[Top 5] Warframe Best Archwings

arframe Best Archwings
"The Operator has all the necessary blueprints to craft an Archwing- SO WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR?" - Ordis

Peace is nothing but a result of war. And the Archwing is one of the tools of war given to a tenno.

When I first entered an Archwing mission in Warframe, I had no idea what to expect. I was just dropped off in the middle of space with some wings slapped onto my warframe. It wasn’t long before I was zipping around, using my giant sword and minigun and feeling like I was a Gundam. With a little work, Archwings are well worth the investment. From being able to go underwater or navigate space without your orbiter, to even being able to use it in the open areas such as the Plains of Eidolon, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tool as versatile. Not all Archwings are created equal to explore the top 5 Warframe Archwings. 

5. Odonata

When you first start out, you are granted the Odonata Archwing. This is the beginner archwing which is perfect for understanding how the archwings work and can get you through most content, but not easily. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to another archwing as soon as possible.

Taking a moment to assess the battlefield before joining it.


  • Energy Shield: Floating around in space, there isn't exactly a lot of options to protect yourself. With Energy Shield, the Odonata assists in giving us a bit of cover while adding heat damage by 50% and enhances criticals by 200% to shots fired through the shield it creates.
  • Disarray: This can confuse and neutralize enemy missiles and projectiles with flare beacons. While you are moving around, these flares can grow even larger with each flare lasting up to 8 seconds once max level.
  • Seeking Fire: The archwing fires a large volley of homing missiles that track enemies up to 480 meters away at the highest rank. These are a fantastic source of blast damage, but a word of warning. They will only travel as far as 600 meters before exploding and cannot be recast until all missiles have detonated.
  • Repel: This ability can be a lot of fun. The archwing emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse that deals 1500 impact damage to all enemies within 140 meters at max rank. The impact damage is where the magic happens as the enemies in that range with fly in various directions away from you.

Base stats (At Rank 30)

  • Health: 900
  • Shield: 900
  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 180
  • Flight Speed: 1.05

4. Odonata Prime

If you enjoyed the style of the Odonata but wanted a little more bulk, you are looking for the Odonata Prime. The abilities and play styles are exactly the same. Where you’re going to see the biggest difference is in your base stats.

A fellow tenno checking on their ally after a brief encounter.

Abilities (Same as Odonata above)

Base stats (At Rank 30)

  • Health: 1200
  • Shield: 1200
  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 180
  • Flight Speed: 1.05

3. Elytron

A bit slower than the Odonata due to its extra armor plating, the Elytron is an acceptable upgrade from the other two archwings. Though arguably, it’s a side-grade from the Odonata prime. If the previous style wasn’t quite right and you were looking for something which adds some explosive flavor to the mix, the Elytron may be what you are looking for.

The Elytron showing that it packs a punch of its own.


  • Bloomer: This fires a high-yield, remotely detonated explosive projectile which has a tendency to attach to targets. Just hit the button again and whatever is within 240 meters at max rank will take 1000 blast damage. Keep an eye on your HUD and minimap, as you’ll see the projectile there to help you keep track of it.
  • Core Vent: Core vent takes a page from the old spy car chase scenes where the car in front lets a smoke screen loose from its rear to distract their foe. This creates a contrail of gas which neutralizes any enemy missiles and projectiles it comes in contact with.
  • Thumper: The Elytron creates an explosive beacon that can be remotely detonated or explodes upon contact with a solid object. This marks the area for a bombardment of explosions for 45 seconds at max rank.
  • Warhead: This warhead is a reticle-guided missile that detonates on impact with any solid surface dealing about 1750 in blast damage with 240 meters at max rank. Similar to repel on the Odonata, it will knock enemies away from the explosion.

Base stats (At Rank 30)

  • Health: 1350
  • Shield: 1350
  • Armor: 150
  • Energy: 225
  • Flight Speed: 0.9

2. Amesha

The tankiest of the archwings and my personal favorite is Amesha. A tad bit slower than the next in our entry, being armed with an Amesha will empower you and your allies to survive in the harshness of space or the depths of the seas.

Not just for space, this tenno uses the Amesha to explore the deeps of Neptune.


  • Watchful Swarm: These little drones swarm about the Tenno or a targeted ally intercepting all types of damage scaling with the number of drones active. This includes an area of effect damage.
  • Benevolent Decoy: This fires a glowing bubble that attracts enemy fire and emits healing pulses to yourself and nearby allies. A keynote is that it will block all projectiles, allied and enemies from going through the smaller, central bubble. The larger redirects enemy projectiles to the center.
  • Warding Grace: The Amesha creates an invisible field with a max 400-meter range at the max level which grants immunity to status effects as well as removing any. This field also slows all enemies’ movement and attack speed within range.
  • Vengeful Rush: Vengeful rush is my favorite skill. The Amesha becomes completely immune to all damage as long as your energy bar is not full. This is your time to shine as all this damage is converted to energy. This also gives a boost to your abilities if activated during this time.

Base stats (At Rank 30)

  • Health: 1200
  • Shield: 600
  • Armor: 200
  • Energy: 360
  • Flight Speed: 1.10

1. Itzal

The Itzal makes me think of Tie Fighters. Zipping through space at break-neck speeds because they have minimal defenses. This archwing is the least tanky of the archwings, however, it is also the fastest and favorite of most.

There is no better archwing for those that want to zoom about than the Itzal.


  • Blink: Disappearing one second and reappearing the next, blink allows the tenno to dance along the battlefield. This is instant and will move you 400 meters away in the direction of your reticle. Any enemies nearby will be stunned for a max of 15 seconds. 
  • Penumbra: Cloaking you and your allies, this ability renders you invisible within 76 meters. This will drain energy steadily while it is active. Using any other ability will not break the cloak.
  • Cosmic Crush: The archwing summons a miniature black hole in front of you that sucks in all nearby objects before rupturing with a massive shockwave. 
  • Fighter Escort: Locust drones are summoned and independently attack enemies within 80 meters of the archwing. If a drone is killed before the ability expires, the drone will explode, dealing 2500 blast damage in 160 meters.

Base stats (At Rank 30)

  • Health: 600
  • Shield: 600
  • Armor: 50
  • Energy: 360
  • Flight Speed: 1.2

I have always had a soft spot for the archwings and their missions. It would be nice to see this area of the game expanded upon a bit. What is your favorite archwing? Have you tried them all? What do you think about the archwings in general? Let me know!

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