[Top 10] New World Best Weapons and How To Get Them

New World characters brandishing various weapons
They're just standing there . . . Menacingly.

If there’s one thing that competes with the mountain of bugs in the game, it is the massive amount of weapons in New World. There is a staggering amount of combinations between attributes, gems, and weapon perks. Despite this, there are some clear standouts in this sea of armaments, and we’ll rank them here according to their respective power levels.

Note: crafted weapons are not included in this list. Players can craft or pay crafters to high-roll the weapon perks they want, but this list is geared towards those who’d rather not spend a ton of gold and time doing so. This list will also also be geared towards player versus player (PvP) combat and all weapons listed assume 600-625 Gear Score versions.

10. Deeproot

“The older the tree, the stronger the magic.”

We start things off with Deeproot, a versatile Sword that possesses a well-balanced combination of utility and damage perks. Swords are not generally sought for their damage capabilities, but instead for their interruptive skillset and survivability. 

Deeproot’s flavor text implies it is imbued with some sort of magic from Viridulon the Rootbound, the final boss of the open world dungeon Eternal Pools.

What makes Deeproot great:

  • +15 Strength stat which Sword damage scales with maximally
  • Refreshing Move perk meshes well with the Sword’s light attack speed, and allows players to spam their abilities more often
  • Lifestealing perk synergizes with high armor and tank-mode
  • Empty Gem socket gives players freedom to choose extra damage perks
  • Pairs with a Shield, which means more stats and perks to play around with

How to get Deeproot: this weapon is dropped by the final boss of Eternal Pools, Viridulon the Rootbound. Players will have to group up and fully clear the open world dungeon to have a chance at this weapon.

Deeproot details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/1hlongsword_deeproott5

9. Conquest

“We are constantly at war with the forces of the island, and yet we still find time to war against one another.”

Melee Hatchet users aim to hit fast and critically strike often, and Conquest is a crit machine. Its perks center around benefiting from and performing even more critical strikes.

Not much is known about the lore of this weapon, though its flavor text hints at the conflict between the factions of Aeternum.

What makes Conquest great:

  • +30 Strength stat which Hatchets damage scales with maximally
  • Keen and Keen Speed synergy means players will critically strike and move quickly more often than not
  • Keen Berserk will add more critical strikes for Keen Speed uptime and burst damage when low on health
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Emerald for Opportunist IV, which is a decent damage gem that will help players finish off low-hp foes

How to get Conquest: fitting to its description, this weapon is only obtained from War Spoils. Players will have to participate in all the Wars they can for a chance at this drop.

Conquest details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/1hthrowingaxe_conquestt5

8. Wildfire Torch

“Rampaging and uncontrolled, the wildfire burns all who dare get near.”

Our first caster weapon is Wildfire Torch, and doesn’t boast a lot of synergy between its perks. However, they all boost the damage of individual aspects of a Firestaff wielder’s playstyle.

Once again there isn’t a lot of obvious backstory present from the weapon’s flavor text, but it infers its power is uncontrollable and will burn friend and foe alike.

What makes Wildfire Torch great:

  • +30 Intelligence stat which is the only attribute Firestaff damage scales with
  • Empowering Fireball increases frequently-used Fireball’s damage by a massive ~30%
  • Enchanted perk for amplified light and heavy attack damage
  • Keenly Empowered boosts damage after a critical strike by 15%, which is strong for attacks and abilities alike
  • Empty Gem socket gives players freedom to choose extra damage perks

How to get Wildfire Torch: this weapon only drops from Outpost Rush Caches, rewarded from participating in the Outpost Rush game mode. One benefit compared to other chest drops is you can solo-queue Outpost Rush, so you don’t have to form a group to farm for this weapon.

Wildfire Torch details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hstafffire_wildfiretorcht5

Honorable Mention: for those looking for more burst damage, the Firevine Battlestaff is for you. It drops off any miniboss in the Garden of Genesis expedition, and is an equally powerful option.

