[Top 5] Warframe Best Kubrows And How To Get Them

Best Warframe Kubrows
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Ah, the noble Kubrows! The trusty companions we stumble upon early in our Warframe journey. Remember that quest where we gingerly acquired an egg and carefully nurtured it to hatch into a furry friend? Good times, good times.

Now, here's the deal: Kubrows come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and hues, like a vibrant rainbow of canine companions. It's like they've embraced their individuality and turned it into a stylish trademark. Gotta respect their flair for breeding, right?

But let's cut to the chase. When it comes to picking the right Kubrow, it's crucial to know which one suits your playstyle and offers the juiciest benefits. We all have our preferences, after all. These fuzzy fellas each come with their own unique abilities and standout traits. It's like assembling a dream team of four-legged awesomeness.

I've organized these marvelous Kubrows based on their sheer helpfulness during those action-packed missions you'll encounter. We're talking about their utility, their potential to be real game-changers.

1. Huras

The Huras Kubrow, is a true master of stealth. While other Kubrows might be wagging their tails and barking loudly, the Huras prefers to keep things on the down-low.

This sleek companion has a unique ability to create a link with its master, granting both of them the gift of invisibility. It's like having your own personal cloaking device, perfect for those moments when you want to slip past enemies unnoticed.

Picture this: You and your Huras Kubrow skulking through the shadows, silently approaching an unsuspecting enemy. With a howl from your furry friend, you both become invisible, fading into the darkness like a whisper. It's a game-changer.

Now, I must warn you, the invisibility spell is broken when you start shooting or swinging your melee weapon. But fear not, for the Huras Kubrow is a clever companion. It knows how to keep its cool when you unleash your devastating abilities. So go ahead, cast those spells and wreak havoc while remaining hidden in plain sight.

In a world of chaos and noise, the Huras Kubrow is the silent partner you've been searching for. Embrace the art of stealth and let this cunning companion be your guide. Just remember, sometimes the most powerful presence is the one that remains unseen.

Huras’ Exclusive Mods:

  • Hunt – The Kubrow charges towards an enemy and attacks it, damaging enemies caught in its path.
  • Stalk – Causes the Kubrow and its owner to be cloaked when coming within range of enemies, allowing them to remain invisible and sneak past enemies without alerting them.

How to Get Huras:

Huras is acquired through Incubation. The process to breed a Kubrow is shown during the Howl of the Kubrow quest: the player must have a working Incubator segment, a Kubrow Egg, and an Incubator Power Core.

Huras Stats:


  • Health. 75 (225 at rank 30)
  • Shield. 125 (375 at rank 30)
  • Armor. ...
  • Crit Chance. 10%
  • Crit Multiplier. 3.0x.
  • Status Chance. 5%


2. Chesa

The Chesa Kubrow is quite the versatile companion, playing the roles of both an attack hound and a resource hunter. It has some neat tricks up its furry sleeves that make it stand out from the pack.

When it comes to enemies, the Chesa Kubrow doesn't shy away. It lunges at them, sinking its teeth into their flesh and immobilizing them, rendering those foes helpless and ripe for a good old-fashioned beatdown. It's like having your very own canine enforcer by your side.

But that's not all. The Chesa Kubrow has a keen nose for valuable goodies. It has a knack for sniffing out hidden treasures in containers and even on fallen enemies. Get this, it actually scavenges the surroundings, rummaging through the loot in a decent radius. Talk about a four-legged looting machine.

So whether you need some extra muscle to subdue your foes or an enthusiastic scavenger to fetch you some sweet loot, the Chesa Kubrow has got you covered. Just make sure to give it a nice belly rub as a token of appreciation.

Chesa’s Exclusive Mods:

  • Neutralize – Bites the hand of an enemy, disarming them by causing the attack to make the enemy drop their weapon.
  • Retrieve – Gives a chance for the Kubrow to get additional loot from enemy bodies or containers nearby.

How to Get Chesa:

Chesa is acquired through Incubation or trading.

Chesa’s Stats:

  • Health: 125 (375 at rank 30)
  • Shield: 75 (225 at rank 30)
  • Armor: 50
  • Slash: 304
  • Crit Chance:10%
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Status Chance: 5%


3. Helminth

Mixing an oozy sample from a pesky infested cyst that had been plaguing your Warframe with a Kubrow egg, you can concoct a bizarre and infectious creation known as the Helminth Charger.

Imagine a Kubrow on a serious infestation spree, embodying all things slimy and twisted. This abomination draws its abilities from the twisted powers of those icky infested foes you've come across in your adventures.

