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10.The Icon of Sin

Named after the iconic final boss of Doom Eternal, this piece is a relentless onslaught of intense electronic elements, choral vocals, and pounding drums. Culminating in what can only be described as a demonic orchestra perfectly capturing  the chaotic nature and grandeur of the battle against the Icon of Sin.

The track starts with a sense of impending doom, building tension with atmospheric sounds before erupting into a cacophony of aggressive guitar riffs and thunderous percussion. What makes “The Icon of Sin” truly stand out is its ability to seamlessly blend metal, industrial, and atmospheric electronic elements, creating a sonic landscape that compliments the apocalyptic atmosphere of Doom Eternal. It’s a track that not only enhances the gaming experience but also stands on its own as a powerful and intense piece of music.


9. The Doom Hunter

“The Doom Hunter” is a sonic barrage  that mirrors the unstoppable nature of the formidable adversary that it accompanies. The track immerses listeners in the mechanical brutality and futuristic chaos that defines the encounter with the Doom Hunter.

From the offset, the music sets a threatening tone with electronic pulses and atmospheric trip-hop-esque elements creating an unnerving anticipatory sense of danger. As the guitars crash in, the composition transforms into a symphony of aggression. The pacing of the track propels forward with unyielding energy, creating a sense of urgency and intensity that mirrors the ferocity of the Doom Hunter. It’s not merely background music, it’s a dynamic and immersive experience that thrusts players into a fierce and formidable battle.  


8. Final Sin - Sandy City

“Final Sin - Sandy City” serves as the backdrop for the climactic final level of the game, providing a fittingly epic and intense musical experience. It is a great  conclusion to the Doom Eternal soundtrack, leaving players with a lasting impression of the game’s intensity and the triumph of facing insurmountable odds.

What sets “Final Sin - Sandy City” apart is its dynamic composition. The track seamlessly transitions between different sections, featuring moments of blistering speed and sections  of slower, more ominous tones. This versatility  adds depth to the listening experience and compliments the diverse challenges that players face in the final level of Doom Eternal. The incorporation of electronic elements, such as synthesizers and industrial sounds, further enhances the futuristic and otherworldly atmosphere of the game.


7. Super Gore Nest 

What makes “Super Gore Nest” remarkable is its ability to create a sense of urgency and adrenaline. It’s a sonic journey that perfectly compliments the brutal and visceral nature of the Doom series.

The track kicks off with a sense of impending danger, featuring ominous electronic sounds that build tension. As the guitars come in, the music propels the player into a relentless and chaotic battle against the demonic hordes in the Super Gore Nest level. The track’s dynamic composition is evident as it seamlessly transitions between different moods, from moments of suspenseful buildup to explosive bursts of heavy metal intensity. The marriage of industrial and metal elements showcases Mick Gordon’s unique style, adding a layer of depth to the overall atmosphere of the game.


6. Exultia 

“Exultia” is a captivating ambient track that provides stark contrast to the intense and aggressive pieces of the soundtrack. It sets the mood for the Exultia level, offering a moment of respite amidst the chaos.

The music opens with a haunting and mysterious atmosphere, characterized by ethereal sounds and subtle electronic textures. This ambient introduction creates a sense of exploration and anticipation as players navigate the level. As the track unfolds, it gradually introduces melodic elements that evoke a sense of ancient and cosmic grandeur. The use of choir-like vocals adds a spiritual and epic quality, enhancing the feeling of traversing a fantastical realm steeped in history and mystery. This ambient composition serves as a moment of reflection within the larger narrative of Doom Eternal, allowing players to absorb the atmospheric beauty of the game world before diving back into the relentless battles that await.


5. Hell On Earth

“Hell On Earth” is a perfect musical prelude to the chaos and ferocity that defines the Doom Eternal experience. Possibly the “clickiest” of all of the Doom Eternal soundtrack, this one really pushes the synthetic and digital elements of Mick Gordon’s style to the forefront.

