Top 10 Games Like DOOM: Eternal (Games Better Than Doom Eternal In Their Own Way)

Games Like DOOM: Eternal
If your daily dose of good FPS games is lacking after completing DOOM: Eternal then this list is perfect for you


PC - Early Access

GTFO gameplay

GTFO is a brutally challenging experience that will force you and your team to adapt to every situation you face. You and up to three friends play as expendable prisons sent into an underground complex overrun by horrifying creatures that you’ll have to fight off to complete your objective(s) and escape with your lives. This is a game that falls under the category of a keyboard breaker for some and an underwear changing experience for others.


Hellbound Survival Mode

PC Early Access + Free to Play

Hellbound: Survival Mode gameplay

Hellbound: Survival Mode is a great game to play for any fans of the 90s shooters such as DOOM looking for a nostalgic experience. In this free to play game, it is up to the player to hold off the endless horde of demons attacking your island. This game is a great option for players looking to continue slaying demons after completing DOOM: Eternal.


Destiny 2 

PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Google Stadia - Free to Play

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep gameplay

In this MMO-lite FPS our solar system has been overrun taken by alien invaders and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Choose between three Guardian classes - Hunter, Titan, or Warlock - and journey across the solar system, from the burning fields of Mercury to the European Dead Zone, in order to reclaim our solar system. Nothing can stop you in your journey to save humanity, except for idiotic business decisions that can kill your mood to play this game (ex. The Seasons DLC model, Trials of Osiris, obvious focus on Eververse, etc.)... but at least it’s free!



PC, Mac, Linux, & Switch

DUSK gameplay

Another shooter that doesn’t hide its inspiration, DUSK is a shooter heavily inspired by 90s games. In this game, you’ll battle cultists, possessed militants, and more using a large array of weapons to overcome these enemies while trying to uncover what lies beneath Earth’s surface.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus gameplay

If you love the feeling that the DOOM reboot brought, a blend of old and new, then the new Wolfenstein games are something for you to consider (Except for the co-op Wolfenstein: Young Blood, avoid that mess). Set in an alternate history 20 years after Nazi Germany took over the world after winning World War 2, play as B.J Blaskowicz and reignite the spirit of revolution in Nazi-controlled America. As best put by the game's tagline "Make America Nazi-Free Again!"



PC, PS4 & Xbox One

RAGE 2 gameplay

After an asteroid annihilates 80% of all life on Earth, those that remain revert to a lawless world where just about everything that moves wants to kill you and eat you or vice versa. You play as Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, and it is up to you to survive bloodthirsty gangs in the wastelands and to take down the tyranny of The Authority, a fascist regime vying for absolute control over the wasteland. If you've wanted a game that feels like the weapons and gadgets in it were designed by 10-year olds with a knack for chaos then this game is for you.


Hunt: Showdown

PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Hunt: Showdown gameplay

Have you ever wanted to be a bounty hunter in the hot Louisiana swamps, hunting hideous monsters while fighting off other bounty hunters? Maybe not? Well if that at least sounds cool then you should look more into this unique battle royale experience that mixes PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player vs everything). Players will begin their matches hunting monsters but by the end of it, the biggest threats to players will be other players.


Metro: Exodus

PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Metro: Exodus gameplay

15 years after the world was decimated by nuclear war survivors in the underground Moscow Metro have finally made contact with the outside world and have discovered they’re not alone. In this installment players will take control of the train, the Aurora, and head out east in search of survivors. Thankfully, you play as one of the strongest people on this planet - a Russian - and it is up to you to survive the dangers of the wasteland in your search for new life and a new home.


Borderlands 3

PC, PS4, & Xbox One 

Borderlands 3 gameplay

Borderlands 3 takes players on a galactic trip in search of loot-filled vaults across the galaxy. Your team of vault hunters, allied by old and new faces, fight to stop the Calypso twins from uniting all of the bandits across the galaxy and from opening a vault. Choose one of four unique vault hunters and prepare to be showered with bazillions of guns as you shoot your way through every challenge you face on each of the game's planets.


Gears of War 4

PC & Xbox One

Gears of War 4 gameplay

25 years after the last installment, a new threat emerges that threatens humanity’s survival. New faces, familiar faces, a changing world, and a new enemy horde make this game into the bridge between the trilogy on the Xbox 360 and future installments in this franchise. Fight for the survival of the human race with yourself or with a friend in co-op, in horde mode, or fight against each other in the game's deathmatch multiplayer modes.

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