It's like having a loyal companion that's been infected by the weirdest and most unsettling things the game has to offer. Proceed with caution, though. This is no ordinary pup.

Helminth Charger’s Exclusive Mods:

  • Proboscis – The Helminth Charger sends out a proboscis that snags an enemy and drags them closer while dealing damage to them as well.
  • Trample – Allows the Helminth Charger to charge towards an enemy, knocking back and damaging other enemies that come along its path.
  • Strain Eruption – Causes maggots spawned by the Helminth Charger to explode on death dealing 4% of the enemy’s current health as corrosive damage to enemies within a radius.
  • Strain Fever – Gives the Helminth Charger 30% more damager for each cyst that it has.

How to Get Helminth Charger:

24 hours after being infected by Helminth or another player, a pink cyst will appear on the infected Warframe's neck. Six days after its appearance the cyst will be fully grown (a single tendril will be visible, emerging from the follicle) and ready to drain.

While using the infected Warframe, the player can select "Begin Incubation" under the Kubrow Breeding tab. There, a new Helminth Cyst option will appear at the bottom of the Incubator menu

Helminth Charger Stats:

  • Health: 95 (285 at rank 30)
  • Shield: 85 (255 at rank 30)
  • Armor: 50
  • Slash: 304
  • Toxin: 45.6
  • Crit Chance: 10%
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Status Chance: 5%

4. Sunika

Sunika Kubrow, the four-legged specialist in enemy takedowns and VIP eliminations. This furry companion is all about that one-on-one combat and dealing some serious damage to its targets.

Picture this: your Sunika Kubrow gracefully leaping towards its prey like a canine acrobat. And what's its weapon of choice? Finisher attacks. These moves can either leave the enemy completely disabled, waiting for the final blow from its proud owner, or if luck is on the Kubrow's side, the target might just meet its end right then and there.

But let's not forget the "special enemies." Oh yes, this Kubrow isn't intimidated by those big baddies. It fearlessly sinks its teeth into them, showing no mercy and taking them down with style.

So if you're looking for a furry partner who's all about that precision, one-by-one annihilation, the Sunika Kubrow is your go-to. Just be ready to witness some epic takedowns and marvel at the sheer power this canine companion possesses.

Sunika’s Exclusive Mods:

  • Savagery – The Kubrow gains the ability to do finisher attacks on enemies, holding them to be vulnerable to attacks or to kill them on its own.
  • Unleashed – Allows the Kubrow to attack and knock down VIP targets or tougher targets that could not be easily  taken down.

How to Get Sunika:

Sunika can be acquired through Incubation and trading.

Sunika’s Stats:

  • Health: 110 (330 at rank 30)
  • Shield:90 (270 at rank 30)
  • Armor: 50
  • Slash: 304
  • Crit Chance: 10%
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Status Chance:5%

5. Sahasa

Sahasa Kubrow, the furry companion with a nose for treasure and a knack for tactical takedowns. This little scavenger is a true asset to any Tenno in search of extra goodies and a strategic advantage.

With its keen sense of smell, the Sahasa Kubrow can sniff out hidden supplies like a gourmet chef hunting for spices. It's like having a furry metal detector by your side, unearthing loot that others might miss. Just watch as it randomly pauses, nose twitching, to unearth those hidden treasures and shower you with goodies.

But don't let its scavenging skills fool you. The Sahasa Kubrow is no pushover in a fight. When the situation calls for it, this tactical beast springs into action, launching lightning-fast finisher attacks on unsuspecting foes. It's like having your own four-legged ninja assassin, rendering enemies either lifeless or vulnerable to your own deadly strikes.

So, whether you're in need of a little extra firepower or a treasure-hunting partner, the Sahasa Kubrow has got your back. It's the furball of surprises, combining resourcefulness and combat prowess in one adorable package.

Sahasa’s Exclusive Mods:

  • Dig – Allows the Kubrow to sniff out the area for hidden loot and dig into the ground to cause the item to pop out, allowing the owner to collect and make use of the loot.
  • Ferocity – Aside from dealing common Kubrow attacks, the Sahasa Kubrow will often attack enemies with finishers, killing them or making them vulnerable to being killed.

How to get Sahasa:

Sahasa can be acquired through Incubation and trading.

Sahasa’s Stats:

  • Health: 125 (375 at rank 30)
  • Shield: 75 (225 at rank 30)
  • Armor: 50
  • Slash: 304
  • Crit Chance: 10%
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Status Chance: 5%


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