[Top 5] Warframe Best Melee Weapons: Post Update 26

Warframe Best Melee Weapon
The Dual Ichor's swift, sweeping attacks

From kamas to nunchucks, there is nothing more important than the deadly tools a ninja uses to accomplish their goals and this is no different in Warframe.

There are quite a few flavors and styles to choose from, having something for everyone. Come with me as we look through the top 5 best options for melee weapons after Update 26: The Old Blood!

5. Venka Prime

  • Attack Speed: 1.05
  • Critical Chance: 32.0%
  • Range: 1.80
  • Status Chance: 24.0%
  • Total Damage: 188.0

For those among you which always wanted to impersonate our favorite clawed X-man, the Venka Prime is for you. While not as fast as some of the others on this list, it boasts a hefty critical chance without sacrificing much on status or damage without sacrificing on style points.

4. Fang Prime

  • Attack Speed: 1.00
  • Critical Chance: 26.0%
  • Range: 1.75
  • Status Chance: 26.0%
  • Total Damage: 178.0

It slices and dices and also butters bread! These dual daggers have been a favorite among tenno for some time and continue to be a staple. With matching critical and status chance, it has the flexibility to fit into whichever style you at looking for.

3. Nami Skyla Prime

  • Attack Speed: 1.33
  • Critical Chance: 22.0%
  • Range: 2.50
  • Status Chance: 34.0%
  • Total Damage: 180.0

Another dual weapon choice, this dagger and rapier combination is one of my personal favorites. This weapon is the fastest on this list by default and can quickly become a threat. Just remember, being a pirate is alright with me, Tenno.

2. Lesion w/Shimmering Blight stance

  • Attack Speed: 1.00
  • Critical Chance: 15.0%
  • Range: 2.70
  • Status Chance: 37.0%
  • Total Damage: 237.0

Yes, stances matter now with the new update and out of all of the options, I highly recommend the Lesion with the Shimmering Blight stance. This stance allows you to attack in quick succession to bring your foes to their knees.

1. Nikana Prime

  • Attack Speed: 1.08
  • Critical Chance: 28.0%
  • Range: 2.50
  • Status Chance: 28.0%
  • Total Damage: 198.0

Both quick and deadly, this weapon shares a likeness with the real-life weapon the katana. With the highest total damage on this list mixed with great critical and status chance, this weapon will make a great addition to any arsenal.

With the new update (Update 26: The Old Blood) out and about, everything has been shifted around quite a bit and it’s got people on both sides of the fence. How do you feel about the weapons listed? Do you think Warframe is heading in the right direction with this melee update? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know!

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