[Top 5] Doom Eternal Best Sentinel Crystal Upgrades

Doom Eternal Best Sentinel Crystal
You'll be needing this.

5. Quickdraw Belch


The Quickdraw Belch upgrade pairs perfectly with the fast-paced combat of Doom. It’s great because you won’t have to be waiting as long to get that armor back to full, especially if you’re in an intense fight!

  Upgrade details:

  •   Flame Belch takes less time to cool down.


4. Health For Blood

  Health for Blood is a great upgrade, especially for players on lower difficulties where you don’t take as much damage. With this upgrade unlocked as long as your health is full, any health pickups will charge your Blood Punch. This means you’ll almost constantly have your Blood Punch which means you have many opportunities to deal massive damage quickly!
  Upgrade details:

  •   As long as you’re at max health, all health pickups contribute to Blood Punch.


3. Napalm Belch

  Napalm Belch is a great upgrade for later in the game. This upgrade keeps the bigger demons on fire for longer, meaning you’ll get way more armor out of them which again, is great for when you’re later into the game and these bigger demons are abundant.
  Upgrade details:

  •   Heavy and Super Heavy demons stay on fire longer.


2. Belch Armor Boost

  This upgrade makes it so demons drop armor faster after you set them on fire. If you pair this with the other two Flame Belch upgrades then you’re looking at getting a massive amount of armor in very little time!
  Upgrade details:

  •   Demons drop armor at a faster rate.


1. Loot Magnet

  This is arguably the best Sentinel Crystal upgrade in the game because it allows you to suck up the loot around you like a vacuum. For example, if you use the chainsaw to kill a demon, you don’t have to run through the ammo drops anymore, they’ll come running to you!
  Upgrade details:

  •   Resource drops get pulled in from much further away.


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