New World Winter Convergence Event Will Go Live With the December Update!

New World Winter Convergence Event Will Go Live With the December Update!
The Winter Convergence event is coming soon.

New World has announced that its ‘Winter Convergence’ event is going live with the December update.

On 15 December 2021, at 3:04 AM CET New World announced the release of the New World December update in a tweet stating, “We know you are all super excited for the December Monthly Update and the release of the Winter Convergence event and so are we! We will not be releasing this update today but stay tuned for the December Monthly Update announcement!”

Image from the Winter Convergence event trailer. Image by New World.

Players are quite disappointed in the delay of the December update and did not hesitate to voice their opinions. One user on the official New World forum stated, “So, they just updated on the fact that they don’t have anything to update us on? Thanks… I guess?”

Another user took the original announcement and twisted it in an attempt at satire and sarcasm, “We didn’t keep you updated on what the fuck is going on, but as we communicated in a Dev Blog we are keeping you updated. We know you are all super excited about what is coming next and so are we! There is no update today but stay tuned for the next update that is coming soon!!”

The Yeti? Image by New World.

There are a large number of similar tweets, indicating that this is clearly upsetting a lot of players. However, there are those who prefer to be reasonable and not judge too harshly, for instance, a user posted the following on the forum in response to one of the complainers:

“What are you talking about? They announced the “Into the Void” patch (1.1) on November 17th, and the patch went live on November 18th at 5 a.m… The fact that they haven’t posted the official announcement yet does not necessarily mean it’s going to be delayed. You are being a Karen.”

As yet, no exact date for the patch release has been given, however, based on the way things went over the past couple of months, it is safe to assume that it will be some time in the next 2 to 3 days.

Stay tuned to the official New World Twitter for any potential updates and release news.

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