[Top 5] Warframe Best Places to Farm XP

Warframe Best Places to Farm XP
Khora the mistress of entrapment and her deadly beast ready to face the upcoming waves

Ready for Rank 30 weapons in under 10 waves?

Welcome to the grueling world of XP farming, where good, isn’t good enough. Warframe offers 18 diverse defense missions to choose from, although they all aren’t as equally rewarding as we’d want them to be.

This list takes you through the best missions to farm to your heart’s content while offering tips on how to optimize farming methods and what drops are available on said mission.

5. Helene Saturn

 Helene on Saturn, not the easiest mission,but absolutely rewarding

The Helene mission, in the planet Saturn is a defense mission. In which the player defends against Grenier soldiers through various rounds. The XP boost received from this location is much like the rest of Saturn OP. Grenier is the only mob that must be fought, making combat and spawn rates all the simpler and more enjoyable.

The drops on Helene, are known to be some of the most useful around. Resources include Orkin Cells and Plastids, both of which are used to upgrade Warframe. With a rank 0 Warframe, rank 0 primary and secondary weapon, XP can be quickly farmed, with the possibility of leveling up to rank 30 with ten waves.

The amount of XP gained varies depending on weapon and Warframe used. It generally follows the 25% rule, where 25% of the XP goes to the Warframe and 75% is evenly divided among all equipped weapons. Although it can be changed, depending on the type of kill it is, for Warframe kill with a Warframe ability, and for weapon kill with the weapon and receive all the XP.

To efficiently farm XP:

  • Use an XP booster, to maximize the mastery earned
  • Find a team, farming in groups is much more efficient also more enjoyable
  • Only bring the weapon you're trying to level, the best way to concentrate XP gain

4. Hydron Sedna

Hydron on Sedna the easiest way to gain loads of XP

Hydron, on the planet Sedna consider the best XP farming location. It is really an outstanding location. A planet in which the Grenier is the only mob that spawns. This is the most efficient place to quickly gain XP.

Known as the XP Farm to most players, it is ideal for both solo and group farming. The map is smaller than most, meaning all players will be able to share the XP, and there are no enemies that leech health. It is possible to level a weapon to rank 30 with a mere 10 waves. Drops here are most common Relics.

The rate at which XP is gained varies. Much like any other farming, the XP follows the 25% rule. With exceptions depending on the method the enemy was killed with.

To efficiently farm XP:

  • Buy an XP booster to save time leveling up weapons
  • Use signal flares to increase the shared exp radius, triple the normal
  • Bring weapons that can wipe out squads at a time

3. Stofler Lua

 Stofler on Lua awaiting a challenger willing enough to undertake its perils

Stofler, on the Earth’s moon Lua, is one of the more unknown XP farms around. The mission without a party is agonizingly difficult, giving even the most experienced player a challenge. The XP gain can be high depending on the number of players, although solo provides a decent amount.

With the solo mission being particularly complicated for players within the level range, taking on this mission as a team proves to be more effective. Mission drops are heavily dependent on the rotations, rotation A is composed heavily of relics and components while rotation C has more variety amongst the relics. The primary enemy here is Grenier.

To this mission the 25% rule is applicable. With the expectation of the type of kill which is used to finish off an enemy.

To efficiently farm XP:

  • Use an XP booster once waves begin to get more difficult
  • Use Corrosive Projection to take 30% of the enemy armor
  • Find a team to more easily farm

2. Sanctuary Onslaught

Sanctuary Onslaught mission

The Sanctuary Onslaught, a frightening name for a frightening game mode. This endless game mode is the most recent one, fully randomizing every aspect of combat. Being continuously exposed to hordes of different enemies, the player is always kept on their toes. You never know what’s coming so be ready.

The XP gained from each of these missions is random. When battling the Grenier players can expect more XP since that is the enemy that drops the greatest amount. Although with leeching monsters it can be more difficult, only to receive a smaller amount of XP.

To this mission the 25% rule is applicable. With the expectation of the type of kill which is used to finish off an enemy.

To efficiently farm XP:

  • Purchase an XP booster to enhance XP gain
  • Bing in higher ranked weapons to level up
  • Bring a sentinel that will not take as much XP for quicker leveling

1. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

The war-torn arena of the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, the once a week opportunity to gain more XP than ever before. The Elite version of the Sanctuary Onslaught is the much more difficult farming experience. Like the normal one, this version has predetermined tile sets and Elite enemies, that become more difficult as the stages progress.

The XP gain from this zone is immeasurable. Since all the enemies vary going off on the classical XP is inaccurate. Guaranteed is a greater amount of XP per kill. The XP is guaranteed to be greater due to the increment in difficulty, never the less to get good rewards you only need to complete two zones.

To this mission the 25% rule is applicable. With the expectation of the type of kill which is used to finish off an enemy.

To efficiently farm XP:

  • XP boost will increase the gain
  • Have a sentinel to assist
  • Bring a damage-based build to maximize enemy kills


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