[Top 10] ESO Best Warden Builds 2021

Best eso Warden Builds, Elder Scrolls Online Warden Builds
The bear necessities for your Warden

Fighting with your bear hands again huh?

You just created a Warden to serve your endeavors in the great world of Tamriel, as with every other Class, it can Tank, deal all sorts of damage or buff and support your allies, but of course, the Warden can be better at roles other classes won’t shine in. Are you looking to see what the Warden can do? Or are you just looking for a new build to spice up your Keeper of the Green? Then This Guide is for You!

10. “Frost Meta” PVP Magicka Warden

Staying Frosty in PVP

Meta Magic Warden Build Video

The PVP Magicka Warden is viable for Cyrodiil and the Battlegrounds, with the Warden’s mix of Survivability, Damage and Crowd Control and a bit of experience, you can wreak havoc on your enemies with the Frosty Magden and still buff up your allies in the process. 

Excels In:

  • Survivability and Damage
  • Sustain, Buffs and PVP Healing Capabilities
  • Provides Crowd Control and Debuffs


  • Use your Deep Fissure every 3 Skills, this will also apply Major Breach to your enemies to soften them up for the kill.
  • Great Burst Healing Capabilities with a combination of Budding Seeds, Healing Thicket, Lotus Blossom and Living Trellis you or an ally can survive for longer periods of time.
  • Crowd Control from Arctic Blast and Northern Winds will keep opponents within your DPS range and for your allies, make sure to initiate with these to catch enemies off guard.
  • Good Sustain with Passives and more Sutain along with Debuff Removal from Blue Betty will keep your resources in check every time you have an encounter.

9. “The Eraser” Stamina Warden PVP.

Erase your enemies

The Eraser Stamina Warden Build Video

The PVP Stamina Warden has some great abilities for survivability, mobility and executing enemies, with options of using your Stamina and Magicka for Healing back, the PVP Stamina Warden is a great option for cleaving down your enemies.

Excels In:

  • Good Mobility and Break Free from Crowd Control Capabilities
  • Awesome Use of  both Stamina and Magicka 
  • Options for Melee and Ranged Fights


  • Always have your Netch up to keep your Stamina in check, especially for extended fights, don't let this go down.
  • Check the Situation, Use your bow to soften up enemies 
  • Use your Subteranean Assault, Dawnbreaker and a heavy attack in succession to burst down enemies.
  • Use Arctic Blast,Resolving Vigor depending on which resource you have for healing when needed, include your forest ultimate for a burst of healing when you are getting pressured heavily.

8. “God Mode” Solo Magicka Warden PVE

Go Hard with God Mode.

God Mode Warden Magicka Build Video

The Solo Magicka Warden is great for Arenas and 1v1s against World Bosses, with Survivability, Damage and Crowd Control, the Solo Magden is a go-to if you’re in for conquering hordes of monsters all by yourself.

Excels In:

  • Crowd Control for Groups of Enemies
  • Utilizes Brittle Debuffs (Increases Critical Damage)
  • Great Sustain 


  • Constantly Apply your DoTs and Ice Skills to maximize DPS and apply Minor Brittle for Increased Critical Damage.
  • Use your Leeching Vines and Harness Magicka Often to avoid getting to Low HP and getting pressured.
  • Use Blue Betty every Rotation to keep your resources up, apply Major Sorcery and remove debuffs as it is free of cost.

7. “God Mode” Stamina Warden DPS

Bears and blades can never go wrong.

God Mode Stamina Warden Build Video

The Solo Stamina Warden is a safe option for your Arenas and Soloing difficult World Bosses or Daily Content, with options of high DoT, Shields, Healing and options of Melee and Ranged Attacks to adapt with the situations.

Excels In:

  • Applying Multiple DoTs on enemies
  • Great AoE and Single Target Options
  • Options for Melee and Ranged Fights


  • Switch Between Melee and Ranged depending on the situations and apply your Bow Back-Bar DoTs every rotation.
  • Continuously Use Brawler during fights to apply shields and Use your Executioner as your enemies get lower HP to finish them off quickly.
  • Keep your Bull Netch up every rotation to make sure your resources are always manageable especially during key points in fights where you will need to dodge or move.

6. “Nature’s Bounty Warden Tank PVE/DPS Hybrid

Tanky, Stylish and Frosty 

Nature's Bounty Build Video

The Nature’s Bounty Warden Tank is a great option for Dungeons and faster clear times, utilizing sets such as Azureblight Reaper and Leeching Plate sets which provide great AoE Burst Damage, Tankiness and DoTs.

