10 Best DOOM Eternal Achievements and How to Get Them

Best DOOM Eternal Achievements
Doomguy is proud of you for earning achievements

This article may contain spoilers for DOOM Eternal

Looking to get the most out of your playthrough of DOOM Eternal? If you don’t want to hunt around for a long time (and don’t want to feel like you have to grind to get them), these 10 achievements are some of the best to look out for during your run through of DOOM. 


10. The Once and Future Slayer


You may be asking why this achievement is special, if the achievement means just finishing the game. A lot of players get plenty of games every year, and many of them end up not finishing some of the games they started, either because something comes up in their life, they get bored, give up, or simply don’t like the game. It is never a small feat when it comes to finishing a video game, especially a game that can be as hard as DOOM, so getting this achievement, whether you played the entire game on ‘Too Young to Die’ or ‘Nightmare’ mode, just finishing it is a great achievement to earn.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Make sure you finish the game and get to the end credits.
  • Doesn’t matter how many Praetor suit points, toys, etc., you’ve collected.

Other Details:

  • You can use cheats you find in-game and still earn the achievement after finishing the game.


9. Homemaykr


Sentinel batteries are not essential in the DOOM world, but merely exist just to give the players a bit of extra fun in their down time. Sentinel batteries are used primarily for getting the extra goodies lying around your lair once you return home from a long day of demon slaying. Once you’ve ventured to some of the deepest corners of your home, you’ll find that sentinel batteries can be used for changing Doomguys’ outfit, specifically, unlocking his original outfit from the very first DOOM game, amongst other cosmetic changes.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • You must collect at least 8 Sentinel batteries to unlock.
  • Each collectible to unlock at Doomguys’ home requires two Sentinel batteries. 

Other Details:

  • Sentinel batteries are a bit rare; sometimes they are harder to find than the big, glowing question mark that marks where secrets are located.


8. Reforged and Refueled


Recently appearing as a hallucination to Doomguy in 2016, DOOM Eternal brings back the iconic Crucible energy sword that Doomguy is tasked with forging. The Crucible is one of the most destructible weapons in the entire game (besides the BFG 9,000 or 10,000), with one swipe cutting any demons in half, instantly. Unfortunately the Crucible doesn’t last that long, and can only be used when the later environments in the game give you red pieces of Hell energy, with the Crucible only able to hold three at a time.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Acquire the Crucible in one of the later levels of the game, Taras Nabad.
  • Your controller will constantly vibrate when the sword is equipped, because the power is so great in the game, it lets you feel it in real life as well.

Other Details:

  • This same Hell energy can be seen at the end of the Marauders’ axe, so it is not limited to Doomguy.


7. It’s a Magic Number


This achievement might be one of the easiest to achieve in the entire game. It’s a Magic Number just reiterates how much time you’ve spent killing and slaying the demons of Hell, only unlocking once the player has killed 666 demons. Obviously the entire objective is to kill as many demons the game throws at you, so no grinding to achieve this, just play the game as you normally would to earn this achievement.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Play the campaign like normal, and the achievement should unlock.
  • Play with your friends in BattleMode if for some reason you don’t unlock the achievement in the campaign.

Other Details:

  • The achievement is worth 67 points, and not a normal amount like 60, because why not.


6. Treasure Hunter


This achievement requires a bit of elbow grease to finish, but is worth looking into if you are a huge fan of lore and background history. Taras Nabad takes the player back to where the Doom Slayer began his rip-and-tear journey through Hell and back, with the achievement requiring players to basically find, destroy, and do everything there is to do in Taras Nabad. While that may mean you might have to grind your way through this level, it’ll be worth it if you want to feel like you’ve completed the story aspect of the game.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Must find all items, secret or not, beat all mission challenges, and slay every demon encounter you come in contact with in order to earn the achievement.
  • The AutoMap is a 3D rendition of the current environment Doomguy is in, and can show you where secrets are located. Make sure to find Automaps scattered around each level.

Other Details:

  • Taras Nabad is where you find the iconic Crucible, so slaying your way through this achievement won’t be as taxing as it might’ve been in earlier levels.


