[Top 5] Warframe Best Archguns and How to Obtain Them

Warframe Best Archgun
Rhino and Mag ready to tackle the Profit-Taker

If you believe that bigger is always better than this list is gonna be for you as I’ll be going over the top 5 best archguns in Warframe and how to obtain them. Archguns are normally only used while using archwing or a Necramech but, after defeating the Profit-Taker, you can use your archguns in normal maps so long as you install a gravimag into your chosen archgun. These weapons are very big and normally have an unlimited ammo supply that recharges over time and a separate mod pool than standard weapons.

 As archguns were initially made to only be used in archwing missions, these weapons had been ignored for a long time as archwing missions were known to be rather annoying to play. After the release of Fortuna and the Profit-Taker missions, archguns started to see more use, and today, they are widely used in warframe and can act as a second primary gun for all of your warframe. The weapons on this list are going to be the best of the best to use in archwing, necramech, or even as a supplementary weapon during normal missions!

#5. Fluctus best for field clearing

#5. FluctusTaking down the Profit-Taker in style.

Number 5 on our list is the Fluctus for its amazing ability to clear a lot of enemies at once with its high damage, horizontal shots. This weapon is a beast of an archgun and is a necessity while fighting Shield Dargyns in archwing missions. This weapon even has infinite punch through ability, making it pass through any number of opponents to deal more damage!

This weapon has a high critical chance and a pretty good status chance, making it a very good choice to use in your heavy weapon slot or to use in archwing and necramech primary slots. The weapon itself can easily shred through waves of enemies making it a good choice for defense and interception missions. The only downside is that this weapon’s projectiles have travel time and this weapon loses up to 50% of its damage at range. Despite this, if you keep the battles to a mid-range distance, this weapon will shine.

Overall, this is a good archgun to tear through enemies with but only if you are within a mid-range to them. All-in-all, the weapon is a solid choice to use and I could recommend it.

How to Obtain Weapon: Buy blueprint from Tenno Lab and acquire the parts from Cephalon Suda, Steel Meridian, and Red Veil with syndicate standing.

Weapon Wiki Here.


#4. Kuva Ayanga best for high-level crowd control

#4. Kuva AyangaA kuva Lich holding YOUR new weapon.


The number 4 spot on our list goes to the Kuva Ayanga for its high damage and amazing crowd control ability. This weapon is a unique Kuva grenade launcher with no standard variant and is one of only 2 Kuva archguns. This weapon gets a bonus as, since it is a Kuva weapon, it can be leveled up to level 40 giving it extra mod capacity to customize it even more than your standard archgun giving it the number 4 spot on this list.

The Kuva Ayanga has a high damage value, a very high critical chance, and a high-status chance making it very versatile when it comes to modding the weapon. Being a Kuva weapon, this archgun also benefits from an extra innate element that can be from 25 - 60% extra damage making it have an extremely high damage capability. Being a grenade launcher, this weapon easily excels at crowd control but suffers, like most explosive weapons, in close-range fights as you can easily stagger yourself if you are not careful.

This weapon comes highly recommended as it is much easier to obtain than most other archguns as you don’t have to build the weapon and I find liches much easier to farm than waiting for a weapon to build.

How to Obtain Weapon Video: 

Video on farming Kuva Weapons

Weapon Wiki Here.


#3. Morgha best for adaptability

#3. Morgha

Quite Shallow demonstrating how to properly use a Morgha

Number 3 on this list is the Morgha for its high base stats, making it highly adaptable for the mission you are on. The Morgha is a grenade launcher with a high blast radius making it able to deal damage to a large area very quickly. This weapon also has some of the highest status and critical chances of all archguns, making it highly versatile and extremely deadly.

The Morgha is insanely adaptable as a grenade launcher making you able to make several different builds for multiple situations as well as having very high damage and crowd clearing capabilities. This weapon does suffer from its secondary fire for having to be used only at range. Like most archgun grenade launchers, this weapon also does not do well in archwing missions but is very good when paired with a necramech or used as a heavy weapon.

Overall, the Morgha is a very good and adaptable weapon that has multiple use cases, depending on how you make your build. I can highly recommend this weapon, so long as you can get to Deimos and start gaining Entrati standing.

How to Obtain Weapon: the main blueprint is obtained for 8,000 standing while parts are crafted from blueprints that are bought for 4,000 standing each.

Weapon Wiki Here.


#2. Mausolon best for single target damage

#2. Mausolon

How it feels to use the Mausolon on a crowd.

The number 2 spot on this list goes to the Mausolon for its high single target damage and versatility. This archgun is an automatic rifle that, when you reach enough kills, can shoot a deadly explosive laser to deal high damage with a very high critical chance making it have a very high damage capability and decent crowd control. This weapon is a highly dangerous weapon, for sure.

The Mausolon has extremely high accuracy and fire rate making it possible to hit multiple headshots on a single target very easily and when paired with its high status and critical chance, this weapon becomes a killing machine. This weapon is not only good for crowd control but it excels at laying down heavy damage onto single targets. The alt-fire of this weapon has a very fast charge rate, only needing you to kill 5 enemies before it’s fully charged allowing you to fire a high damage single shot at an enemy that’s great at dealing damage to single targets.

I don’t feel the charge rate of the alt-fire would ever be an issue as you are likely to kill 5 enemies very quickly with this weapon, however it may not be able to be used during boss fights with solo enemies, but the weapon is still highly effective without the secondary fire mode and comes very highly recommended.

How to Obtain Weapon: obtainable blueprints for 2,000 entrati standing

Weapon Wiki Here.


#1. Cortege best for general applications

#1. Cortege

A necramech cleansing the fields of Deimos with the Cortege.

The number 1 spot on this list is the Cortege, a very large flamethrower, for its general usefulness and adaptability on the battlefield. The Cortege is an excellent weapon for dealing high damage to a single target or clearing large crowds of enemies with ease. If you ever wanted to feel like Ripley with her flamethrower, this is the weapon you’ll want to use to fight back against those aliens.

The Cortege is a powerful flamethrower with an awesome grenade launching secondary fire. Of course, the grenades this weapon shoots out leave a lingering fire wherever they hit damaging enemies as they pass through. This weapon makes you feel strong while just holding it and it backs up that cool feel with insane sustained damage on multiple targets making this weapon one of the best in its class.

The Cortege is a very fun weapon to use and can easily deal high damage as you walk through missions lighting anything and everything on fire. I could not recommend this weapon enough.

How to Obtain Weapon: Blueprint purchased for 8,000 entrati standing

Weapon Wiki Here.

I hope this list was informative to all of you and I hope to see you all rocking a new archgun in my next mission!

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