Deejay Knight Does a Guided New World Aeternum Tour

Deejay Knight Does a Guided New World Aeternum Tour
The Corrupted seek to destroy the world. What are you gonna do about it?

Deejay Knight has done a guided tour of New World Aeternum to point new explorers in the right direction.

Aeternum is a mysterious island that consists of a variety of different environments, from the lush tropical jungles and ancient ruins to mountains, forests, and swamps. Aeternum is home to thousands of people. 

The Corrupted. Image by New World.

However, despite its great beauty and rich resources, Aeternum is also home to dark and evil forces, with ‘The Guardians’, ‘The Lost’, and the ‘Angry Earth’ ready and eager to pounce on unsuspecting travelers, while ‘The Corrupted’ seek to corrupt and control the world.

First, and most evil of all, is ‘The Corrupted’. ‘The Corrupted’ are immortal and twisted servants of an ancient evil that is described as a “force of madness and destruction.” The origins of ‘The Corrupted’ are unknown, but it is suspected that they were awakened at the dawn of time, or by the arrogant actions of an ancient civilization known simply as ‘The Ancients’.

Ancient Guardians. Image by New World.

Where the ‘Ancients’ came from and where they disappeared to, is yet another of the plethora of unsolved mysteries shrouding the world of Aeternum.

Another group of creepy inhabitants of Aeternum is ‘The Guardians’. These are ancient creatures who have gained immortality through the vast reserves of Azoth on Aeternum. ‘The Guardians’ can be found diligently guarding ancient landmarks with their lives. Some, however, wander aimlessly through Aeternum, with no real knowledge of their original intended purpose.

The Lost. Image by New World.

‘The Lost’ are humans who have come to Aeternum seeking the inherent power that comes with immortality granted by Azoth but have lost their souls in the process of gaining immortality, become soulless undead wandering through Aeternum. 

Lastly, there is the ‘Angry Earth’. These are manifestations of nature that are empowered by Azoth and whose sole purpose is the defense of Aeternum against ‘The Corruption’. However, in their zeal to defend Aeternum they pose a threat to any that come near them.

Despite their purpose, some of the ‘Angry Earth’ has fallen to ‘The Corruption’ and has become extremely dangerous and a threat to be reckoned with.

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