[Top 5] Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Best Outfits and How to Get Them

Assassin's Creed Syndicate offers, both Evie and Jacob 10 additional outfits, aside from their default outfits. These outfits are unlocked by different means and grant you stat boosts and other bonuses as you progress through the game. 

Outfits are unlocked as you progress throughout the game, while others are unlockable rewards (like the Suave Outfit) which you get in exchange for the Ubisoft Club credits you earn by doing tasks on the website and completing quests in-game.

The game offers a variety of outfits, unique to each character, since Jacob and Evie are interchangeable, customizable characters- each of your two assassins have unique outfits that each of them can wear along with one accessory; with Jacob’s accessory being; belts and, Evie’s accessory being; capes.

The Belts and Capes that Jacob and Evie can wear as an additional item to their overall outfit offers an increase in Stealth and Defense, while outfits offer a variety of perks depending on which is equipped.

Here, I will run you down on the best five outfits for both characters and how to get them.

5. Jacob: 

Blackguard’s Suit

The outfit of the Blackguard is a melancholy mix of blacks and blues that captures the depth and darkness of a London night. This is one of those outfit styles that will get you through the day without putting you in trouble; it has its advantages and provides a dark look to complement Jacob's terrifying side, which we don't see very often. This costume is ideal for fending off full-fledged enemy attacks, especially during gang battles.

What’s Good about the Blackguard Suit:

  • Decreases melee damage received by 20%.
  • Compact design.
  • Tailor made for Jacob’s character.

How to get the Blackguard Suit:

  • This outfit will automatically unlock when you complete Sequence 7.

5. Evie: 

Aveline’s outfit

Aveline de Grandpré's strong spirit and amazing fortitude are channeled in her legacy dress. Aveline wears this clothing, which is comparable to Evie's in that they both have a similar combat style and stealth abilities. Having Aveline's outfit helps with extra carrying capacity of things and devices. This clothing doesn't seem to fit Evie's aesthetic, but it does have some extremely cool features.

 What’s good about Aveline’s outfit:

  • +3 Increases throwing knife capacity.
  • +3 Hallucinogenic dart capacity.
  • +3 Smoke bomb and voltaic bomb capacity.
  • Made for stealth like character, so with Evie, it works well.

How to get Aveline’s outfit:

  •  It is available for free from the Ubisoft Club.

4. Jacob:

 Edward Kenway’s Outfit

For those who live by the pirate's code, an outfit that looks the part. Wearing in the footsteps of legendary Assassin, Edward Kenway, this outfit brings out a very rogue look and feel to it which stands out from the crowd- in having an increase in damage as a bonus with the kukri knife being the most lethal weapon in the game, this outfit is fit for surviving a bloodbath of aggressive combat.

What’s good about Edwards outfit:

  • Increase of kukri damage by 20 %.
  • Outfit of legendary Master Assassin, Edward Kenway.
  • Loose fitting and a stand out design.

How to Get Edward’s outfit:

  • It is available for free from the Ubisoft Club.

4. Evie:

 Nightshade cloak

Regality meets darkness with this outfit. The complex brocade adds a touch of class to whatever the night's grim proceedings. This stylish design is light and adds onto Evie’s stealthy ability in being more proficient in combat and navigating through the dark alleyways of London.

What’s good about the Nightshade Cloak:

  • Increase in kukri damage by 20%
  • Aids in stealth combat ability.
  • Light and tailored for Evie’s character.
  • Fitted armored look.

How to get the Nightshade Cloak: 

  • Unlock by completing Sequence 7, you will receive the Schematic.
  •  Crafting cost: £10000, 150 Leather, and 100 Silk.

3. Jacob: 

Baron Jordane’s Finery outfit

Dress to impress with the highest quality fabrics and a cut worth of nobility. This outfit works well in its extra carrying capacity of smoke bombs and other gadgets. I feel that it's good for equipping Jacob while performing intricate tasks without The Rooks, as it enables extra capacity for combat against taking on a number of enemies. It’s also perfect for taking on long tasks, like free-roam with the chance of running into unexpected enemies. Aside from its capacity, it also offers a stylish finished look.

What's good about Baron Jordanes Finery outfit:

  • +3 capacity to Throwing Knives.
  • +3 Hallucinogenic Darts.
  • +3 Smoke Bombs and Voltaic Bombs.
  • Stylish finished look.

How to get Baron Jordanes Finery outfit:

  • Schematic Location: Found inside a Large Locked Chest on top of St. Paul's Cathedral in the City of London.
  • Crafting Cost: £ 10,000, 150 Leather, 100 Silk.