5. Reforged the Genie Lamp


Cheat codes are a rarity. It’s even more rare that a developer will give you cheat codes to their own game. That’s a unique feature with DOOM Eternal. There is even a secret achievement to beating the game with only the Famine cheat code on. Cheat codes are usually a thing you find on the internet when you’re looking to spice up your gameplay experience (or cheat the system somehow), but DOOM allows you to find codes in random places to give the player a pain free cheat code experience.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Find all 14 cheat codes in the game by looking out for all big, yellow question marks that indicate where an secret will be.
  • Cheat codes come in the form of different colored floppy disks with fitting names to indicate what they do.
  • Look to your Automap and gather Automap schemes to help you find secrets.

Other Details:

  • The Master of Fasting achievement is earned when the player completes a campaign using only the Famine mode cheat.

4. They’re ALL My Favorite


You may have noticed a few of these holographic knights lingering around each of the facilities you’ve been to, and the giant coin they hold out in front of you isn’t used to buy things. Instead, Praetor Suit coins unlock perks to give Doomguys’ suit extra abilities that’ll help him become faster, jump farther, and rip through demons easier with Praetor Suit tokens in tow. These guys aren’t as hard to get to as the giant question marks are, and are one of the easier perks in general, so make sure to look out for these generous knights scattered around.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Unlock all Praetor Suit perks in a single save slot.
  • There are a few different Praetor Suit slots to choose from, and you only need to unlock one slot fully to earn the achievement. 

Other Details:

  • Also called tokens, these can be hidden behind black cracks in the wall, above or below you. Keep an eye out!


3. Extra Extra Lives


Extra Lives bode well with us in any game we play. In DOOM though, finding a glowing green helmet might mean that a difficult fight is coming up. The Extra Extra Lives achievement rewards the player for picking up Extra Lives whenever one is presented to them. The player can gather up as many Extra Lives as they come across, with the game automatically applying an Extra Life to the player once the Doom Slayer has ‘died’ - they can come back to life if they have an Extra Life in their inventory. 

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • The player must find 20 Extra Lives or more to unlock.
  • Doesn’t matter if you use Extra Lives in the game, it just has to be 20 lives total, not have 20 lives in your inventory by the time you finish the campaign.

Other Details:

  • Extra Lives are a rare item like the Praetor Suit tokens, cheat codes and toys, so you will have to look out for them just as much as the other items.


2. Iconoclast


Killing off the final boss of any game is always a great feeling, but beating a final boss in DOOM Eternal feels just a little bit better, for some reason. Seeing a twenty story tall monster come crashing down around you after defeating him can bring a rush of adrenaline to any player - and it may sound easier than it looks. The Icon of Sin has been a staple in the DOOM games since the dawn of time, with him making a roaring comeback in Eternal to teach the Doom Slayer some manners. Shoot and destroy all 8 armor plates  covering his fleshy body, and you’ve got yourself an achievement. 

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Defeat the final boss on any game mode.
  • You must finish the campaign.
  • No grinding involved.

Other Details:

  • Unlike a normal achievement, this one is worth a whopping 90 points, so it’s definitely worth finishing.


1. Playset Sold Separately


Ever since the return of the DOOM franchise in 2016, toys have been a prevalent part of the game. The cute Easter Egg collectables used to mean finding a different Doomguy doll in unique armor and colors. Now, the toys, or action figures, you find each resemble a different demon residing in the DOOM world. The cutest part is when Doomguy finds his own toy collectible, and promptly picks it up, gives it a little shake, and plays with it before slaying a few more demons he might’ve missed on the way in. It is definitely a great feeling to look back at your shelf in the lair and see all their little eyes staring back at you.

How to Earn the Achievement:

  • Collect all 31 toys to earn the achievement.
  • Toys are always found by locating a big, yellow, glowing question mark that indicates a secret to be found.
  • You must find all the toys within a single save.

Other Details:

  • Once found, the toy will appear on the Doom Slayers’ toy shelf in his lair, waiting for you to find it again when you return home.

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