Doom 4: 10 Important Things You Should Know

Doom 4: 10 Important Things You Should Know
The cyberdemon and revenant return to settle a score

Doom returns



The E3 gameplay trailer

Id games and Bethesda return with a new Doom game. Whether you’re a veteran who knows your mods from your wads, or you still think a BFG is a big, friendly giant, this list will prepare you for Doom 4’s release next year. 

1. A faster paced action game

22,000 bottles of tomato ketchup were used to make Doom

In all showings of Doom, Bethesda has made it very apparent that the game will be fast and action packed.In Doom 3, the developers took a different approach by making it more of a survival horror game. It was slower, you’d creep down corridors only to have a demon jump out and attack you. These cheap scare tactics annoyed a lot of Doom fans – myself included; I’ve never played more than the first level of Doom 3.

Don’t get me wrong, I love survival horror games, just not when it’s in a Doom environment. I like curry. I like ice cream. That doesn’t mean I want a curry ice cream.

Bethesda seems to have realized this and brought Doom back to its roots. It will be well lit, there’ll be monsters everywhere, and there’ll be plenty of ammo. There’s double jumping and all sorts of acrobatic stuff you’ll be able to do. I really hope it’s going to be like the good old days.

2. It’s just called Doom.

The current logo suggests a simpler, return to roots style game. Fingers crossed…

Although popularly cited as Doom 4, the game is actually just ‘Doom.’

So, is it a reboot of the original, or a new game all together?

Well, it’s a little of both to be honest. It has a completely new story, which I’ll come to later, but it does have some similar traits to the old school shooter.

It’s called ‘Doom’ but will it be anything like this one?

For example, if you’re a bleeding mess moments from death, hiding behind a wall or a strategically placed pillar will not cause a miraculous recovery like in today's games. No, instead you’ll have to find a health pack if you want to continue on your mission. Alternatively, you could try to stop getting shot/eaten/torn apart.

You’ll also be able to carry all weapons you find, all the time. Rather than only being able to carry two weapons at a time, like many modern shooters, which is all fine and dandy, you’ll be able to carry all eight weapons around with you, leaving you with just one decision to make, shall I a) carve this cacodemon up like a turkey, or b) make a nice puree with this ol’ rocket launcher of mine.

3. It’s an origin story.

This is why I don’t go on blind dates!

I’m liking cyberdemon’s makeover. At least, that’s what I’d say to his face.

Chronologically, Doom 4 comes first, set before the events that took place in the original Doom.

The game is set on Mars, like the original, where a UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) facility has been invaded by the forces of Hell – naturally. Many of the enemies you face will be demons or monsters with metallic limbs and appendages. As the story progresses, we’ll see how the UAC conducted corrupt experiments on these demons, hence their appearance. No wonder they’re pissed off! Not much more is known about the story at this stage, but stay tuned; when I know more, so will you.

4. Graham Joyce wrote the story.

It’s hard to make friends when your arms are massive green plasma guns, I find

English writer and 4-time winner of the British Fantasy award for his dark fantasy novels, Graham Joyce helped write the story for Doom 4.

This has left fans divided, some believing that the game’s story has been so simple in the past (kill everything that moves, get out alive), that creating a deep narrative will take something away from what is, in essence, an excuse to exterminate demons in as horrific way as possible. Others, myself included, feel that a story; a well-written, meaningful story, that gives reason to the otherwise mindless slaughter, can only affect the game beneficially – just so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the mindless slaughter of course.

Sadly, Joyce, a long time Doom fan, died on the 9th September 2014 after being diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2013.

5. Doom SnapMap

SnapMap seems like a pretty decent level editor to custom design your own levels



Watch from 12:54 for the full low down on SnapMap

In a nutshell, Doom SnapMap allows players to create and customize their own maps and scenarios and share across platforms whether it be on Windows PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

The player can easily ‘snap’ together rooms and sections of multiple floors, can add items to the rooms like fiery gas leaks, or explosive cannisters, and of course wave after wave of enemies.

Perhaps most impressively is that the player can add their own game logic and vastly alter standard game modes. They can also create triggers and events within the level so, for example, you could place a health pack in a room for your friend, which upon pick up releases 20 cyberdemons for him to deal with – if you so desire. As Marty Stratton said at the E3 conference, “The possibilities [are] only limited by your imagination.”

6. Chainsaw with an ammo counter

Notice the ammo counter in the bottom right? What’s that for, I wonder.



"I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok..."

The chainsaw has been a staple of the Doom franchise ever since the first game, and in the new Doom, it looks frickin’ awesome!! It’s called a super chainsaw and it boasts ‘insta-kill’ on smaller enemies. You can swipe in different directions and remove limbs from offending demons as you see fit.

And as the footage suggests, it has an ammo counter which remains on 6 throughout the demo. This is hopefully some awesome alternate fire mode and not just a weird fuel gauge or something. I’m thinking something fire based; perhaps you could ignite the blades and get some ‘insta-bbq’ on the go. Demon wings anyone?

7. BFG 9000

The original and the best. The BFG 9000 is widely considered one of video games’ greatest weapons

The BFG in Doom 3 had a charge mode that could obliterate the player if charged for too long

Another iconic weapon of the Doom franchise is the BFG 9000. Originally intended to stand for ‘Blast Frequency Gun 9000,’ the more humorous ‘Big Fucking Gun’ quickly became the preferred meaning.

The gun has evolved as the games have progressed. Before Doom 3, the BFG would fire one large, green plasma ball before emitting more tracer rays that could hit multiple enemies at a cost of 40 plasma cells.

In Doom 3, the gun had 4 levels of charge and affected anyone in its splash radius, including the player.

I’m guessing in Doom 4, we may see something entirely new again to accommodate the faster pace of the new game, but one thing’s for certain. It’s gonna make a mess!

8. Virtual reality

Doom creator, John Carmack left id to work on the vr machine, Oculus Rift

Back in 2012, Doom creator John Carmack was certain that Doom 4 would be fully compatible with the Oculus Rift, after the Doom 3 BFG edition seemed to successfully implement vr support. However, since his departure from Id after ‘…it became clear [he] wasn’t going to have the opportunity to do any work on VR…,’ Doom’s virtual reality future seems a little bleak, for now.

9. You can play as a demon



The E3 multiplayer showcase. Watch from 0:25 to see a cool power up.

This is what happens if you put your jet pack on back-to-front.

According to the multiplayer demo, there is a power up which mutates you into what seems to be some kind of revenant, sporting such skills as flight and shooting rockets from launchers on your shoulders.

Not too much has been revealed about this cool little feature. It seems like it may only appear in multiplayer, and being a power up, it may only have a limited duration, but either way, it could lead to some interesting and great fun battles.

10. It will be released Spring 2016

You wait hours for a fat ugly demon, then 3 show up at the same time. Typical.

I don’t think this guy’s on our side

With a release date of spring next year, there’s still a bit of a wait, but that gives us plenty of time to find out more about this highly anticipated game that’s been in the making for years. Stay tuned for more updates on this and other releases soon.

Please leave me your thoughts on the game in the comments section, and tell me what you hope to see when it hits the shelves next year.

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