[Top 3] Warframe Best Beam Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Warframe Best Beam Weapons
Volt displaying his unlimited power.

Beam Weapons are among some of the most powerful!

You ever wonder what holding a tesla cannon is like? Or even an infested version of said cannon?

As I’ve said before in my other lists, Warframe is home to hundreds of weapons and only about a thousand more combinations when you add mods.

In these categories we have the “beam” weapons. Or as I like to call them, weird-as-hell guns.

3. Synapse (Best for Aggressive Tickling)

Nidus holding a Synapse The Synapse's tendrils continously move, suggesting that it's alive

The synapse is another one of those guns that have been around for a long long while. Some people think it’s bad, and others think it’s good. The stats, don’t lie however. This weapon is as tried and true as the game itself with its capabilities to pump out huge amounts of damage when you hold down that trigger!

  • Highest Critical Chance and Multiplier of all Beam/Continuous weapons
  • Innate Corrosive damage type for armor stripping
  • High reload speed


  • Accuracy: 100
  • Critical Chance: 39.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.7x
  • Fire Rate: 12 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 70
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds
  • Status: 13%
  • Damage: 20.0

How To Get The Synapse:

Synpase Guide

2. Ignis Wraith (Best for Soul Burning)

Ember using an Ignis Wraith You can change how your beam looks by simply changing the elemental combos on your weapon

You would be forgiven if you’ve never heard of the Ignis Wraith before while playing Warframe. Without paying attention, the Ignis Wraith looks pretty normal. The difference lies in the stats of the weapon. Every single one is a direct upgrade to the regular. The kicker? It’s only obtainable from some clans, but don’t worry. I’ll tell you another secret later on.

  • Largest beam thickness of all beam weapons
  • Large ammo and magazine sizes
  • Very high status chance


  • Accuracy: 100
  • Critical Chance: 17.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.5x
  • Fire Rate: 8 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 200
  • Reload: 1.7 seconds
  • Status: 29.0%
  • Damage: 35.0

How To Get The Ignis Wraith:

Ignis Wraith Guide

  • Writers note: Do keep in mind that people give away Ignis Wraiths for free. Being that it’s easy to get if you’re in a clan with access, it’s not really worth charging platinum. Remember this before you pay a large sum for this one of a kind weapon.

1. Amprex (Best for Unlimited Power)

Valkyr using an Amprex The Amprex has hatches on the side of the weapon that visualize it's magazine

Amprex. The king of the beams. The situations it can be used in are endless. A horde of enemies charging you? Fried. Leveling it up? Easy. Roleplaying Palpatine? Done deal. It’s held the title of best beam weapon for years, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon it looks like.

  • Second Highest Critical Chance of all beam weapons
  • The beam chains to nearby enemies for massive area damage
  • Innate Electricity damage


  • Accuracy: 12.5
  • Critical Chance: 32.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.2x
  • Fire Rate: 12 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 100
  • Reload: 2.6 seconds
  • Status: 22.0%
  • Damage: 22.0

How To Get The Amprex:

Amprex Guide

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