7. Final Respite

“Rest now.”

Rapiers are one of the strongest weapon types in New World, and wielders are granted superior evasiveness coupled with impressive burst damage. Final Respite plays to those strengths by increasing the chances for critical burst damage, and debuffing enemies to take more damage from all sources.

It’s unclear who or what the flavor text is quoting, but seems fitting for a Rapier’s “coupe de grâce” moment.

What makes Final Respite great:

  • +30 Dexterity stat which Rapier damage scales with maximally
  • Keen and Vicious makes critical strikes hit harder and more frequently
  • Sundering Riposte debuffs enemies by increasing all damage dealt to them
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Jasper for Retaliate IV, a more situational damage buff
  • Frightening burst damage potential when the stars align

How to get Final Respite: this weapon has a low chance to drop from the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition, from mobs and bosses alike.

Final Respite details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/1hrapier_finalrespitet5

6. Infamy

“The whole world shall know of your sin.”

Although Muskets generally aren’t as intimidating as some of the other weapons in the game, in the right hands they can pack a wallop. Infamy aims to strengthen this ambush-sniper playstyle, making initial shots deal massive amounts of damage if landed correctly with plenty of followup punch to finish the job. 

The flavor text implies that this weapon has been borne from some type of evil related to the boss it drops from: Alluvium Marl, The Caretaker. Or perhaps the player is a sinner for slaying Alluvium Marl, who is essentially an innocent gardener.

What makes Infamy great:

  • +30 Dexterity stat which Musket damage scales with maximally
  • Keen and Vicious makes critical strikes hit harder and more frequent
  • Enchanted perk further amplifies already massive headshot damage
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Onyx for Brash IV, which is already the best gem option for this weapon

How to get Infamy: this weapon drops from Alluvium Marl, The Caretaker, who is the second boss in the Garden of Genesis expedition.

Infamy details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hmusket_infamyt5

5. No Remorse

“My only regret is that I did not kill you sooner.”

No Remorse is a Greataxe, arguably the most popular weapon type in the game. Though they’ve been the target of recent nerfs, they still remain a formidable force with their combination of mobility and damage. No Remorse is the only weapon on this list that does not provide a +30 bonus to its favored stat, but it is a necessary sacrifice as most Legendary Greataxe drops have lackluster or useless perks. 

According to the flavor text, this Greataxe belonged to someone with a serious grudge. It refers to a killing done with no feeling of regret, though the characters involved are unknown.

What makes No Remorse great:

How to get No Remorse: this weapon is a world drop from elite chests, mobs, etc. However, since it is a Bind on Equip weapon, this means you could buy this from another player directly or off of the Trading Post.

No Remorse details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hgreataxe_noremorset5

Honorable mention: Let it be known that there is a Greataxe with some amazing damage perks and +30 Strength out there called Weaponmaster’s Chosen. It drops from the first boss of the Lazarus Instrumentality and comes with both Keen and Vicious perks, which amplify the Greataxe’s already-frequent critical strikes.

The Pristine Opal it comes with for Gambit IV is a decent damage boost as well, but what keeps this weapon from overtaking No Remorse is the absolutely useless skill perk Mending Execute. No one uses Execute since it suffers from a long animation time, small hitbox, and frankly unimpressive damage for the time it takes to perform.

4. Fury

“A thief you can trust is no thief to you.”

Warhammers are a menace in New World, and remain one of the strongest weapons in the game due to their combination of Crowd Control (CC) effects and massive strike damage. Fury features perks that increase its critical strike chance and damage much like other highly ranked weapons on this list, but also deals significantly amplified damage after performing one.

The flavor text is a bit ambiguous, but perhaps hints at this weapon’s intimidating presence over wrongdoers and that they choose to side with its wielder.

