Doom Eternal Gameplay - 10 Facts You Should Know

Doom Eternal Gameplay
Are your trigger fingers excited yet?

Doom Eternal Comes To Us in 2019

If you were one of the lucky attendees at this year's QuakeCon, you got to see some of the first hand looks at Bethesda's new addition to the Doom series: Doom Eternal.

Fans of the original 2016 Doom game are going to go insane when this sequel rocks stores in 2019. I know I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for this soon-to-be titan of the gaming world. From the reaction of fans at the convention, Doom Eternal is already hitting hard as one of the most anticipated sequels of next year. While the developers were "mums the word" at the Gameplay reveal at QuakeCon on the exact release date, the game already has fans itching to get a hold of it.

The player takes control of the DoomSlayer, wakes up in a world gone to Hell and then is immediately hit with hoards of terrifying creatures wanting to do nothing more than to rip your head off. However, unlike its predecessor, it looks like we could see some serious updates in environmental play and character designs (more on this later, promise).

With the revival of old faces, including a new and improved Doomslayer, re-hashings on old monsters and of course, the vibrant environments we all know and love (I know I do!), DE is no doubt going to make a slam dunk when it releases. I mean, have you seen the trailer?!

10) Meet the Ballista

One of the most well-recognized aspects of Doom are the unique weapons used by the DoomSlayer as he makes his way through his hellish environment. DE brings another hard hitting side splitter back to the game: The Ballista. This crossbow shaped power-house allows you, the player, to fire at demons while staying at a safe distance (but, why would you want to?). The fun part? You get to watch your foe explode into pieces in a truly graphic rain of gore. Game director Marty Stratton describes the ballista as a weapon capable of spearing demons with an explosive bolt. In the gameplay trailer, we briefly see the Doomslayer blow a demon away with the ballista in a straight line of firey destruction. If I were a demon (like in the new Invasion dynamic, shh), I wouldn't want this pointed at me.

9) DoomSlayer's trusty shotgun (plus meathook)

While we're on the subject of weapons, remember in Doom 2016 where we carried around our faithful shotgun? Well, guess what's back with a bang in Doom 2016 - good old shotgun. This time, it's got an addition. I know one aspect of Doom 2016 that always got me were those annoying lower demons who ran up on me and started taking pot shots. Maybe that annoyed you too? If it did, meet the meathook, an extension to the shotgun allowing the player to reach out and grab a demon before it gets the chance to go after you. Grab those suckers before they have a chance and blast the daylights out of them!

8) Bring on the Baddies

As if the baddies in Doom 2016 weren't enough to make gamers rattle their bones and tire out their thumbs enough. At QuakeCon, Bethesda promised (and from that trailer, they delivered) that Doom Eternal would not only re-invent some of the terrifying faces from the previous game but they taken a next step. They're going to introduce some fresh (yet not so fresh for long time fans) demonic blood into the mix. For example, my friend here, the Arachnotron from Doom 2 and the ever terrifying Pain Elemental. 

7) The "Breakdown" System

I'll never forget those kills in Doom 2016. Gruesome, gory, yet so satisfying. Well, Bethesda's at it again by promising to make your kills even more gratifying. How? Well, in Hugo's own words, "we've created a whole new system." Fans went wild when the developers revealed the new breakdown images showing demons in each of the phases of their destruction as our DoomSlayer pummels the literal lives out of them. Talk about something immersive, realistic and completely badass! I hope your trigger finger is aching to get the carnage started as much as mine is!

6) Explore a Beautiful, (yet slightly destroyed) Environment

The game opens with the DoomSlayer gearing up and heading into Hell in every sense of the word. Fans who saw the E3 announcement trailer got a glimpse of what we can expect from the world of DE. However, at QuakeCon, the developers took it a step further and really emersed us in a world devoured by the denizens only nightmares are made of. With such a powerful opening and secret reveals of other environments, (Yes, I cover those too) one can only theorize on how intense of a trip we the gamers can expect. For fun, I've included a clean, extended version of that intense trailer music. I invite you to take a listen.

5) Do You hear that Music?

Mick Gordon is at it again with bringing a heart-pounding thrill ride with yet another soundtrack guaranteed to be a gamer's best friend while slamming, shooting and slicing monster face. Gamers are once more sucked into the encounter by fast-paced, hard- hitting music perfect for a not so peaceful romp through Hell on Earth. (If you haven't, this would be a good time to check the E3 trailer and the extended version of the music). This music brings the heat, folks! The best part, you don't have to wait long. The soundtrack hits hard from the get-go and continues all the way through the game play!

4) Time to Get Up Close & Personal, Gamers

Now, I'm not as well-versed in Doom as many of those of you who attended QuakeCon. In truth, I had no idea what to expect when starting the game at all. When I put it in the PS4 and got going, can I just say Glory Kill! That is one of the best aspects of the game to me. Well DE takes that ultimate awesomeness and cranks it up the vector scale. For those who may be new, a Glory Kill is when our Doomslayer pounds the pudding out of a demon until it starts glowing. Then you're rewarded with a truly gory finish. The finishers in DE deliver in the trailer by not only bringing on the fisticuffs but also...wait for it....sword slinging action! Instead of crushing the head, slice em up instead!

3) Head to Phobos!

In an interview with Hugo Martin, according to criticisms of Doom 2016, players exhibited some disappointments when the game play got monotonous. Hell to Mars, Mars to Hell. Look another corridor. DE is going to change all of that by introducing, according to Marty Stratton, a whole "Doom Universe." You still get the aspects of Hell on Earth (no Mars?), but Bethesda outlines its plans for a fresh outlook on the subject and incorporate an ever active environment. Did I mention there's more than just two planes of play? Oh and apparently, there are landscapes we, as gamers, would never imagine our Doomslayer would go? (You didn't hear this from me but Marty and Hugo dropped the ball in an interview with VG247)

2) Faster, Stronger, Meaner, Rage-Filled

Fans of Doom 2016 got a look at just how ticked off our boy acted towards his world being over-run by murderous monsters. Doom Eternal reveals a bit (okay, that's putting it lightly) more on just how ticked he is. Doomslayer in DE is faster, stronger and holds a true, "I don't give a *bleep*" attitude. He's slimmed down his outfit and moves faster on the platforms while firing away at oncoming threats. On Phobos, we see just how shocked everyone is at actually seeing him but he's more "cut the crap", grabs a man's badge and scans himself through. Oh and he also takes a guard's gun, let's himself through another gate and proceeds to plant hot plasma into the demons at the gate. The beauty of it, the dynamic isn't hindered when switching from console to PC, as the developers revealed at the convention.

1) Time for a Demon Invasion

A new, fresh dynamic (as if you haven't seen enough, right?) is the introduction to the new Invasion campaign. Players can now take over demons and invade, solo or choose to be invaded in their own (or another player's campaign). You can even form parties to hunt down the DoomSlayer as packs of vengeful demons angry at having their afternoon goring interrupted. This is something unheard of in previous Doom games! Hugo Martin puts it perfectly at QuakeCon when he says "It's a great new way to add drama and unpredictability to your campaigns." (At this point, I think I'm just ready to skip the pre-order and give my money to the nearest game store).

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