13 Best Space Strategy Games for PC in 2017

space strategy games
Build a powerful armada of ships and explore the vastness of space.

Get Ready for Battle and Exploration in Our 13 Best Space Strategy Games

Mankind has explored, survived, and fought wars over almost every terrain. The only terrain left is the world above the skies. Fortunately, Game Developers have brought Mankind that experience in space strategy games.

There are many games where Players scavenge, survive, and fight among the stars over other worlds. Below are 13 Best Space Strategy Games that Players must explore and built empires over.

13) Into the Stars (2016)

Into the Stars gameplay

You are the commander of a large Spaceship and you must explore the vastness of space searching for a new home. You must gather resources from nearby planets, resolve issues with your crew, and deal with hostile aliens who don’t want you in their galaxy.

The Player’s progress depends on how their Spaceship is set up. The Player will have to choose specific weapons, shields, and stock for the voyage as well as staff, captains, medical personnel, and engineers. Your crew must have the experience to handle the weaponry and tech to survive the voyage.

As you scavenge other planets, you will come across abandoned or destroyed vessels floating in space. You may scavenge the vessels for what you might need to survive. There is a crafting option where you can construct parts for your ship, making it better, stronger, and more powerful as you continue your search for the new home.

Travel to distant planets in search for a new home

Battle Hostile Aliens in your way

12) Battlefield Gothic Armada (2016)

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada - Imperium Trailer

In the universe of Warhammer 40,000 (1987), join any of the four factions and take the battle to the stars. The Players can fight alongside the Imperium (who wants to improve mankind), rebel with Chaos (the rebels of the Imperium), plunder with Orks (space-pirates), or survive with the Eldar (a race on the brink of extinction).

Battlefield Gothic Armada is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, where you must utilize your weapons and crew that best fit your fighting style. Strategize with what you have and what is around you. The space debris will block enemy attacks and space clouds can conceal your ships.

The Players can evade using warpdrive to get critically injured ships out of the battlefield to get repaired and Ship Detection to sneak pass enemy ships. Players can use their ship’s Micro Abilities to attack enemy ships, once they are in range. They can also manipulate their ship’s movement to deal devastating combo blows or ram into the enemy.

Control your fleet in excited and daring fight

Cause your ship to ram into other ships to deal devastating damage

11) Sid Meier's Starships (2015)

Sid Meier’s Starships – Starships 101

This game is from the same universe as Civilization: Beyond Earth (2014), it has the same concept of resource gathering, allocation, and combat. Explore the far reaches of space with your Federation Affinity as you trade and protect your land from hostiles.

With each Federation Affinity, you and your team have additional bonuses. The leader you choose will grant you added abilities that can help you in the game. Build and expand your empire among other planets, by succeeding their missions so you can get their resources of food, energy, credits, science, and winning Battle Cards.

The battle sequence is a turn-based strategy, you must equip and upgrade mechanics that would help you win more battles. Battle Cards is a mechanic that gives Players extra abilities and stat bonuses. Utilize Research Bases, so your team can build more ships and gadgets that can help them in their conflict.

Explore the Galaxy with your fleet, fulfilling missions and requests

Analyze planets and solar systems you are about to enter

10) Faster Than Light (2012)

FTL Faster Than Light Gameplay: Part 1 The Maiden Voyage

You and your crew are tasked with saving the galaxy against the Rebellion. Use your crew to take on new and dangerous enemy ships.

Faster Than Light is a unique Strategy game. It is a Top-view battle simulator that allows Players to see rooms inside their ship. The rooms have their different purposes that will help you in combat. Players must learn to distribute power between rooms during combat situations or risk defeat.

You can board enemy vessels, salvage from dead ships, and use whatever you scavenged to upgrade your vessel for the next battle. Each battle is randomly generated, so beware, you might come across an enemy who is a lot stronger than you.

Fight off dangerous foes

Learn from your defeat and try again

9) Interplanetary (2015)

Interplanetary Gameplay

Wage war between planets and be the last planet alive by destroying enemy cities. Use your turns and resources wisely because one wrong move can lead to devastating results.

Your limited resources determine how many turns you have. Spend resources to build parts of the city to give you more turns or improve your weapons and defenses. It is a strategy game that depends on how well you use your resources against enemies.

Interplanetary is a hard science fiction turn-based strategy artillery game that focuses on intelligent gathering. Enemy cities will be hidden from your view, so use weapons or other skills to find the targets.

Construct your cities to prepare your planet for combat

Aim for the enemy planet and launch your attack

8) Homeworld Remastered (2015)

An Introduction to Homeworld Remastered Collection

The Kharak Satellites discovered an ancient Spaceship buried in the Great Desert. Inside they found the Guidestone that would lead you and your people to your Homeworld. However, the Taiidan, the current hostile residence of the Homeworld will do anything to stop you.

When Homeworld was first released in 1999, it was the first RTS game to have a 3-D movement. Whereas in most RTS games, Players play on a flat plane, in Homeworld the Player can move on a spherical plane. The ships can be above or below the target in any angle.

You would need to collect resources so you can research new craft to help you in combat. Build ships that would help with population and gather more resources to become a powerful force.

Fight in RTS to protect your Mothership

Prepare your fleet for battle

7) Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (2016)

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak In-Game Combat Chatter

Kharak was a dying planet, until one day when the satellites found an anomaly in the Southern Desert that could save the planet, called the Jaraci Object. The Gaalsien forces, the protector of the Object, will do anything it takes to keep it hidden.

The game uses the same mechanic in the original game; only it is on the surface of Kharak. Each battlefield is immense, filled with hills, boulders, and craters. In each battle, you must do all you can to reach the Jaraci with the aid of Karen S’jet a Kushan native and neuroscientist.

Take your battles on the Deserts of Kharak

Defend your Fleet against Gaalsien

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