[Top 5] Warframe Best Intrinsics That Are Most Useful (Latest Patch: Echoes Of The Zariman)

[Top 5] Warframe Best Intrinsics That Are Most Useful (Latest Patch Echoes Of The Zariman)-1
Learn to max out your Railjack’s potential

If you’re planning to face the mighty Grineer armadas and technologically-advanced Corpus fleets, you better be prepared for it. You’ll need to equip your Railjack with the best mods, armaments, crew, and last but not least: Intrinsics.

Each Intrinsic class is important in its own way and, of course, it’s advisable to max all of them out as soon as you’ve got the Intrinsic Points to do so. But some Intrinsics are generally better to get sooner than others because they really help improve your quality of life not just in Railjack missions, but in other missions as well.

Confused about the last part? Well, certain Intrinsic upgrades actually have effects outside of Railjack missions like permanently increasing your Archwing speed or making your Nechramechs deal a lot more hurt.

So here’s each Intrinsic class ranked on how important they are to get as soon as possible:

5. Engineering

May Bob the Builder guide you

The Engineering class is responsible for increasing your ship’s survivability. Despite being ranked the lowest, the first rank for this class is actually really important to get (all the first ranks are, I highly advise you to get the first rank for every class before committing to one class heavily).

That being said, the reason that I ranked this class the lowest is because the later ranks simply aren’t as useful. Sure it’s nice to have faster crafting speeds and sturdier Archwings and Necramechs, but these are more like luxuries rather than necessities. You’ll survive just fine without the Engineering’s upper ranks so they can wait.

The Best Perks From Engineering Intrinsics:

  • Applied Omni (1st rank)

This upgrade makes repairing your ship a lot simpler and quicker which is really important when repairing under combat where there’s constant pressure and attacks coming from every direction.

  • Vigilant Archwing (8th rank)

This upgrade gives your Archwing an additional 30% in health, shields, and armor. This applies to whenever you use the Archwing outside of Railjack missions too which is pretty convenient.

  • Vigilant Nechramech (9th rank)

This increases Necramech health and shields by 25%. Similar to the perk above, this will also still apply to whenever you use your Necramech outside of Railjack missions.

Engineering Details

4. Piloting

Learn to be a better pilot. Don’t text and fly, don’t wipe out hordes of ships while drunk

The Piloting class of Intrinsic helps you with… well, piloting. It consists of upgrades that generally make the Railjack faster and therefore easier to navigate and even dodge enemy fire.

This is a really useful class but it really shines in the late game when you want to get better completion times and be more efficient with your time. For earlier and easier missions, these upgrades aren’t as important.

The Best Perks From Piloting Intrinsics:

  • Boost (1st rank)

Once you pick up this perk, you’ll wonder how you ever played without it. Pressing the shift button means go faster. Every gamer knows this, it’s in our blood. Not having this perk just feels weird so get it as soon as you can.

  • Vectored Evasion (3rd rank)

This will cause enemy projectiles to lose their lock-on whenever you use Vector Maneuver (2nd rank). This will allow you to dodge some of the highest damaging threats in Railjack missions, greatly increasing your survivability.

  • Aeronaut (8th rank)

This upgrade increases Archwing speed by 20% even outside of Railjack missions. Archwings can never be too fast I say so this is a really neat upgrade for those born with the need for speed.

Piloting Details

3. Tactical

Manage your ship and crew and make sure no one’s sus (dead meme I know)

This Intrinsic class is designed for you to make the big brain plays. It allows you to manage your crew and properly designate roles and see what things you’re lacking in.

If you’re the type that likes to plan things out and efficiently manage your resources and people, this is the Intrinsic class for you. It takes a while to get used to some of the upgrades here so it’s best to get it early on so you can start the learning process.

The Best Perks From Tactical Intrinsics:

  • Tactical System (1st rank)

This gives you access to the Tactical Menu (accessible by pressing L) which will show you a map of your Railjack as well as the current positions and status of your crew members. Once you unlock some more ranks, more options will be available in this menu.

  • Recall Warp (4th rank)

This will let you teleport to the inside of Railjack from anywhere (by simply equipping your Omni). This will save you a ton of time in the long run as you’ll be able to jump directly from enemy ships to yours.

  • Archwing Tactical Blink and Necramech Cooldown (8th rank)

This reduces Archwing Blink cooldown and Necramech summon cooldown by 25%. These are benefits that will come useful in a pinch in a lot of scenarios in and out of Railjack missions.

Tactical Details

2. Gunnery

Make your guns burn brighter than anyone else’s

Light up the void of space even brighter with the Gunnery Intrinsics class. All the upgrades in this class will turn your ship into the unstoppable force of destruction it was made to be.

This class has a ton of incredibly useful perks, as they boost not only your ship’s damage capabilities but also those of your Arching and Necramech. It also has some really fun perks like the Archwing Slingshot (3rd rank) which shoots you out of the Railjack and right into enemy crewships.

The Best Perks From Gunnery Intrinsics:

  • Target Sync (1st rank)

This makes aiming so much easier as it turns on lead indicators (so you know where to fire if you’re not using hitscan weapons) and ordnance lock-on so you can make sure your heavy guns hit their mark and not waste ammo.

  • Phantom Eye (2nd rank)

This is a huge improvement for the quality of life of the crew, it allows for greater turret vision and flexibility of movement. Remember, you’ll have to play the role of a crew member sometimes especially if you like playing in multiplayer, so this is a great addition for everyone.

  • Necramech Fury (5th rank)

This increases your Necramech’s gun damage by 20% which is huge considering how powerful Nechramech weapons already are in the first place.

  • Vengeful Archwing (8th rank)

This is a whopper of an upgrade. It increases Archwing weapon damage by 25%, and Ability Strength, Range, and Efficiency by 20%. It has so many additional effects that getting this perk will suddenly make all your Archwings feel so much more powerful. 

Gunnery Details

1. Command

Can’t fly a ship without a crew. Well, you can but not all of us are gods of micromanagement.

Command Intrinsics are hands down the most important Intrinsics in the game and should be prioritized right off the bat. This is the Intrinsic class that will allow you to recruit and enhance crew mates. 

Without a crew, you aren’t getting very far as a beginner to Railjacks. Even if you always play on public multiplayer, you will still get missions where nobody joins. Going solo with the Railjack is downright infuriating without a crew as you have to manage a million different things at once.

The Best Perks From Command Intrinsics:

  • Additional Crew Members (1st, 3rd, and 5th ranks)

Be sure to get the max number of crew members whenever you can. Crew members can be recruited from Ticker in Fortuna in Venus (she’s the one you can get Debt-Bonds from).

  • Competency Gain (2nd, 4th, and 6th ranks)

This will allow you to allocate competency points to your crew member and increase their skills in any specific department you want them to specialize in (there’s Defender, Pilot, Gunner, and Engineer)

  • On Call (9th rank)

This will allow you to select a crew member that you can call on for support. They will fight by your side for 3 minutes. You can call them in any mission, even non-Railjack missions. And unlike the other on-call companions, the On Call item for your crew has unlimited charges but has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

Command Details


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