Top 5 DOOM Eternal Best Builds

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Best Builds in DOOM

Doomguy is already the one of the biggest, if not, the biggest and baddest game protagonist that’s ever lived. While we didn’t really know how Doomguy got to be so strong, Eternal finally sheds some light on his background (and we even hear his voice for the first time!).

But how do you get even stronger in a game that already gives you so many powerful weapons? Here’s a few builds you can make in DOOM Eternal to rip and tear your way through Hell.


5. Ammo Build (Best for Getting More Ammo at the Beginning of the Game)

Obviously, you won’t be an expert at DOOM Eternal right out of the gate, and the game only gives you a few guns to work with at the very start. Only having a few guns to work with means you’ll need a little bit more fire power so you won’t be constantly running out of ammo. Here’s what you’ll need to make the most out of your ammo - at least for the first half of the game. 

What Ammo Upgrade Excels in:

  • Wastes less time reloading the few guns you have, allowing you to move about more freely, so you aren’t looking for ammo all the time.
  • You’ll be able to hold more ammo for the guns you have, until you get new guns.


  • You can find Crystal Runes in Doomguys’ home base to upgrade your ammo, so make sure all of the Sentinel Batteries you find goes to unlocking the Crystal Runes around Doomguys’ base first.
  • Once you have enough Sentinel Crystals, unlock the ammo perk of the Belch Armor Boost. This allows demons to drop more ammo.
  • With specific upgrades that are recommended for primarily getting health and ammo first, you’ll need to equip the Quick Draw Belch, Loot Magnet, and Belch Armor Boost. These will allow the player to set ammo and health as a priority, and have the resources that fall from demons get pulled in from much further away.


4. Waste Less Time Build (Best for Using Time to Your Advantage)

We love multitasking in games - it’s easy for players to learn how to do a couple of different things at once, and DOOM is definitely here for your multitasking needs. This build can be used at any time during the entire game, and you may even want to keep these skills, runes, and mods on until the end of the campaign. This build is great for using your time wisely - making sure you’re not wasting any time slaying demons in any situation you’re put into.

What Wasting No Time Excels In: 

  • Finishing levels faster, allowing you to focus on more story in you want to.
  • Building up your aim and skills.


  • With the Heavy Cannon, equip the Precision Bolt mod to get the scope.
  • With Sentinel Batteries, gain Crystals to equip the Chrono Strike rune. This allows you to slow down time in mid-air (hitting demons while going from jump pad to jump pad). This rune allows you to precisely hit demons’ weak spots while in the air, so instead of waiting to hit the ground to start shooting demons again, you can hit them while airborne.
  • You’ll also want to equip the Equipment Fiend rune, allowing you to decrease your cooldown time of any weapon you’re currently using on demons. This will save you time and energy when reloading and recharging your weapons.


3. Fan of Grenades (Best for Getting the Most Out of Your Grenades)

Grenades are extremely useful for getting extra armor, and for getting a bit more firepower when you may be running low on ammo for your guns. If you’re not the best at shooting and want to get the most out of your explosives, here’s the best way to get the most out of your grenades.

What Fan of Grenades Excels in:

  • Changing up the nature of your grenades so that you won’t always be throwing fire bombs the whole time. 
  • Useful for freezing enemies and getting time on your side, giving you the chance to deal extra damage to enemies.


  • You’ll need to scour the map for Praetor Suit coins, as the grenades are attached to your suit, and isn’t detachable. 
  • You will need to equip the Faster Frag Cooldown Praetor Suit perk for faster grenade cooldowns and recharges.
  • You will also need the Ice Bomb for faster ice grenade cooldown. The Ice Bomb is responsible for freezing enemies for a few seconds, which lets the player deal more damage to them without them fighting back.
  • If you want to deal twice the damage with grenades without having to wait even a second to cooldown, equip the Frag Grenade Frag Stock Up Praetor Suit perk. This allows you to shoot up to two grenades at a time without the need to cooldown.


2. Mobility Build (Best for Using the Environment to Your Advantage)

Players will quickly begin to realize that the demons are not the only challenging part of Eternal. In fact, sometimes the environment can be even more challenging than some of the enemies you  come in contact with. How is that so? The developers wanted to create an environment that would mystify players, and keep them on their toes - allowing them to master the world around them and use it to their advantage to killing monsters. You won’twant to overlook these perks if you want to easier beat the environment around you.

What Mobility Build Excels in:

  • I have frequently found myself on the edge of my seat when it came to having Doomguy jump from monkey bar to ledge, with hot boiling lava down below. Unlocking the Fundamentals Praetor Suit perks allows Doomguy to hardly miss these ledges, monkey bars, and grapple walls faster.
  • Less time falling to your death, more time climbing walls and slaying demons.


  • These are mostly Praetor Suit perks, so make sure you have a fair amount of Praetor Suit tokens saved up. If you don’t, look for hidden areas in each level, or break through black cracks in walls to find these tokens.
  • Equip the Faster Dasher Praetor Suit perk in the Fundamentals category. This allows the player to refill their dash meter quickly, so Doomguy can quickly run away from enemies without waiting for the meter to refill again.
  • The Hit and Run Praetor Suit perk doesn’t mean get in a car and commit a hit and run, but instead let’s the player refill their dash meter after they have used the Glory Kill on any enemy. 
  • This perk can certainly help those that are having a hard time timing when to jump and grab onto ledges or textured walls. The Grappler Praetor Suit perk allows the player to jump and grab onto ledges from farther away, and, trust me, it will save you time and frustration when it comes to environmental puzzles.


1. Exploration Build (Best for Finding Secrets and Collecting Items)

Personally, this is one of my favorite things to do in every DOOM game. Finding a secret that takes you so long to get to is one of the best feelings in the world, and maybe even better than performing a Glory Kill on a really hard enemy. DOOM Eternal offers a lot of different kinds of gems to find, including records, toys, Praetor Suit tokens, Sentinel Batteries, and other Easter Eggs. If you’re like me and love finding these run of the mill items during your journey through Hell, you will definitely want to get these perks to help you explore.

What Exploration Build Excels in:

  • Finding hard to find trinkets and items, getting off the beaten path, and getting the most out of each level.
  • Get rewarded faster for going down difficult paths and levels.


  • You only need to worry about upgrading your Praetor Suit perks, so stock up on those Sentinel Batteries to get the most perks.
  • Item Finder Praetor Suit perk will cost you 3 tokens, so it’s not too expensive. Equip this perk and you’ll have an easier time finding items that will allow you faster progression through the map. 
  • To help you with this build, do not skip over the Automaps scattered around the different environments. Automaps will help you locate secrets and the different ways you can navigate your way  through the level. 
  • The Bigger Fog Lights Praetor Suit perk unlocks a bigger Automap reveal radius. When you pick up an Automap, it will unlock more of the environment around you.
  • Slayer Atlas perk gives you a chance at finding Automap locations faster. Unlocking this will basically give you the blueprints to the entire levels’ map, making finding secrets and items much faster.


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