Top 11 Space MMOs With Great Combat and Adventure

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Explosions don't make a sound in space, but that doesn't stop them from being any less fun to ignite and watch.

The Best Space MMOs For Combat and Adventure

The great thing about the universe is that it's ever-expanding, which means there will always be more to learn about it and explore. 

Within humankind lives a driving need to explore. The curiosity and intelligence of our species has led across across the globe, to the moon, and we are striving to go further. But not all of us were meant to be vikings, scientists, or astronauts, and that’s okay. Because we have video games. If you are needing to scratch that exploratory itch, there’s no better way to do it than in these immersive and expansive space MMOs.

11. Defiance

Defiance Gameplay

Defiance 2050 is based on an earth ravaged by war between an alien race who was trying to colonize the earth, Votans, and humankind. Apparently, the Votans didn’t know humans were on the planet before coming to stake a claim to it. Then occurs the Arkfall, a cataclysmic event which ends the war, and forces Votans and Humans to do what they can to live in peace on the planet together. The game is a story-heavy MMORPG third-person-shooter, with completely customizable characters, classes, and weapons. You play as an Ark Hunter, trying to seek out the technology needed to restore the earth to its former glory.

You can team up with friends and engage in co-op battle royales, as well as complete immersive story missions together.

Explore the Unknown: Have friends join you on missions all over a futuristic earth; shoot and loot to your heart's content!

Exterminate: Future earth also appears to have a bug problem, but you and your buddies can take care of that too.

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