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Most profitable spring crops Stardew Valley
Spring on your farm

If you’re a spring lover through and through, this top 5 Stardew Valley most profitable spring crops list is just for you! For all you aspiring Stardew farmers out there, whether old or new, choosing what crop is best for your bank account can be difficult. With so many options to choose from and an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and flowers galore, this process of planting and selling can be stressful for any player. To make everything a little easier for all of us, our list starts off on quite a high note!

5. Potato


Nothing better than some potatos.

It's very much a staple food and although it's the lowest on our list, it still packs a great punch. With a total of 6 days to grow and a base value selling price of 80g, with enough of these bad boys you're sure to turn a quick profit. It's quick, easy, simple, and incredibly friendly for anyone just starting out on their farm. If you're looking for some easy bucks, give the potato crop a shot!

Why Are Potatoes Profitable?

  • Multiple options for profit.- Artisan goods, base selling, and more.
  • Offers 80g base price per potato.- A great starter base value for profit. Works best with multiple crops.
  • 160g iridium quality.- With a good fertilizer and lots of crops planted, iridium quality crops will make a great profit for your farm.

How To Make Money With Potatoes?

  • Create artisan goods to sell.
  • Sell as is.
  • Make money via the help wanted board.
  • Create dishes to sell.

4. Kale


Remember to eat your veggies.

This is another one of those great crops if you're in a hurry. At a higher base price than our first at 110g per crop and only a 6-day grow time, this may be your new favorite crop yet. Another great place to start for anyoneold or new and a quick and easy way to make money without much effort. Kale is the hottest beginner crop of the season, so check it out!

Why Is Kale Profitable?

  • Can make money through board postings.- Opportunities for quests that offer differing amounts of money upon giving the kale.
  • Offers base value of 110g.- Sells great on its own at a relatively high base value. Fantastic way to make money with a big plot of crops.
  • Offer iridium value of 220g.- Good for those using fertilizers to create better quality crops and in turn make more money.

How To Make Money With Kale?

  • Sell through salmon dinner and stir fry dishes.
  • Sell as is. 
  • Use via quests.
  • Sell as artisan goods.

3. Strawberry


Sweet yet simple.

Whether in game or real life, who doesn't love a good strawberry? Thankfully for you, Stardew offers some of the best strawberries to date, with an additional mighty good way to make a profit. With a slightly longer growth time of 8 days, worry not! This fantastic crop regrows every four days after development, allowing for maximum croppage and profit. With a base value of 120g, it's truly hard to go wrong with such a mighty crop. If you’re looking for a high-producing crop for your spring farm, give this one a shot!

Why Are Strawberries Profitable?

  • Produce multiple harvests- Good for bulk selling as plant regrowth continues throughout the season. With multiple harvests, you can create a big profit from multiple opportunities to sell.
  • 120g base value- Great resale price, best for large plots that allow for large amounts of crops to sell.
  • Ability for wine making- With the production of wine each bottle sells for a high price of 360g.

How To Make Money With Strawberries?

  • Create wine and jams to sell
  • Sell as is.

2. Cauliflower


A staple amongst many.

One of the most popular Stardew starter plants for obvious reasons This crop is the second highest seller for the spring season, offering a whopping 175g base value upon sale. With a growth time of 12 days, though it may take awhile, the payoff will be great. Do yourself a favor today and start planting the next big thing!

Why Are Cauliflower Profitable?

  • Base price of 175g.- Massive selling price at base value. The highest seen so far.
  • Multiple ways to make profit.- Cook, sell as is, and create artisan goods to turn a profit on this crop.
  • Can grow into giant crops.- Each giant crop produces a bulk amount of crops. With the chance to get giant crops, you can make more money from selling.

How To Make Money With Cauliflower?

  • Create and sell artisan goods.
  • Sell cheese cauliflower plates.
  • Quests occasionally ask for cauliflower.

1. Rhubarb


A wonderous plant of great profit.

At the number one spot, we have the highest-selling crop of the season. The rhubarb crop has arrived! With a whopping base value of 220g per crop, this is a sure-fire way to turn a quick profit on your farm. With a growth cycle of 13 days, it may be long, but it's definitely not something you will regret. She packs a punch, holds loads of cash, and is a guaranteed way to add some ease to your farm life.

Why Is Rhubarb Profitable?

  • Highest selling crop for the season.- Great for selling as is with the highest base selling price of the season.
  • Base value of 220g.- Fantastic base price to sell in bulk. Create large plots of crops to make maximum income for the season.
  • Multiple ways to make a profit- Wine making, recipe sellings, and phenomenal base value create a fantastic way to make large sums.

How To Make Money With Rhubarb?

  • Create wine, jam, and other artisan goods.
  • Sell the rhubarb pie dish.
  • Sell as is.

With so many fantastic options, this is bound to be one of your most profitable seasons yet. With this list of tips, you're sure to make your farm thrive and grow before your very eyes. Make the big bucks, plant to your heart's content, and make this season truly glorious with all those cash-filled crops.

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