What makes Fury great:

  • +30 Strength which Warhammer damage scales with maximally
  • Keen and Vicious makes critical strikes hit harder and more frequently
  • Keenly Empowered perk synergizes with Keen for increased uptime and frightening heavy attack damage
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Malachite for Cruel IV, which is perfect for this CC-heavy weapon

How to get Fury: this Warhammer drops from Chardis, who is the final boss in the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition. Players will have to clear this dungeon completely for a chance to own this weapon.

Fury details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hwarhammer_furyt5

3. Will of the Ancients

“What did they desire? And why did they leave?”

Similar to the Greataxe, the Lifestaff has been the target of some mild nerfs over the course of New World’s most recent patches. Despite this it remains the only dedicated healing weapon in the game, and players who specialize their characters accordingly can become nigh unkillable. Will of the Ancients possesses the perfect combination of perks for healers, with major cooldown reductions and amplified healing.

The flavor text refers to the origins of the Ancients, an indigenous monster faction of Aeternum. The quote ponders what their purpose was, and perhaps what led to their widespread extinction and undead reanimation.

What makes Will of the Ancients great:

  • +30 Focus stat which Lifestaff healing and damage scales with maximally
  • Blessed perk increases all healing by a whopping 20%
  • Refreshing Move perk meshes well with Lifestaff users frequent light attack spam
  • Refreshing for additional static cooldown reduction
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Diamond for Rally IV, which further amplifies healing

How to get Will of the Ancients: Once again, this is a drop from the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition. Many powerful weapons are found in this expedition, and players would be wise to farm it.

Will of the Ancients details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/2hstafflife_willoftheancientst5

2. Winter Wish

“As fatigue sets in, many explorers have tried to continue on. Many explorers have never returned.”

Ice Gauntlets are absolute monsters of CC in New World, capable of slowing and freezing players in place with their many abilities. They have been a strong option from the game’s inception, combining strong CC, huge burst damage, and all at a range in one package. Winter’s Wish strengthens the burst potential of the Ice Gauntlet with, once again, critical strike perks.

The lore on this weapon is a bit mysterious; it implies some kind of brutal, tiring journey that explorers meet their end during. However, this weapon is found in the lush Garden of Genesis, like a few others on this list. Is the implication here that this weapon inflicts such a terrible chill on your enemies that they wish for… Spring?

What makes Winter’s Wish great:

  • +30 Intelligence stat which Ice Gauntlet damage scales with maximally
  • Keen and Vicious makes critical strikes hit harder and more frequent, and amplifies the burst potential of Ice Spikes
  • Chain Ice is somewhat inconsequential but is a form of additional damage
  • Replaceable Cut Pristine Malachite for Cruel IV, which will see constant uptime since opponents are frequently slowed

How to get Winter’s Wish: this drops from the same boss Infamy does, which is Alluvium Marl, The Caretaker. Players will have to run Garden of Genesis to obtain this weapon.

Winter’s Wish details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/1hgauntletice_winterwisht5

1. Dusk

 “Darkness reaches its peak, the void is happy.”

Void Gauntlets are the newest weapon type added to New World, and though players were initially uncertain of its effectiveness it has proven itself to be the strongest PvP weapon currently in the game. Its combination of strong sustained damage and continuous healing makes Void Gauntlet wielders indomitable. There are several viable options but Dusk has the winning list of perks to amplify the Void Gauntlet’s greatest strengths.

Its flavor text hints that this weapon epitomizes darkness itself, and that some sinister being is made happy at this achievement.

What makes Dusk great:

  • +20 Intelligence and +10 Focus stats, both of which Void Gauntlet damage scales with
  • Keen and Vicious makes critical strikes hit harder and more frequent, and means more healing for the wielders overall
  • Voracious Blade perk allows players to stay on the offensive when damaged
  • Empty Gem socket gives players freedom to choose extra damage or healing perks
  • It’s a Void Gauntlet

How to get Dusk: this powerful weapon drops from Elite and Supply Chests in level 59+ zones. It is another Bind on Equip weapon, which means you can buy this from other players or on the Trading Post.

Dusk details: https://nwdb.info/db/item/1hgauntletvoid_duskt5

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