[Top 5] Warframe Best Kuva Weapons And How To Get Them

Use the Grineer's own weapons against them

Introduced with the Old Blood update to Warframe, Kuva weapons are a weapon variant that dominate the top of tier lists.

From stat increases to unique features to completely new weapons, Kuva weapons are some of the most powerful upgrades to your arsenal.

They’re far from easy to obtain, however. Kuva weapons can only be acquired by defeating a Kuva Lich that is using it, which is no small feat.

How to Obtain Kuva Weapons

Introduced in Update 26, Kuva Liches are a new type of enemy: Grineer super-soldiers that only appear one at a time. In order to fight them, you must first find a Kuva larvling, a special Grineer unit that, when executed with your Parazon, will be reborn as a Kuva Lich.

A Lich, once spawned, will take control of a sector of your system, making missions there much more challenging. In order to defeat them, you must equip your Parazon with the correct sequence of three Requiem mods, lure out the Lich by assassinating their Thralls, and execute them using your Parazon.

However, there are a total of 16 Kuva weapons in the game, with no way to guarantee which weapon your Lich will spawn with. After it’s spawned, there’s no way to change your Lich until you defeat them, which can be a time consuming process.

In addition, each Lich has an elemental bonus that will transfer to their weapon when you kill them, making spawning the right Lich a potentially tricky process.

How to Spawn a Kuva Lich

  1. Find a Kuva Larvling spawn on a high-level Grineer mission (such as Cassini, Saturn). In order for it to spawn, you must kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds after your screen flashes.
  2. Attack the Larvling, which will become stunned when at low health. At this point, the player who brought their health down can use their Parazon to mercy kill the Larvling.
    1. When vulnerable, the Larvling will display what Kuva weapon it will use when you get close to it. If the weapon is not the one you want, DON’T execute it! Just restart the mission and try again from step 1.
  3. After executing the Larvling and completing the mission, you Kuva Lich will spawn and take control of one sector of your star map.

How to Obtain Requiem Mods

  1. In order to kill your Kuva Lich, you need the correct combination and sequence of Requiem mods. Requiem mods are acquired from opening Requiem Relics in Requiem Fissure missions, similar to Primed parts from Void Relics.
  2. Requiem Relics are obtained from Kuva Missions, with completing Flood missions guaranteeing one relic, Siphon missions giving a 50% drop rate, and killing Kuva Thralls having a 5% drop rate.
  3. Once obtained, you must open the relic in a Requiem Fissure mission by collecting 10 Void Reactant and completing the mission.
  4. Requiem Relics don’t only contain Requiem mods, so you aren’t guaranteed to get a mod every relic, especially not the mod you want. Consider looking for a group running the same relic and upgrading it to “Radiant” to maximize your chances.
  5. It’s recommended to have all 8 requiem mods when hunting a Lich.

How to Figure Out the Requiem Sequence

  1. At first, you won’t know which Requiem mods you need. You find this out by killing Thralls, special units that are under the control of the Lich. Find Thralls on any Lich-controlled mission and execute it with your Parazon to gain intel.
  2. Once you’ve executed enough Thralls, you’ll reveal one of the three required Requiem mods.
  3. In order to figure out the correct sequence, you need to fight your Kuva Lich and attempt to execute them. If you don’t have the right sequence, your Lich will grow stronger and spread their influence to a new planet. However, you will gain a significant amount of intel, and have a better idea of what the correct Requiem Sequence is.
  4. This may take some time, but continue killing Thralls until all Requiem mods are revealed, and attempt to kill the Lich until you have the right sequence.

Getting Your Kuva Weapon

Once you’re able to defeat your Kuva Lich and execute them with the right sequence of Requiem mods, you get to choose what to do to them: Vanquish or Convert.

Vanquishing your Lich kills them, and grants you their Kuva weapon. Unlike most weapons, Kuva weapons are delivered pre-built to your Foundry, where you can claim them after vanquishing your Lich.

Converting a Lich doesn’t give you their weapon, but it lets you summon the Lich during missions, giving you a powerful ally. In addition, you can trade your converted Lich with other players, allowing them to quickly guarantee a Lich with specific properties. Converting your Lich is a good option if you already have that Lich’s Kuva weapon.

Lastly, upon receiving a Kuva Weapon after you Vanquish a Lich, the weapon will have your Lich’s name affixed to the front of it, a little detail to remind you of your old nemesis.

Now that we know how to get a Kuva weapon, let’s jump into the top five best Kuva weapons in Warframe, a short list of the guns you’ll want to prioritize when hunting Kuva Liches.

5. Kuva Twin Stubbas

About the Kuva Twin Stubbas

If the Twin Grakata brought the dakka to Warframe, the Kuva Twin Stubbas are bringing even more dakka to your arsenal. Two rapid-fire, hitscan submachine guns, the Kuva Twin Stubbas are the best way to direct a hail of bullets at your enemies.

While its damage-per-shot is fairly low, the Kuva Twin Stubbas more than makes up for it with an amazing status chance, high crit stats, and an amazing rate of fire, while still maintaining its accuracy (if you can manage the recoil).

Careful though, with how fast this weapon fires, you’ll soon find yourself out of bullets if you don’t manage your ammo well. Consider equipping (Primed) Pistol Ammo Mutation, and bringing Carrier for its Ammo Case precept.

How to Get the Kuva Twin Stubbas

In order to get the Kuva Twin Stubbas, you must spawn a Kuva Lich that wields it, as described above. Then, after you vanquish the Lich, you will find the Kuva Twin Stubbas ready to claim in your Foundry.

