[Top 5] Warframe Best AoE Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Warframe Best AoE weapons
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What Are The Best AoE Weapons in Warframe?

If you ever played Warframe for long enough to get into your very first space-related killing spree, then I’m sure you’ve also been met with a gigantic group of enemies coming to stop you.

Sure, you can kill them all quickly enough with your sniper rifles. But don’t you wish there was a faster, more explosive way?

Don't worry! Warframe is home to hundreds of weapons that allow you to obliterate your enemies in droves! And I’m only going to list 5 of them. Sorry.

5. Torid (Best for melting hordes)

The Torid seems to be an infested version of the regular launcher, Ogris

Ah, the Torid. This infested RPG has been around since the early days of Warframe. This hunk of flesh fires infested pods that, when landed, will dispense noxious gas that can only be described as breaking several rules of warfare.

  • Has a high status chance which is very useful in late game content.
  • It’s base element is toxin which combos well into three useful elements. Corrosive, Viral and Gas damage.
  • The gas clouds stay up for 10 seconds for each pod you fire, allowing you passively kill many enemies.


  • Accuracy: 100.0
  • Critical Chance: 15.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.50 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 5
  • Reload: 1.7 secs
  • Status: 23.0%
  • Damage: 540

How To Get The Torid: 

4. Phantasma (Best for mini spirit-bombs)

The Phantasma has a unique effect when held by Revenat, which is why it looks like it's from the Sentients

It’s big, bulky, and actually kinda spooky. This is Revenants signature weapon; the Phantasma. This weapon sports two firing modes: A laser that can pierce through enemies… or a giant bomb with homing rockets. Yeah, I know which one I’d spam too.

  • It’s base damage is Radiation, which will make enemies affected by it turn on each other.
  • It sports the highest reload among all Shotguns in the game!
  • It also has the second highest status chance of all shotguns in the game. Beat that.


  • Accuracy: 100.0
  • Critical Chance: 3%
  • Critical Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Fire Rate: 12.0 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 11
  • Reload: 0.5 secs
  • Status Chance: 37%
  • Damage: 163

How To Get The Phantasma:

Phantasma Guide

3. Pox (Best for Melee Pairing)

The Pox resemble infested maggots, which also explode when killed, just minus the gas

You guys are gonna need your hazmat suits for this one. These small weapons are called the Pox. As the name implies, they’re disease filled sacs you throw at enemies that you hate the most.

  • The base damage type of these weapons is toxin damage, which can build into corrosive.
  • With the new melee system these weapons can combo well with a high slash melee weapon
  • Second highest status chance of all thrown weapons.


  • Accuracy: 100.0
  • Critical Chance: 1%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 2.08 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 4
  • Reload: 1.0 secs
  • Status Chance: 35%
  • Damage: 150

How To Get The Pox:

Pox Guide

2. Arca Plasmor (Best for vaporizing everything)

The Arca Plasmor is chambered in battery like ammo, rather than normal shot gun shells; the first of it's kind

C’mon. You can’t have a Top 5 AOE Weapons list without the Arca Plasmor somewhere in there. This beast of a shotgun can clear hordes of enemies in seconds. And just like the Phantasm, it has innate radiation. So you’re perfectly okay with calling this a pocket nuke.

  • Shots will always stagger your enemies
  • Has a high critical chance and a high status chance
  • Has an innate 3 meter punch through.


  • Accuracy: 9.1
  • Critical Chance: 22%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.1 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 10
  • Reload: 2.8 secs
  • Status: 28%
  • Damage: 540

How To Get The Arca Plasmor:

Arca Plasmor Guide

1. Catchmoon Kitguns (Best for… everything, actually)

Catchmoon kitguns are among one of the most powerful weapons within the game

Who saw this coming? If you did, then enjoy the feeling of having the absolute best hand cannon ever. The catchmoon, like the Arca Plasmor, is a pulse type weapon that behaves very similar. Unlike it, however, it’s a kit-gun piece meaning you can customize your weapon however you want. Plus it’s a secondary, so you can rock this and the Arca Plasmor.

  • Like the Arca Plasmor, it has an innate punch through
  • It sports an innate heat damage type.
  • Since the Catchmoon is a kit-gun piece, there are over 60 ways to customize your own weapon.


  • Being that there’s many many types of kit-gun combinations, which means many different stats, this link will help calculate your own unique catchmoon creation: https://semlar.com/kitcalc

How To Get The Catchmoon:

Catchmoon Kitgun Guide

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