3. Evie:
 Lady Melyne's Gown

Lady Melyne's flair for fashion is evident in the sumptuous silks and delicate embroidery of this suit. Sewn-in weapon sheaths and holsters speak to the Lady's other proclivities. When equipped on Evie, expect to have additional carrying capacity that offers a wider range of stealth ability through gadgets. It's an outfit that’s useful to wear in getting out of tight situations.

What’s good about Lady Melyne’s Gown:

  • +2 capacity to Throwing Knives.
  • +2 capacity to Hallucinogenic Darts.
  • +2 capacity to Smoke Bombs and Voltaic Bombs.
  • Stylish well fitted design.

How to get Lady Melyne’s Gown:

  • Unlocked automatically by completing Sequence 5, Memory 7.

2. Jacob:

 Master Assassin Outfit

The name ‘Master Assassin’ is one of the highest attainable ranks in the Brotherhood. Bearing the Assassins symbol on its striking red lapel, this outfit is a testament to the skill and strength of its wearer. The Master Assassin outfit offers an exceptional degree of skill and is sure get you out of trouble easily with its perks of extra assassin damage, since the kukri knife is the most lethal weapon and particularly Jacob’s strong side in the game, this outfit is exceptional to all tasks required by Jacob, giving him an extra boost. I feel like this outfit is great since you don’t need to progress far into the game to unlock it, it offers excellent damage skill to progress even further in taking on higher leveled enemies. Walk through the streets of London with the most badass style, because this outfit says it all.

What's good about the Master Assassins outfit:

  • Equipping this outfit increases kukri damage by 20%
  • Jacob’s tailor-made Master Assassin Outfit.
  • Unique style and finish armored look, applicable to the era.

How to get the Master Assassin outfit:

  • This outfit automatically unlocks once you have completed Sequence 6.

2. Evie:

Master Assassin Outfit

The name ‘Master Assassin’ is one of the highest attainable ranks in the Brotherhood. To wear this outfit is to display one’s status as a Master Assassin. Evie’s Master Assassin outfit carries an extraordinary set of skill adding to her stealth specialty, whereby she can navigate her way through passageways and corridors easily while taking down enemies without being seen. I feel like this outfit is great since you don’t have to be at an extremely high level to unlock it, and it works throughout the game for tasks required. Walk in this outfit undetected at most amping up stealth, along with its stylish design.

What's good about The Master Assassin outfit

  • Decrease detection speed by 25%
  • Increase in stealth ability
  • Evie’s tailor made Master Assassin Outfit.
  • Unique style and finish with an armored look, applicable to the era.

How to get The Master Assassin outfit:

  • This outfit automatically unlocks once you have completed Sequence 6.

1. Jacob:

 The Maximum Dracula outfit:

The best fit in the game for Jacob, while equipping this outfit, you can expect to be untouchable. You may unlock this outfit once you’re fully engrossed into the game and well past sequence seven. Walking through the misty streets of London, this outfit’s perks are set and aligned Victorian style and impressive character skills- on what the game expects. Few outfits are as imposing or as regal, the Maximum Dracula is truly the mark of a man at the height of his power. In addition to belts that can be equipped. In addition, the Legendary Assassin's belt will offer the highest amp to any outfit and with this, offers an additional high set of skill in Defense and Stealth, amping it to the outfit  will indeed live up to its name, The Maximum Dracula.

What's Good about The Maximum Dracula:

  • Decrease Melee damage by 10%
  • Decrease Ranged damage by 10%- 20%
  • Increase brass knuckle damage by 10%-20%
  • Selectively suited to Jacob’s character.
  • Stylish , armored predator design.

How to get the Maximum Dracula:

  • You will need lock picking level one skill unlocked.
  • Complete Sequence 8 to get a Schematic plan to unlock this outfit.
  • You will need to craft this outfit with: £10000, 150 Leather, and 100 Silk.

1. Evie:

The Aegis outfit:

Worn by the Ancients. The Aegis was an ancient armor outfit which allegedly belonged to the Isu scientist -Minerva. Millennia later sometime before the Industrial Revolution in the 1860s, the Assassin Michel Reuge somehow found The Aegis near Bath- Somerset in England and later stored it in an underground vault in London. In 1868, Evie and Jacob Frye gained access to Reuge's vault and Evie claimed the Aegis to her own usage. The best outfit to equip on Evie is The Aegis outfit, it is a beautiful design and offers the most of an all rounding set of skill and defense, apart from the other outfits available, this outfit compliments Evie’s stealth ability the best by adding in an extra boost. When Evie wears the Aegis, the outfit flickers with visible pixel lines like a screen.

What’s good about The Aegis outfit:

  • Decreases melee damage by 20%
  • Decrease ranged damage received by 20%
  • Increases cane-sword damage by 20%
  • Ancient Isu design has a sense of class.

How to get The Aegis outfit:

  • Collect all 32 Secrets of London and return them to the vault.

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