fury/Watcher
  • Circle of Protection
  • Soul Bolt


4. Celestial

The Celestial Hero uses a cleansing light to protect himself so he can heal

Meet the Celestial hero, your new guardian angel.

With the divine healing power of the Celestial hero, we can form more heroes like Dr. Fate.  The shining light of Celestial powers will protect and heal any ally within range.  Watch out Lords of Order because our new exobyte heroes may not need your help anymore to establish peace.

Celestial is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing powers of the entire game.  It’s too bad that isn’t the only requirement for success, but that doesn’t mean that it is not still a really good Healer.

The move Renew quickly heals you and your most injured teammate while the move Blessing creates a shield for you and three nearby enemies.  This combo is really great for any Alert, but it is not ideal for raids as it doesn’t provide much help for your entire team.

Then, there are other moves like Virtuous Light and Cursed Idol that create glyphs for people to heal when they are nearby.  The catch is that your allies need to stand close to the small glyph, so hopefully, your entire team is close to each other.

The most powerful healing power is Guardian’s Light that will heal your entire team, but those who have less than half of their health will be healed more quickly.  This is the best move of the Celestial powerset, but it is vulnerable to be interrupted.

The less popular part of the Celestial moveset is that it relies on combos to deliver any significant damage or healing.  There are various moves on their own without combos that can provide decent healing, but it does not give the full scope of the healing potential.  While it may require some mastery, Celestial is a really good option for someone willing to devote the time to become a master healer.

What Celestial Excels In

  • Combinations for Healing and Damage
  • Great Healing and Protection for Alerts
  • Best Celestial Powers


  • Cursed Idol
  • Guardian’s Light


3. Nature

Bet you never imagined that that a Wolf would heal you!  Neither did we...

The League needs more Nature-powered heroes.  We are thankful to have Swamp Thing, but he is not the only one who can protect the Green.  With a few more Nature heroes, we can have a force that can create medicines and use natural healing methods.

Nature is your unlikely hero for healing your team, and while your nature hero may lack any good full party heal, there are still some great healing options to spare.  Nature is probably best known for its animal transformations.  Did you know that each transformation has a certain buff that it provides?  The Insectoid Form improves the healing power of your build.

When you are in the insectoid form, you can further improve the healing potential.  One of the greatest moves is Cross Pollination.  It heals each member of your team within range, increasing in power for each person.  

That move, along with a few others, releases Pheromones.  These Pheromones have various power interactions which can further heal your team over time.  The move Blossom then is able to restore additional health to those who have Pheromones.  Use these and other moves for a unique spin on healing.

What Nature Excels In

  • Spreading Pheromones for Additional Healing
  • Insectoid Form Ramps Up Healing

Best Nature Powers

  • Insectoid Form
  • Cross Pollination
  • Blossom


2. Electricity

The electric hero attacks enemies in the Speed ForceMake way for an amazing battle healer!  It's electrifying!

Many people are shocked to find out that electricity is a power that generates healing in others.  With the proper training, our electrifying new recruits will be a great well-rounded option for a battle-healer to be in either the frontlines or the back aiding the team.

As unpredictable as it may be that Electricity has a healer role, it is actually an amazing option.  Electricity has a lot of potential for both damage and healing.  This makes it a well-rounded option for people who do not want to stay out of battle as much as other healers.

Electric heroes have good attacks which will stop opponents in their tracks, but there is still a great opportunity for some shocking healing moves.  The supercharge Group Transducer protects you and your allies from incoming damage in electrically charged bubbles while simultaneously healing you over time.  There is the cost of power consumption, but it is definitely worth it for the benefit that it provides.

The best power for healing with Electricity though is Galvanize.  This is perfect for raids because, with each ally that is healed, the strength of the healing is increased.  When you and your 7 teammates are being healed, it will do more than if it is just a team of 2.

What Electricity Excels In

  • Can Heal and Attack
  • Supercharged Shield Can Heal

Best Electricity Moves

  • Galvanize
  • Group Transducer
  • Electrogenesis


1. Water

The water hero shields himself while creating a pool to heal his team

Have you ever wanted to be a Waterbender?  Oh wait... wrong universe

We need not search any farther than heroes like Mera who have the skill of using water magic to heal and strengthen her allies.  But when she is off ruling Atlantis with Aquaman, we need to have others who can take charge with using the healing properties of Water on our team.

Almost anyone will agree that water is the most OP healing build.  There are a lot of features that lead this power to reign at the number one spot.  If you thought Electricity’s Group Transducer was cool, then you will love the move Tempest Guard which shields your entire team.  But, it’s not even a supercharge meaning you can reuse the power as much as you want every 18 seconds, provided you have enough power.

Don’t let the 18-second cooldown worry you though because the move Riptide is a low power consumption move that removes the cooldown from the most recent Water power that you used.  This means that when your shield breaks, you can reform the shield almost immediately.

That only scratches the surface because water has so many moves to pick from to heal your team, including the popular move Tranquil Pool.  This move creates a huge swirling vortex of water that heals your teammates standing within it over time.  Having been healed by this move on a variety of occasions, I will personally tell you how useful this move is.

While that may not be the only healing move, there also exist more support or buff moves that will lead your team to be worshipping the ground you surf on.  The move High Tide increases the power of some of your Water moves and could make additional effects.  For example, the quick heal move Blessing of the Deep, which heals you and your team, will also be able to heal over time with the High Tide effect.

While water may not be the most offensive of powers, it triumphs over any other type of healing with various healing, buff, and support moves to make this the healing master.  Any Water hero would be absolutely perfect to be on a Justice League healing unit.

What Water Excels In

  • Variety of Healing Moves
  • 8-Person Non-Supercharge Shield
  • Various Support Moves to Heal More Often

Best Water Moves

  • Tranquil Pool
  • High Tide
  • Riptide


Teamwork requires finding the strengths of your powers to provide a well-oiled machine.  The best cooperative work is not necessarily a team of tanks, but instead, have a well-balanced team where everyone has different jobs to reach your goal.  

Healers are essential to the team function.  Without them, the team will die a lot more often and have greater difficulty completing missions.  Nurture your job as a support role because it is extremely valuable.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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