[Top 5] Warframe Best Kitgun Combinations

Warframe Best Kitguns
Rude Zuud trying to sell you his newest creation

Warframe is all about customization and with kiguns, you can make customized primary or secondary guns to suit your playstyle and today, I’ll show you what some of the best combinations for primary kitguns are and why each one is good as well as my expert opinions on the gun itself. This list is based much more on opinion but each of these combinations will have a high raw damage stat as

well as tell you what each part of the weapon does for that weapon. 

Kitgun parts can be obtained from either Rude Zuud from the Solaris United faction or Father from the Entrati faction. Rude Zuud has Corpus type weapon parts and Father has infested type weapon parts. This list will be using both infested and corpus parts to maximize the customization options for grips, loaders, and chambers.

#5. Sporelacer; Palmaris; Macro Thymoid

#5. Sporelacer comboAn infested combo gun

This combo is all infested parts from Father and is a beast of a weapon with a very high fire rate at the expense of damage with the Palmaris grip. This weapon is fully automatic and can deal out massive damage to swarms of enemies with its blast radius and fully automatic trigger. In terms of raw damage, this one is a little lower than others on the list but it makes up for it with a higher fire rate.

In terms of kitguns, I do believe there are better combinations but this one is still very solid of a choice. It does eat up more ammo than other kitguns making you have to slot in an ammo mutation to make sure you always have plenty, but other than that it is a great kitgun combo and very fun to use. I do feel that the blast radius and radiation damage this gun does makes it more useful for killing crowds rather than a single target, but it can lay down heavy fire onto a single target making it not bad as a boss killing weapon but not any better than other options available.

Overall, I could highly recommend trying this combination as it is extremely fun to use and can deal a good amount of damage.

#4. Catchmoon; Tremor; Splat

My catchmoon combo

This weapon combination uses all corpus type parts and has a decent fire rate and uses very similar damage type to the previous weapon on this list but instead has heat and not radiation. This automatic weapon is slightly slower than the last combo but makes up for it with much higher single target damage. Due to this combo’s high crit chance, it is much better as your single target, boss killer type weapon despite the lower critical multiplier. 

This weapon is a solid choice for single target damage but it suffers from a low ammo efficiency just like our last weapon, requiring you to have an ammo mutation mod to make it really useful. The combination of this weapon does make its crit chance very high, but it needs a lot of crit damage mods and will still have lower damage than some of your standard weapons that have a higher crit multiplier with the same mods. Despite the flaws in the weapon, it is still a very good choice for single targets and is very satisfying to get headshots with.


Overall, this weapon is a very solid choice for dealing damage to some of the more tanky enemies but I’d pair it with a good crowd controlling secondary to make up for its lack of crowd control ability.

#3. Vermisplicer; Tremor; Flutterfire

Vermisplicer ComboMy best Vermisplicer combo

This combo uses both infested and corpus parts for a very high status chance. This beam rifle combo is amazing for crowd control as, when it is fired, the tendril it shoots out can chain to other nearby enemies and has several innate statuses built into it. This is not a weapon to deal high flat damage to single targets but it is amazing at clearing out rooms in survival or defense maps due to its arcing tendrils.

This weapon is by far one of the best combos for building a status cannon as it has a very significant status chance that can be boosted even higher with mods. Since this combo is a beam weapon, it can deal high steady damage and every time this weapon ticks for damage, it also has a chance to proc its statuses. It would be best to pair this weapon with a secondary that can deal massive damage to a single target in order to deal with the flaws of this weapon.

This combo is extremely good for crowd control and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try making a kitgun.

#2. Rattleguts; Tremor; Splat

Rattleguts comboMy Rattleguts combo

This combo is made of all corpus parts and is a great weapon for both crowd control or killing bosses. This machine gun has extremely high critical chance making it amazing for dealing damage to bosses as well as a very high fire rate, making it good at gunning down hordes of enemies in seconds. This weapon isn’t the highest damage weapon, by far, but it has a higher dps with its high crit and fire rate.

This is an amazing all around weapon as rattleguts is a very popular chamber to use for kitguns. Despite the high fire rate of this weapon, it is very ammo efficient making it great for both long boss fights or long survival maps with tons of enemies. This combo is one of the best combos you could make and is by far a good choice to try out.


I personally love this combination and would use it frequently, despite knowing of the #1 spot on this list, however, if not for that combo this would be the top combo.

#1. Tombfinger; Tremor; Killstream

Tombfinger ComboMy best Tombfinger build

As those of you who built kitguns before likely know, the Tombfinger chamber is one of the best chambers to use so it's easy to see why it would be the number one on this list. This combination has extremely high crit chance with insane damage potential and can easily take the spot as both crowd control or single target missions. Despite this weapon needing to charge up to fire, it still has amazing damage and easily counteracts the charge up time.

This weapon can be used as both single or multi target with its high crit chance and radial damage. This weapon may have a lower magazine capacity, but it has an abundant stock of ammo and is extremely efficient in killing enemies to restore lost ammo if the need should arise. Most anyone who uses kitguns as their primary or secondary slots uses some combo of the Tombfinger barrel as it is one of the best chambers to use and the charged shots of this weapon are extremely satisfying to hit with. 


This weapon comes as no surprise, I’m sure, and is going to be recommended by most players for its sheer damage and usefulness in most situations.


I hope this list was helpful and showed you some builds you may not have known about and I hope to see you rocking a new kitgun next time you play!

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