Excels In:

  • Multiple Add Pulls with massive Burst AoE damage and Crowd Control
  • Insane Solo Tanking with Leeching Plate
  • Applying multiple debuffs 


  • Keep your Resistance buffs up for your group and your own Survivability
  • Always keep up your debuffs on enemies for your group to maximize their DPS
  • Keep blue betty up for your resources as you are a double bar Magicka Tank
  • As a Tank taunt and aggro the main threats, e.g Big Adds or Bosses to make sure your party is protected.

5. “Frostburn” Warden Tank PVE

Ever been burned by Ice?

Frostburn Build Video

The Frostburn Tank is one of the best Double Frost Staff Tank Builds for Group Dungeons and Trial Add Pulls where you can constantly apply AoE Damage, Buffs, Debuffs and Crowd Control to make sure your Group is alive and your enemies at bay.

Excels In:

  • Applying AoE DoTs on groups of enemies
  • Applying Crowd Control and debuffs constantly
  • Buffing Up your Flame Magicka Damage Dealers and less Fire Damage for you and your group with Encratis’s Behemoth.
  • Constantly Blocking will apply your Frozen Watcher Set effect to apply Chilled effect for Crowd Control and increase your group's damage
  • Utilizes Defiled Dragon Set for Minor Breach since you don’t have any other way to apply it.


  • Make sure to coordinate with your group when you cast your Aggressive Horn.
  • Always keep up your debuffs on enemies for your group to maximize their DPS.
  • Keep your resources up with Potions and Heavy Attacks and conserve your Stamina for the much-needed situations since you don’t have any other way to gain Stamina Resources other than the Bull Netch.

4. “Classic” Stamina Warden PVE Tank

Just another day of tanking

Classic Warden Tank Build Video

The Classic Stamina Warden PVE Tank is your reliable frontline tank, perfect for Dungeons and Trials, this build excels with Insane Survivability, Low-Cost Ultimate and Insane Ultimate Generation utilizing easy to find sets which combined with your skills will keep your group alive and well

Excels In: 

  • Insane Ultimate Generation with sets
  • Great Sustain for Stamina Tanks
  • Grants Extra Healing to your Group 


  • Always have your Aggressive Horn casted as soon as it’s up, you want to utilize your lower cost and Ultimate Generation to up your DPS
  • Keep you debuffs on your enemies and make sure bosses and high damage enemies are taunted.
  • Keep an Eye on your group’s HP and cast your heals during appropriate times to help the healer out and prevent deaths.

3. “Yogi” Warden Stamina Bow/Bow Build

Bears and Bows all Day

The Yogi Bowden Build Video

The Stamina Bowden build is a great and different Stamina DPS build for the warden, viable for Dungeons and Trials, utilizing your range to unleash a volley of arrows from afar.

Excels In:

  • Stamina Bowden is a great option for Trials, as exclusively ranged DPS have advantages during mechanics phases
  • Applying DoTs is much easier than other builds as all your skills are ranged so you can deal damage even during phases where you need to run or dodge.
  • Options for Survivability for you or your group with AoE Vigor Heal or Burst Self Heal


  • Keep your distance on enemies to make sure you avoid damage and maximize your ranged passives
  • Always manage your DoTs to maximize your DPS on your enemies
  • Keep casting your Bear Ultimate as it is low cost and will increase your DPS greatly

2. “Blocker” ESO PvP Battlegrounds Tank 

Who knew blocking would hurt?

The Blocker Build Video

The Blocker is an effective tank build for Battleground PVP, where you can just hold block and be able to kill enemies with insane reflect damage.

Excels In:

  • Battleground PVP, especially ChaosBall
  • Crowd Control and Debuffs on Enemies
  • Insane Reflect damage that can burst down enemies 


  • Always utilize your large health pool and blocking to reflect damage on your unknowing enemies, if you are in Chaosball they will be forced to focus you and you will be harder to takedown.
  • Absorb damage for your group, stay in front, and always head for objectives to force fights since even as a tank you have good damage.
  • Apply your Procs on your enemies as much as you can as this pressure them to make mistakes and for you to gain an advantage

1. “Lotus” Warden PVE Healer

Natural Healing is the best healing.

The Warden PVE Healer is one of the best options, if not the best role for the Warden, Great for Dungeon Healing and Trial Healing, utilizing multiple Burst Heals and HoTs, sustain and buffs to keep your group up and running, and applying key debuffs on your enemies.

Excels In:

  • Burst Healing, Buffs and Sustain even for Larger Groups
  • Applying Debuffs on enemies constantly
  • Insane Resource Management


  • Always keep your Combat Prayer up as it will increase your group’s DPS greatly
  • Always have a Heal Over Time on your group to avoid getting bursted down and apply your set’s effects such as Olorime or Spell Power Cure which will increase their DPS via Major Courage.
  • Coordinate with your group to make sure you maximize your Aggressive Horn and Use your Ultimate Burst Heal when needed.

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