Ranked: The Toughest Doom Monsters and Enemies

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Doom’s Legendary Demons Want You Torn to Pieces

Which Doom Enemies Are the Toughest to Fight?

There is no easy way to tell you this, dear gamer, so here it is straight: ALL the enemies in Doom 2016 are hard to fight.  Now that you’ve learned the ugly truth of it, have a seat and listen up: you need to know what you are up against or you will end up splattered on the UAC command center floor.  Some of the opponents you will face are harder than others, so we are taking you through each of them in order from the easiest to the most dangerous.  You’ll learn how they look, how they fight, and how fast you need to put them down to avoid becoming a demon snack.  So gear up, lock and load—you will have to think hard, run fast… and FIGHT LIKE HELL.


1) Possessed Human

Humans exposed to the flowing demonic energy spewing into our reality through recently discovered teleportation technology become possessed by evil and turned into violent killers.  Fortunately for you, they have extremely poor motor control in their possessed state and do not fight well.  They can still hurt you, of course, and will surely kill you if you let them, so destroy them quickly—it won’t take much to stop them, as they are the weakest opponent you will face.


2) Imp

Imps may be the weakest demonic presence involved in Hell’s intrusion on our dimension, but they are tough customers with sharp claws that will rend you limb from limb.  It’s best to take them out before more of them arrive; the more imps that surround you, the more you will be sliced by nails like steel.  If you get too hurt by them, they will throw you down and rip your still beating heart from your chest.


3) Lost Soul

Stupid—that’s the first word that will come to mind when you encounter a lost soul.  They are barely intelligent at all, having retained only a fraction of their consciousness from their previous existence.  Now transformed into horned, flaming skulls that fly aimlessly over the landscape, lost souls will attack anything that moves, delivering a vicious, burning bite.  Do NOT be fooled by their low intelligence: turn your back on them, and lost souls will strike even faster!


4) Hellrazer

The hellrazer is a moderately powerful and tactically experienced demon.  They use surprise, attack from long distances, and move quickly in combat.  One arm of the Hellrazer is a mutated appendage that allows them to fire focused demonic energy at opponents.  They remain aggressive regardless of their health and will fight to the last. 


5) Cacodemon

The terrifying Cacodemon appears as a giant demonic head with a single eye and a fanged, gaping maw that crackles with hellish lightning.  They attack at close range by crunching your bones in that maw, and at long range by shooting balls of electricity.  They are tough to kill, and if you give them half a chance, these minions of Hell will turn you into puddle of… well, they’ll turn you into a puddle.


6) Hell Knight

Knights of Hell earned their rank by being fast, strong, and difficult to kill.  They attack from a distance by pounding their fists into the ground, stunning opponents with shockwaves.  Hell Knights attack in melee with those same earth-rocking fists, dealing massive damage to their victims.  They will beat you down fast, plunge a claw into your guts, and rip your spine out before your eyes stop seeing.


7) Mancubus

Fat and ugly, the mancubus is not as stupid as it looks.  Thankfully, they are not much smarter than they look, either.  What they lack in genius, they make up for in tenacity, durability, and the heavy damage they deal from their mutated hands.  Over time, they have grown biological cannons at the end of their arms.  They use them to spew high-velocity globs of toxic goo from their rancid guts, the projectiles igniting from the pressure and friction and turning into molten spheres of destruction.  They take some killing, so hit them hard and fast at first sight, but keep moving or feel the heat!


8) Cyber-Mancubus

The deadly mancubus demons have an elite faction which have been transformed by their evil masters into cybernetic dealers of death—the dreadful cyber mancubi.  Like their brethren, the regular mancubi, a cyber mancubus attacks by firing balls of toxic waste from its rotten guts.  These creatures, however, are modified and enhanced by better armor, tactical-combat brain chips that encourage them to remain at a distance, and high-performance hand-cannons that increase the range of their natural projectiles.  The cybernetic cannons prevent the projected bile from igniting when fired. The toxic glop is still deadly, however, and it poisons victims while simultaneously burning them with powerful acid.  Treat a cyber mancubus as twice the threat of their non-mechanical brothers.


9) Pinky

Affectionately known as Pinky, this demon is nobody’s lapdog.  They have fiercely strong bodies and sharp claws, preferring to attack with a bite from their grossly oversized jaws.  Having no ranged attack methods, they instead will charge their opponents and attempt to smash them using a bone-browed head-butt.  This is a moment of weakness for the pinky, as it loses the ability to control its charge and cannot change direction readily.  Side-step their charge and hit them hard, because they recover quickly and will continue to attack without pause or mercy until they have killed or been killed.  Pinkies are ferocious, and close-quarters combat with them has sent many brave warriors to the grave.


10) Spectre

That’s right, you have seen this ugly bastard before—the spectre is cousin to the pinky demon.  Spectres look just like the pinky…when you can see them!  Spectres have the ability to render themselves almost completely invisible, making them even more formidable than the pinkies.  They have the same attack methods and strength as their cousins as well as their weaknesses, but you probably won’t see them coming until they smash you down, tear your flesh off with their claws and taking a healthy bite out of your face.  It is highly advisable to continue attacking a spectre once it has been detected, for if you shift your attention, they will use the opportunity to slip away just long enough to return again with the element of surprise renewed.


