[Top 10] Assassin's Creed Syndicate Best Weapons and How to Get Them

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offers 50 weapons among 5 different types, including firearms, knuckle busters, kukri blades and Assassin Gauntlets. Collecting them is a rewarding experience in the game, you will also be required to craft and upgrade your weapons with the materials you will find throughout the city or by gathering enough resources, so you can buy them at the store. Below is a list of some of the top highly skilled weapons to use in the game.

10. Lion’s Claws

The design is inspired from lion’s claws. The King of the Jungle’s got nothing on you. Highly lethal brass knuckles that aim to make every punch felt, with a high stun, lethality and attack ability; these knuckles are sure to give off some pretty high damage.

What’s good about Lion’s Claws:

  • Brass knuckles
  • Heavy punches can be hit.
  • Claws are  designed to always provide damage to enemies.

How to get The Lion’s Claws:

  • You will need to be on level: 7 to use this item
  • Craft with £3750 and 140 Metal.
  • Craft materials are found in chests that are scattered across the map.


9.The Devil’s Handshake

They say you shouldn't shake hands with the Devil, but that's really more of a suggestion than a rule. A trip to the devil himself, these gauntlets are deadly well fit, and I feel are well rounded to use without changing them. They get the job done and offer high lethality and quick attacks.

What’s good about The Devil’s Handshake:

  • Quick, slick attack style.
  • Solid looking gauntlet.
  • Lethality level 8.

How to get The Devil’s Handshake:

  • You need to be on level: 8 to use the item.
  • It is a schematic item that needs to be crafted.
  • Complete Sequence 9; Double Trouble.
  • To craft this item once after completing this sequence, you will need: £8500,140 Leather, and 60 Silk.
  • This item has an upgrade ability of £5000 for +2 Attack.

8.The World’s Greatest Cane –Sword:

There are 23 species of vulture and not one of them has rubies for eyes. A valuable weapon with high damage ability, that provides maxed out attacks and lethality. an exquisite cane, with a vulture ruby-eyed head as its handle, this cane is certainly a precious weapon. The only downside, I feel, is that you’d have to be at a high level finally to enjoy this item.

What's good about The World’s Greatest Cane –Sword:

  • Fast attacks and damage.
  • Multi damage combat attacks can be performed.
  • Offers strong stealthy attacks.
  • A valuable item with a beautiful finish.

How to get The World's Greatest Cane Sword:

  • You will need to be on level: 10 to use this item.
  • You will need to reach Loyalty Level 5 with Robert Topping, in achieving first place achievement in races and fight clubs.


7. Ivory and Jade Cane-Sword

A fast, highly lethal weapon made with an ivory topped cane. Well- rounded which can earn a lot of damage with multi-combat moves. Enemies don’t stand a chance against this cane. 

What's good about the Ivory Jade Cane-Sword:

  • High damage weapon with high stun ability.
  • Multi damage combat attacks can be performed.
  • Perfect for stealth attacks.
  • Beautiful finish design.

How to get The Ivory Jade Cane Sword:

  • You need to be on level: 8 to use the item.
  • This weapon requires crafting.
  • Craft with £4500, 120 Leather, and 40 Chemical.
  • Craft materials are found in chests that are scattered across the map.


6. Master Assassin’s Kukri

With the Kukri blade being the best weapon choice in the game, it's no exception that The Master Assassin’s Kukri gets the job done, the Assassin way of course- in providing high damage, attack and lethality.

What's good about The Master Assassin’s Kukri:

  • A fast, deadly lethal weapon choice.
  • Delivers fearsome amount of damage.
  • Multi damage combat attacks can be performed.

How to get The Maser Assassin’s Kukri

  • You will need to be on level: 8
  • Reach loyalty 4 with Henry Green by completing required tasks.