All Kuva weapons come with an elemental bonus based on the Kuva Lich that you earned the weapon from. The possible elements are: Impact, Heat, Cold, Electric, Toxin, Magnetic, or Radiation. Each bonus can go up to 60%.

For the Kuva Twin Stubbas, a Toxin bonus will allow you to build for Viral status procs, making full use of the high status chance of the weapon to efficiently dispatch enemies.

Kuva Twin Stubbas Stats

Taken from Warframe Wikia

  • Fire Rate: 10 rps
  • Magazine Size: 114 rounds
  • Total Damage (Impact, Puncture, Slash): 27 (11.6, 2.7, 12.7)
  • Crit Chance (Multi): 23% (1.9x)
  • Status Chance: 31%

4. Kuva Nukor

About the Kuva Nukor

While the basic Nukor went unnoticed by many players as a gimmick weapon, the Kuva Nukor is one of the top weapons in the game. Not only does it massively improve on the stats of the regular gun, it comes with additional effects.

The Kuva Nukor, much like the Atomos, chains between nearby enemies as long as you focus the beam on one. This gives it amazing AoE potential alongside its pinpoint accuracy, amazing status chance, and innate Radiation damage.

The Kuva Nukor also has the highest critical damage stat in the game, but is held back slightly due to its low critical chance. However, with the Primed Pistol Gambit mod, a critical-based build can be incredibly strong.

How to Get the Kuva Nukor

In order to get the Kuva Nukor, you must spawn a Kuva Lich that wields it, as described above. Then, after you vanquish the Lich, you will find the Kuva Nukor ready to claim in your Foundry.

For the Kuva Nukor, a Toxin elemental bonus will allow you to build for Viral, Corrosive, or Gas elements, all of which are strong in their own regard.

Kuva Nukor Stats

Taken from Warframe Wikia

  • Fire Rate: 10 rps
  • Magazine Size: 77 rounds
  • Total Damage: 21 (radiation)
  • Crit Chance (Multi): 7% (5x)
  • Status Chance: 50%

3. Kuva Ogris

About the Kuva Ogris

The Kuva Ogris is a high-powered Grineer rocket launcher. What’s not to like?

It works much like any other rocket launcher, firing a rocket that detonates on impact with any enemy or surface, doing Blast damage in an area of effect.

While the Ogris itself isn’t stellar, it has a unique mod called Nightwatch Napalm, which makes each rocket leave a lasting fire field, doing AoE damage over time.

Nightwatch Napalm makes the Kuva Ogris’ AoE potential even bigger, making it one of the best weapons to use against groups of enemies, or to hold down a choke point in defense missions.

How to Get the Kuva Ogris

In order to get the Kuva Ogris, you must spawn a Kuva Lich that wields it, as described above. Then, after you vanquish the Lich, you will find the Kuva Ogris ready to claim in your Foundry.

In terms of elemental bonuses, getting Heat or Toxin allows you to build Gas element, which, due to the Kuva Ogris’ high status chance, makes it even better for doing damage-over-time in a wide area.

Kuva Ogris Stats

Taken from Warframe Wikia

  • Fire Rate: 1.5 rps
  • Magazine Size: 3 rounds
  • Total Damage: 714 (27 rocket, 687 explosion)
  • Crit Chance (Multi): 9% (2x)
  • Status Chance: 47%

2. Kuva Kohm

About the Kuva Kohm

The Kuva Kohm is a spool-up automatic shotgun and the best weapon to use if you want to create a wall of bullets.

After taking a few shots to spool up, the Kuva Kohm fires a barrage of pellets at high speed with high status, high crit, and innate punchthrough. Innate slash damage allows you to deal armor-ignoring damage through bleed procs.

Consider equipping (Primed) Shotgun Ammo Mutation or bringing Carrier for the Ammo Box precept, as if you hold down the trigger long enough, you’ll quickly find yourself without any more bullets.

How to Get the Kuva Kohm

In order to get the Kuva Kuva Kohm, you must spawn a Kuva Lich that wields it, as described above. Then, after you vanquish the Lich, you will find the Kuva Kohm ready to claim in your Foundry.

For the Kuva Kohm, high Toxin damage is ideal for the damage-over-time Toxin proc, as well as the ability to build into Corrosive, Gas, or Viral status as well.

Kuva Kohm Stats

Taken from Warframe Wikia

  • Fire Rate: 4.17 rps
  • Magazine Size: 209 rounds
  • Total Damage (I, P, S): 240 (48, 48, 144)
  • Crit Chance (Multi): 19% (2.3x)
  • Status Chance: 90%

1. Kuva Bramma

About the Kuva Bramma

The Kuva Bramma is a tactical nuke disguised as a bow. When fired, each arrow silently splits into multiple explosives, carpet-bombing an entire area in a single shot.

Not only that, the bow boasts one of the highest base damage stats in the game, with impressive critical and status chances to boot. Devastatingly effective at dealing with large groups of mobs, it’s no wonder that the Kuva Bramma is one of the most commonly-used primaries among veteran Warframe players.

How to Get the Kuva Bramma

In order to get the Kuva Bramma, you must spawn a Kuva Lich that wields it, as described above. Then, after you vanquish the Lich, you will find the Kuva Bramma ready to claim in your Foundry.

A Toxin element works best on the Kuva Bramma, as it allows the most damage and flexibility. Toxin adds a damage-over-time effect to the explosion, and you can also combine it to create Gas, Viral, or Corrosive damage, as needed.

Kuva Bramma Stats

Taken from Warframe Wikia

  • Fire Rate: 1 rps
  • Magazine Size: 1 round
  • Total Damage: 1026 (187 arrow, 839 explosion)
  • Crit Chance (Multi): 35% (2.1x)
  • Status Chance: 21%

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