11) Revenant

In life, the revenant was a UAC military agent, already trained in combat tactics and prone to fight until either victorious or destroyed.  After death, the former humans were transformed using a variety of human technologies and hell-born sorceries.  Now packing Multiple-Launch Rocket Batteries, the revenant targets its enemies at long distance and opens fire immediately.  They are tough as nails and will require impressive damage to put down, so do not hesitate once you sight one!


12) Baron of Hell

The highest order of Hell Knights are the barons, Hell’s royalty come to our reality through an apocalyptic convergence of technology and magic.  They are bigger and faster than most other demons and have an unparalleled bloodlust.  At a distance, the barons attack by summoning Hell’s energy and concentrating it into hateful balls of death that they hurl at their victims.  At close range, they will claw, bite, gorge and rend opponents, killing and tossing their bloody pieces aside to move on to the next victim; melee with a baron of Hell is not a place to stay!  Keep your distance from these most awful demons, make your shots count, and keep unloading ammo until they finally topple.


13) Summoner

Fearsome is an insufficient word to describe the summoner.  They are most terrifying to behold and are able to blast waves of Hell’s energy, killing most living creatures in the area… but transforming others into possessed humans that then serve the diabolical summoner.  It moves with blinding speed and uses exceptional intelligence to maneuver, attack, and use its most deadly power: summoning.  These grotesque and awesome demons manipulate dimensional energy to open rifts between our reality and the hopeless planes of Hell itself, bringing forth to do their bidding one demon after another.  The summoner is, for all intents and purposes, a moving, intelligent and malicious portal to Hell.  It is crucial for survival to target, attack, and destroy these demons the moment they are discovered.  If not, they will continue to bring Hell’s minions into our dimension until all hope is truly lost.


14) Hell Guard

The Hell guard is not what it looks like.  Beneath the breastplate of the figure is the true power of the Hell guard, a tiny demon that controls a massive exoskeletal frame formed with bone and a variety of elements and alloys.  The Hell guard is intensely empowered not just with the energy of Hell, but with hate, evil intent, and most intelligent aggression.  They empower the exoskeleton and pilot it into combat.  These demons are as assaultive, relentless, and merciless as anything Hell can offer.


15) Cyberdemon

Few terms can inspire as much dread as “cyberdemon”—the few reports of battling one of these beasts prove they are quite worthy of such dread.  They were created using a species of huge, ancient demons known as the Baalgar.  Combining sorceries ungodly and technologies free from morality, servants of evil cybernetically enhanced the Baalgar and made it more fearsome than it had been in many millennia.  These demons can use their claws or bite enemies, but they prefer to wield the giant rocket-launcher systems mounted on their arms to blow away any human unfortunate enough to linger in their sights.  Perhaps the most fear-inducing feature of these unnatural beings is that they are energized by an implanted Argent Accumulator.  When the beast experiences death, the Accumulator automatically replenishes the demon’s life force, and it rises and returns to battle anew.  The Argent Accumulator must be removed from the cyberdemon’s body to keep it from rising again.  There are few tactical suggestions that offer real assistance in fighting a cyberdemon other than to fight like Hell.


16) Spider Mastermind

The spider mastermind is one of Hell’s ultimate weapons, an Armageddon-level being of flesh, bone and steel.  It is ferocious, relentless, ingenious, and Hell-bent on the utter decimation of all things goodly.  Little-to-nothing is known, unfortunately, about the mastermind—only a handful of reports have been returned, though many dozens of teams have attempted reconnaissance on the fiend.  What is known is that it is unbelievably difficult to damage, that it deals damage on a level equal-to if not greater-than the deadly cyberdemon, and that it uses skill and intelligence to destroy anything and everything that is not directly serving its unholy will.  Fight hard, very hard… and good luck!


17) Enemy Players

Sometimes, other marines are on your team, and they will have your back until the end.  Sometimes, however, circumstances lead to a bitter situation which many have described as a “deathmatch.”  In this deathmatch mode, there are NO allies: everyone is out to kill you, period.  The enemy player is a notch above even the most powerful and dangerous demon because they have a terrifying package of assets to use towards the goal of killing you: they can access any weapon; they can access armor, healing, and other power-ups; they are unpredictably intelligent, skillful and fearless; and worst of all, they possess the very things that make you a mighty marine—a deep, deadly cunning and the will to survive.


The Final Word

Possessed humans, raging demons, and the spirit of evil that spawns masterminds to oversee the invasion of our dimension and the destruction of our species… nothing to laugh about here.  But there is a ray of hope in it all, a chance to bring the human spirit back to life: to plunge forward, push hard, fight even harder, defeat every foe you face, and ultimately show the minions of Hell that the most dangerous enemy they will ever face is YOU.



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