5. Eagle Splendor Knuckles

Classy brass knuckles. Shaped like a stylized eagle and among the strongest brass knuckles of the age, these knuckles were made by Evie and Jacob Frye after they freed Westminster from the Blighter control. They offer high damage, and lethality in throwing those punches.

What's good about The Eagle Splendor Knuckles:

  • Perfect for landing heavy punches which aids in high damage.
  • Heavy force is provided through a punch.
  • Without the equipment of other weapons, it will cause serious damage to enemies.

How to get The Eagle Splendor Knuckles:

  • You need to be on level: 10 to use the item.
  • You need to Conquer The Borough of Westminster.


4. Night Terror Cane- Sword

You could say this cane is a real night-mare. It provides a high stun and attack on enemies. Ultimately, this is the best weapon of choice for Evie, complimenting her quiet stealth ability while matching her stylish design in masking her lethality. Jacob also has access to use this weapon.  Crane-Sword's has its own set of multi-finisher moves which are unique and varied based.

What's good about The Night Terror Cane- Sword:

  • This weapon provides: 9 Attack, 10 Stun, 6 Lethality.
  • A must for stealth missions.
  • High attack damage on melee attacks.
  • Wipe-out finisher for enemies.

How to get The Night Terror Crane- Sword:

  • You need to be on: level 9 to use the item.
  • This weapon requires crafting
  •  Craft with: £ 6,000, 160 Leather, 250 Chemical.
  • Craft materials are found in chests that are scattered across the map.

3. Assassin Gauntlets- The Chimera

A fearsome weapon and a terrifying tool. The Chimera, named after the famous mythical beast, it was  crafted from the schematics owned by the Frye twins. Gauntlets are gloves in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They give a bonus to your attack and serve as a complement to your weapon, particularly; the famous Hidden Blade. A good gauntlet gives quick attacks and damage. The chimera serves as the best gauntlet to have.

What's good about The Chimera:

  • This weapon provides the fastest quick on attack from other gauntlets.
  • Provides high damage.
  • Highest level gauntlet that can be obtained in the game.
  • Slick finished look.

How to get The Chimera:

  • You need to be on level: 9 to use the item.
  •  It is found in a schematic location, meaning that you will first have to find the blueprints which will enable you to craft the item.
  •  The blueprints are found in a chest which is in ‘Bank Vault’
  •  To craft this item once obtaining the blueprints, you will need: £9000,140 Metal, and 60 Silk.
  •  Craft materials are found in chests that are scattered across the map.


2. Self-Loading Pistol Model 1868

The Self-Loading Pistol Model 1868 is a semi-automatic pistol which was first produced in 1868.  It is replicated in Syndicate, and is one of the most powerful and accurate sidearms you can find and use.

What’s good about the Self – Loading Pistol Model 1868:

  • From the name, this pistol is self-loading.
  • This weapon has a quick shot accuracy.
  • Deals a 9/10 damage when maxed out.
  •  Provides an instant headshot attack on enemies with bullet pallets.
  • Great for finishing and combat attacks.

 How to get the Self- Loading Pistol Model 1868:

  • You need to be on level: 9 to use the item.
  • You will need to achieve a Loyalty Level 5 with Frederick Abberline (this is mainly done by completing bounty hunt quests for him which are located on the map).


1.Eagle Splendor Kukri

Kukri  blades deal the most damage and has the highest lethality of the other weapon options in the game, in addition – the kukri looks and feels the best- the best kukri in the game is the Eagle Splendor Kukri.

What's good about the Eagle Splendor Kukri:

  • This weapon provides the best combat and deals in damage with enemies not having a chance against you. 
  • Stealth driven and provides high damage in combat attacks.
  • In addition to amping up the most damage; wearing the Master Assassin Outfit will provide an additional twenty percent damage to deal maximum damage.

How to get The Eagle Splendor Kukri:

  • You will need to be on level: 9 to use the item.
  • Craft with: £6000, 160 Metal, and 50 Chemical -which are found in chests that are scattered across the map.

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