Doom 4: What We Know So Far

Ready your guns.

I’m ready for more Doom!

Since the game’s first unveiling at Bethesda’s E3 conference we’ve received plenty of interesting tidbits of information regarding the newest installment of the Doom series. So now let’s review over everything we know about the upcoming Doom game so far.

1. The Gameplay 

This should be fun.

Based on the shown gameplay, we now know the upcoming Doom game will return back to the fast paced, over the top action of the originals. This is a major contrast to Doom 3, which went for a slower survival-horror pace.

2. The Story

Is it too late to run yet?

The story is more and less the same as the previous Doom games. The forces of hell are somehow unleashed once again and it’s up to us to stop them and blow them back to where they came. Not a very deep or complex story, but it sets up a very fun and exciting gameplay experience. 

3. Weapons

Could you hold for a moment while I swap gear?

It’s official; in the new Doom game you can use chainsaws to slice demons in half or use a high-powered shotgun to blow a monster into tiny pieces. Whatever your weapon of choice, you can switch between them at anytime and pick whichever one you feel like using.

4. Monsters

Sir, you seem to be missing a brain.

It should come as no surprise the new Doom title will have plenty of different enemy types to challenge the player. Some are normal sized while others are frighteningly huge. But no matter the size each one will present a serious threat to the player, if they’re not careful.

5. Environments

It would be great if I could find a way off this place.

The newest Doom installment will again take us back to the lonely world of Mars, on another research facility that’s again being invaded by the forces of hell. The gameplay trailer shows off pretty good just how big the place is – and also how devastated it has become with the dead bodies lying around and pools of blood spilled on the floor. Hell has literally been unleashed - again. 

6. Release Date

I wouldn’t get so close if I were you.

Doom is scheduled to be released sometime in spring 2016 – so stay tuned for a future specific launch!

Comment below and tell us your thoughts about the new Doom game? Are you happy for the return of the fast paced, run ‘n gun format? Or did you prefer the slower more atmospheric approach of Doom 3?  

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