Doom Eternal Multiplayer Gameplay - 10 Things We Want

Doom Eternal Multiplayer
Ten things fans want to see in Doom Eternal Multiplayer

What We Want To See in Doom Eternal Multiplayer 

10 things that would make Doom Eternal multiplayer awesome.

1) Variety is the Spice of Life

Something I found interesting was the video on youtube by Christopher Ridge. Here’s a man who knows what he wants to see and probably echoes some of the sentiments of many gamers when it comes to the multiplayer mode of Doom 2016. One of these things was a more varied perk system. What does this mean? It means differentiating different skills based upon on the opposing class systems. Doom 2016 offered two classes to choose from: Hayden v. Pierce but some Ridge mentions is maybe allowing players to go beyond the two class system. Something maybe involving Hell itself (like Demon Invasions? More on that later). So far it’s looking like Doom Eternal is delivering with the new Invasion system but we can’t be sure what to expect in variety until the game is released in 2019. To put it in Ridge’s own words, maybe something that “caters to the player’s play style.”

2) Better “perk” System

I’ve never really immersed myself in multiplayer modes in virtually any game I’ve played but I’ve always been a fan of varied systems of perks. Mr. Ridge brings this into the forefront when he mentions maybe allowing the game to actually have a perks system instead of what he calls a hack system which is temporary and fades in the middle of a playthrough. Not sure about you, but if I happened to be in the middle of pounding someone’s face, I wouldn’t want the perk to crap out on me and allow my opponent to take their revenge. It also seems like randomly generated perks might be real “what the hell?” moments because I’m suddenly doing or have something I’d rather not have. It’s okay Bethesda, allowing players to choose their own perks and revamping or adding new ones is more than acceptable. Here’s hoping Doom Eternal will really bring the variety and allow players to play by their own rules (mostly).

3) “Arena-Style Gameplay”

Let me tell you, as a gamer, I’m not really a fan of “arena-style gameplay” and from the outcry of many Doom fans, I’m not alone. Many fans of Doom 2016 fell short of satisfaction when switching from single-player to multiplayer. As you can see from previous playthroughs, you might be able to see why. There aren’t very vantage points and you aren’t really able to build any uniqueness into the levels. However, don’t despair! By now, we’ve already seen what appears to be the beauty of a new system that could alleviate some of the stresses of “arena-style gameplay” with the new Invasion system. Which I hear rumor things could be better since Bethesda’s plans seem to be to avoid outsourcing unlike they did in Doom 2016.

4) Full-On Mod Support

Who doesn’t like to have some control over level, character and weapon design? It allows a player to mold and adapt the gameplay to not only get them to keep coming back for more but also allows some freedom to move around. Though we won’t see the return of the SnapMap, Doom Eternal’s developers have promised post-launch DLC Content they guarantee will be much better. Maybe take a page from Witcher 3 or Wildstar and implement a dye system or maybe new and improved weapons perks based on how high you rank. Unfortunately, we haven’t really been given too much insight to the new multiplayer system to really get a gauge on what to expect. Whatever Bethesda has up its sleeve, I really hope multiplayer breaks the monotony.

5) More Demon Involvement

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to go into this as Bethesda has already given us the cry of the hellspawned. That’s right, the Invasion system. Players of the previous Doom game gained the capability to transform into demons, run around and bash the brains out of their opponents. However, it didn’t quite scratch the nervous itch of the players. Although we don’t know what to expect from the new Invasion system, it seems like it’s going to be an answer to the wish of many players. Here’s hoping Christopher Ridge is right and we might see a variety of demons with different skills, perks and buffs based on the unique classes of demons. I’m not sure about many of you, but I really wouldn’t want to be stuck in the body of an Imp and run around.

6) Co-op Mode

This is probably my personal, loudest cry out. Yes, I mentioned being a lone wolf, but the ability to play alongside my husband would be one of the coolest things ever. Especially in Doom. Again, I’m not alone. Many players are calling out for some form of cooperation mode. We’ve seen it at work in other games like Destiny and Overwatch, which seem to work pretty well. Bethesda has made allusions to the implementation of a new PvP system and the ability to form “hordes” during the Invasion system so who knows, maybe we can expect a co-op mode in the game’s future. Details, however, are still hazy at best.

7) Maybe add some Debuffs

This is something I love about certain games. The ability to debuff an opponent with skills unique the armor, creature, weapon, etc is something I would love to see in Doom Eternal’s PvP and multiplayer mode. Not only does it add a a flare that causes each player to adjust in order to combat each other but it also builds the uniqueness of another element of the game. Adding them to environments like noxious gas in swamps would make not only the characters but the environment itself something to contend with. Don’t get me wrong, going around and firing ammunition until the clip is empty is more than fun, but what would happen if you didn’t have only each other but the environment to contend with? Talking about adding some spice! With the new Invasion system, players are already capable of barging into another player’s campaign which does add an environmental aspect but it doesn’t really seem to offer a debuff system.

8) Different Weapon Attachments or Upgrades for Weapons

Before we begin this section, I have a feeling I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right. There are already a ton of attachments (at least there were in Doom 2016)  but what if these were varied in multiplayer?Again, we turn to Christopher Ridge, who goes into greater detail for each weapon. As an example, he mentions the chaingun. In and of itself, the chaingun is a flesh shredder, we see this in the Doom Eternal gameplay. But he asks something interesting, what if in multiplayer, the chain gun is given different times of bullets instead of its gatling ability. Different bullets, affects and attachments will separate multiplayer mode from the single player mode. Something not done in Doom 2016.

9) Different Weapon Effects

I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t this go along with upgrades? The answer is yes and no. Doom 2016 introduced its classic weapons into its multiplayer mode but I think it’s largely what contributed to the lack of differentiation in the two modes. Adding different effects to each weapon, like a charged up shot blast for a weapon known as the Hellshot (thank you again, Mr. Ridge, your insight is amazing) in the cultist faction might make the weapon itself stand out as more than just another projectile firing gun. This is on the side of Hell for evil’s sake (what? You were expecting me to say “goodness” sake?), why not give it some of the hellish energy we all know and love. This brings me a personal want after watching Chris’ video. I really want to see the dividing line between the factions of Hayden and Pierce. In the original gameplay, it just seemed like we were playing Doomslayer in different armor sets. Maybe make hell’s forces more, well, hellish.

10) Vanilla- Style Gameplay

Okay, this was something I found very interesting. Mentioned in this forum thread, a vanilla-style gameplay system instead of a class selection. Out of everything, I think this would really spice things up and allow players to experience Doom multiplayer like nothing they’d ever seen. Players of Call of Duty will get the concept of what vanilla-style gameplay is.  Whatever Doom Eternal’s multiplayer and Invasion systems have in store, players have made their desires known and are crying out for change. Some think multiplayer should scrapped altogether, others like it but felt it lacked due to being outsourced. Whatever feelings we all might have, so far Doom Eternal promises to solve many of our cries for change.

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