Listeners can’t help but be drawn in by the ticking clock that’s been subtly put into several parts of this composition, hypnotically pulling you deeper into the swirling void of rage that’s unique to this soundtrack. This track has everything you would hope for from a Mick Gordon production, the almost Aphex Twin inspired subtle and textural ambient synthesizer atmospheres, with some strange mangled sounds rhythmically inserted in places that almost shouldn’t musically exist. Which then transitions with screaming guitars and synthesizers into hardcore Djent grooves that slam the listener’s eardrums with absolutely no mercy. Through intricate guitar work, electronic fusion, rhythmic complexity, and strategic orchestration, Mick Gordon successfully creates an immersive Doom Slaying musical cacophony. 


4. Cultist Base

“Cultist Base” is a dynamic and intense track, it serves as the backdrop for the Cultist Base level, capturing the frenetic pace of gameplay offered by the frozen landscape and narrow hallways full of demons. 

What makes “Cultist Base” noteworthy is its relentless momentum. The rhythmic patterns and drive of the music mirror the player’s constant movement and engagement with the demonic enemies of Doom Eternal. The track's pace keeps the adrenaline pumping and heightens the intensity through percussive synth hits and roaring electronic risers. Mick Gordon’s signature blend of heavy metal and electronic elements is on full display in “Cultist Base”. It captures the essence of the entire game, fast paced, in your face, and unapologetically intense. 


3. Meathook

“Meathook” is a pulse-pounding and electrifying slab of Djent that was created to reflect the ultimate weapon which it is named after. This track, like the meat hook itself, adds a dynamic and thrilling dimension to the Doom Eternal soundtrack. 

“Meathook” seems almost  synchronized with the Doom Slayer’s movements. The dynamic shifts in the music correspond to the ebb and flow of the gameplay, enhancing the immersion and making the player feel like an unstoppable force in the midst of chaos. As the music progresses, it captures the essence of speed and momentum. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, showcasing Mick Gordon’s ability to create intricate and powerful progressive metal riffs on the nine-string guitar to compliment the fast-paced on screen action. The guitar tone on this track, and most of the soundtrack really, is the guttural buzz of a chainsaw hitting like a steel fist. Turn on your subwoofer for this one.


2. BFG Division 2020

“BFG Division 2020” is a thrilling reimagining of the iconic “BFG Division” track from the original Doom 2016 soundtrack. This revamped version not only pays homage to its predecessor but also takes the intensity to new heights, fitting for the high-powered weaponry and relentless action of the game. 

Right from the start, “BFG Division 2020” demands the players attention with its thunderous drum slams, groovy djent riffs, and sizzling synthesizer layers that sound straight out of hell itself. The sheer force and energy conveyed by the music perfectly match the destructive power of the BFG in the game. The guitars are really the star here, delivering the gunshot-like palm-muted open string rhythm which makes this track so iconic, even across games. The transitions between sections are near seamless, adding to the highly dynamic quality that is so unique to these Doom games in particular. It fluctuates in intensity and tempo so much so that it aligns with the natural rhythm of gameplay, striking the perfect balance between thrilling the player with its strong rhythms while also occasionally sinking into the background as the Doom Slayer may need to break from combat and rethink their strategies. “BFG Division 2020” stands as a remarkable showcase of Mick Gordon’s talent in reimagining and elevating his own iconic creations. 


1. The Only Thing They Fear Is You

“The Only Thing They Fear Is You” is the poster-child of the soundtrack of Doom Eternal. Almost any discussion of the game will naturally require someone to bring up mention of this iconic gamer anthem. There is almost no other track which Mick Gordon has composed which is more indicative of and proudly characterized by his blend of Meshuggah style extended range buzzsaw guitars and modern EDM sounds and ethos. 

“The Only Thing They Fear Is You” takes everything great about the other tracks on this list and boils it down into a pure filtered extract of auditory violence. The groove switchups and transitions in this track are nothing short of brilliant, delivering top notch riffs one-after the other, never losing its intense grip on the listener. Gordon’s guitar work is nothing short of virtuosic, with the blinding shredding and intricate patterns elevating this track from musical accompaniment to progressive metal masterpiece. The rhythmic foundation laid out by the drums is equally noteworthy, as double bass patterns and precision-driven fills provide a powerful backbone straight into the synthetic-industrial elements woven into the arrangement. The track’s success lies not only in its ability to complement the gameplay but in its standalone brilliance as a metal composition, pushing the boundaries of what is expected in the realm of video game soundtracks. 

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