[Top 5] Warframe Best Glaives and Where to Obtain Them

Warframe Best Glaives

Today, I’ll be going over some of the best glaive type weapons in the game and telling you how to obtain each one. I will be going over what the best type of build would be with each glaive as well as an analysis of the weapon (its strengths and weaknesses) to help you decide which glaive is the best for you! This list will not be going over what each weapon would be like with a riven, but I will take riven disposition into account with each analysis, but this list is without any rivens as that could make any weapon top tier or low tier in its own right.

This list may differ from your list of preferred weapons but, just know, I will be going off of the stats of each weapon to determine which is better, taking multiple factors into account. The basis for the list is base stats with no mods but I will be taking mod capacity into account as the higher the mod capacity, the easier it would be to make that weapon more powerful. Without further ado, let's jump in at…

#5. Orvius

#5. OrviusThe Orvius in action.


To start this list, we have the Orvius, a weapon that can be obtained fairly easily just by playing through the story of the game. It sits comfortably at number 5 on this list, not only for the ease of obtaining it, but it is also a solid choice for using to cut down those grineer soldiers. This glaive’s stats, however, are not as great as some of the other entries on this list but are still a solid voice for using as your melee weapon.

As far as glaives go, this weapon has more rounded out stats in crit and status chance compared to other glaive weapons and can be built to complement either stat, depending on if you want stat chance or high crits. This weapon is also unique from other glaives as it can suspend foes, midair when throwing the weapon normally before exploding causing frost damage and always proccing the Cold status on enemies. As far as use cases go, this weapon can be used in most mission types as a good ranged melee weapon.

I do believe the Orvius is a very good glaive to start out using this weapon type as the stats are decent and it can be modded to go for both status chance and crit chance with no issues. This weapon also has a high riven disposition making it possible to be an even better weapon if you are into riven modding weapons! Overall, I can easily recommend the weapon for people who have never used a glaive in-game as a good starting point.

How to Obtain Weapon:

Weapon Wiki Here.

#4. Halikar

#4. HalikarProtea ready to disarm and smash some enemies with the Halikar Wraith.

The number 4 spot on this list is taken by the Halikar, a unique glaive type weapon that can disarm opponents when thrown. There is a special variant of this weapon, the Halikar Wraith, that can be obtained from Baro Ki-Teer but that weapon is much harder to obtain or else it would be on this list, by itself. This weapon has a decent crit chance and an impressive status chance but lower damage than the other weapons on this list, making its place at number 4.

This weapon is much better suited to a status chance build but can be made to deal with crits as well. The ability to disarm opponents with this weapon is highly dependent on its status chance and is quite useful when dealing with enemies who have a very annoying weapon like napalms or heavy gunners. While thrown, this glaive will always proc an impact status on enemies and the explosion deals straight blast damage making it a solid weapon, despite its lower damage.

With the ability to disarm opponents, this weapon becomes extremely useful and the fact that the blueprint is available on the market board makes it much easier to obtain weapon than some of the other weapons on this list. 

How to obtain weapon: Purchase blueprint on the market board for 20,000 credits or weapon and catalyst for 150 platinum from market.

Weapon Wiki Here.

#3. Falcor

#3. FalcorExcalibur Slicing up the enemies with the Falcor.

The 3rd spot on this list is the Falcor, a glaive that specializes in status chance. The weapon itself has very high damage, being the second highest of all glaives but suffers from low crit chance and multiplier when compared to the other glaives on this list. Despite the crit chance and multiplier, this weapon is amazing at dealing raw damage and can be used effectively to give multiple statuses to enemies quite easily, earning its spot at number 3.

Despite the low crit chance and multiplier, it’s not the worst weapon to turn into a crit machine if you wanted and it has high base damage to complement that aspect. Where I believe this weapon truly shines, is by building a high status chance and making this weapon to pair with the Cedo shotgun to deal insane damage with your primary weapon, rather than relying on this to do the killing. All in all, this is still an amazing weapon that can deal damage if you needed it to.

The weapon itself is pretty good when looking at base damage, but its crit chance and multiplier are lower than other entries on this list, making you have to put more crit mods into the weapon to get as many amazing crit numbers on enemies. Despite this, the weapon is rather easy to obtain if you have a clan dojo as it can be obtained from the Energy Lab rather easily.

How to obtain weapon: Energy Lab for 15,000 credits

Weapon Wiki Here.

#2. Cerata

#2. CerataThe Cerata shown from the arsenal screen.

The 2nd place entry in this list is the Cerata, an infested glaive that can deal toxin damage and is tied with the Pathocyst for the second-highest status chance! This glaive has a high status chance with a decent crit chance and crit multiplier making its way into 2nd place on this list.

The Cerata is a fun glaive that can deal some serious damage if used effectively. The weapon itself has base damage than the previous entry on this list but has a better crit chance and crit multiplier, as well as having an innate toxin element, making it much easier to mod for high elemental damage than some of the other glaives on this list. The blasts on this weapon’s throw also have no damage falloff making the entire blast radius take the full damage that this weapon deals out. 

Overall, the element of this weapon, as well as its crit chance and multiplier, put this entry above the others in this list making it a solid choice. The weapon itself can be just as easy to obtain as the last entry, making the way to obtain the weapon, not a factor in picking between the two.

How to obtain weapon: Bio Lab for 50,000 credits

Weapon Wiki Here.

#1. Pathocyst

#1. PathocystThe Zealoid Prelate with his grubby mits all over your new glaive.

The final entry on this list is the Pathocyst for its high damage and damage capability. This weapon also has a special ability to spawn maggots while attacking which can distract enemies while you dish out more damage. This weapon easily fits into the top spot on this list for its high damage, decent crit chance, and high status chance, as well as the innate viral element.

The weapon is amazing for dealing high damage with its status proc chance, higher critical chance, and crit multiplier as well as viral being a decent innate element to have on a weapon. The unique ability of this weapon, however, isn’t the best but can be useful as a distraction for you to line up easy headshots with this glaive. I, however, do not recommend taking this weapon into stealth missions as the maggots do tend to alert enemies without you being there.

This weapon wins out with its pure damage, high status chance, and decent crit stats, securing its place at number 1 on this list. This weapon is a go-to for proccing viral on enemies as its throw guarantees a proc and easily makes its way into my weapon loadout.

How to obtain weapon:

Weapon Wiki Here.

With this list, I hope you found a glaive to try out for yourself! I did not include the special variants of the Halikar or the Glaive as they aren’t easy to obtain, making them less likely to make it into a loadout than these weapons. I hope to see you all spinning to win with your new glaives in the game, soon!


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